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Fayetteville Calls It Quits on Red-Light Cameras

Posted May 28, 2007

— Red-light cameras to catch traffic violators are on their way out in Fayetteville, victims of an unresolvable dispute over splitting the income from fines.

Fines from violators caught by cameras are supposed to go to the local school system. A court ruled in a case involving High Point that the municipality operating the cameras could keep 10 percent to cover costs. An appeal is pending with the state Supreme Court.

City Councilman Curtis Worthy said the schools wants 100 percent of the fines, and the city wants to keep enough to cover its expenses.

Fayetteville and the Cumberland County school system have been trying to agree on fee-splitting but haven't, and the city says that the system, which uses 35mm film that has to be developed is not financially feasible otherwise.

The city's contract for the camera system runs out July 31, and that will be the end.

The city said it might consider bringing back digital cameras if the funding distribution can be resolved.

The city has nine cameras. a 10th came down in a fatal accident car accident this month.


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  • dell May 30, 2007

    Really.....too many council members or their family members have received tickets and we don't want that, now do we.

  • svaraj38758 May 30, 2007

    Why not double the fine, lease the red light camera equipment and maintain the system through the police department. The revenue from the fines would go toward keeping the equipment functional. Safety should be most important and not where the revenue goes. This also removes a private, third-party company from 'cashing in' on stoplights that are purposely altered to generate more money.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr May 30, 2007

    "Great, the camera actually killed someone, someone who might still be alive if that stupid pole wasn't there."

    No, a drunk driver killed someone.

  • daMoFo May 29, 2007

    Before some of you go on whining about teachers, remember it wasn't the teachers idea to put these cameras up. The government wanted them up as a way to shift the cost of schools from city coffers to something else. That way the city could waste the taxpayers money on something else.

    And if you think teachers have a cushy job, sign a contract and you can have one too. Fayetteville/Cumberland County schools job fair is June 12. Call 678-2300. I'm sure you won't call, but there it is. No teaching license required, just a college degree.

  • Road-wearier May 29, 2007

    And remember kids - red light cameras are about SAFETY, not revenue.

    Which of course perfectly explains why these cameras are being pulled.

    Oh wait, no it doesn't....

  • peppercorns May 29, 2007

    THe school are being greedy - just like the teachers and their salaries. More for working two months less then the rest of us.

  • Run_Forrest_Run May 29, 2007

    90 percent is more than sufficient for the school systems. I don't believe 10 percent is too much in order to cover operating expenses. Where are people's brains these days???? Oh yes - majority are in their pants...the others in the clouds.

  • daisy May 29, 2007

    I wish there were more cameras all over Fayetteville, especially on Owen Dr near Village Dr. Its getting really bad with the drivers that run the lights. When the light turns green I count to five before going through because I know someone is going to run their red. Yellow does not mean hit the gas, unless you like paying tickets or possibly causing a wreck. As far as which greedy entity gets the money, share it, something is better than nothing.

  • richard2 May 29, 2007

    If we need red light cameras then we need cameras to catch speeders. We could make a lot more money for schools across the state. County taxes could be lowered. We could put cameras on all major roads first and then all other roads next. There are a lot more speeders than red light runners. Heck, the law breakers could pay for the crameras. We will have to figure out some way for the lawyers to get their cut or this will never fly. The best part about this is you could get several tickets in one day.

  • MajorLeagueinfidel May 29, 2007

    Boy this sure appears as if the school board is being greedy and wanting to pump more money in a system that isn't working with higher dropout rates, declining test scores, gang and other security problems. The money math isn't adding up and yet they want more....