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No Memorial Day Break for Lee County Students

Posted May 28, 2007

— While many students have Memorial Day off, others headed to class Monday.

Lee County public school officials said calendar pressure left them no choice but to have class on Memorial Day. Classes were in session due in part to a 2005 law forces schools to start after Aug. 24 and finish before June 10.

School system officials have to squeeze in 180 instructional days in the school calendar. The school system normally takes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Good Friday off and would like to keep those days off.

Lee County Schools Superintendent  Jim McCormick said Memorial Day is an ideal time for learning.

"What's exciting about today is that the young people in school, from what we found out today, are focusing on the legacy, the history of people who have contributed to the safety and welfare of this country," he said.

Lee County also held Memorial Day classes in 2003. It was not the only school system with scheduled classes Monday.

Vance County schools were in session as a weather make-up day. Students in Duplin and Henderson counties were also in class Monday.


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  • supermom2 May 29, 2007

    Not taking up for teacher work days, but this is the time that the teachers have go to seminars and classes and such to keep up what is required by the county and state. If the state wants it this way then they should hire people to be in teh schools at all times to fulfill these needs and requirements for our teahcers. I think 180 days of instruction is crazy....I suggest that they take away 10-20 of those days. And it is crazy that today's freshmans must have 32 credits to graudate, by the time my little girl graduates she will probably have to have 100, and school will go from 7-5 and they will probably increase the days of instruction to 190, and there is just no benefit in that at all.

  • 1Moms_View May 29, 2007

    Lee County schools should have been closed on Mon. The calendar restrictions set by the state are no excuse seeing that nearly every other BOE in NC was able to plan around Memorial Day. I live in Lee County and my son did not attend school. He attended a memorial service honoring his great grandfather, uncles, and father who served. This was more educational for him.

    So far as teacher workdays..teachers do not get time in the classroom nor are they wasting time. Most of us are sitting in required meetings or workshops. The majority of us would rather be teaching.

  • Cold Hard Truth May 29, 2007

    I just heard the Lee County BOE left work early in observance of Memorial Day so why couldn't the schools get out early too if they HAD to go let them go half a day to be counted then leave early like the BOE!!

  • hardtack May 29, 2007

    Aw come on . Let's make it a yankee/Southern thing!

  • Air Biscuit May 29, 2007

    Well, if Yankees would wise up and honor Jefferson Davis' birthday, and make every third Thursday Robert E Lee day, we'd have it made...while we're at it, let's teach penmanship in school, and let's make sure every girl child knows how to make mint juleps and chicory coffee for her man...

    and yankees ARE spoiled...

    Just kidding...I wanted to take the whole north/south thing and run with it...

    By the way, in truth, North Carolina was tops in the country in education until the Civil War...I wonder why we stink so bad now?

  • diwanicki May 29, 2007

    Steve, don't know where you went to school, but in our school its the other way around. My son is doing math that I did in jr and high school in elem. school. Yes, they move around, but doing pre algebra in elmen. school, come on. And to the person who thinks all yankees are spoiled, needs to look around. This is not a yankee/southerner thing, so lets not make it one.

  • 1crazygirl May 29, 2007

    my nephew attends one of the middle schools in Lee County and he went to school yesterday. Im just not sure what they did there yesterday since the teachers took there school books and lockers last Monday, they finished EOG's last week and there are still approx. 2 weeks of school left.
    It just seems like a big waste to send them to school on a NATIONAL Holiday. But if anyone reads the Sanford Herald or goes online to look at it, you can see that the kids at Broadway School (in Lee County) went to the Veterans Memorial, so atleast they did something.

  • Air Biscuit May 29, 2007

    Okay, several things here:

    1) Memorial Day should be observed by the schools...however, officials use it as a makeup or whatever because there is not enough public support or pressure to do otherwise....try using MLK day as a makeup or study day and see what happens...

    2) EOC testing and NCLB are going to be the death of public education because real teachers will start leaving the system due to the pressure...EOC's and all the other testing is nothing but politicians' way of telling the public that they "support" education (just like the way the lottery funnels money into education)...it's all a crock of manure.

    3) Sadly, most school children don't give a rip about veterans and Memorial Day anyway because their parents don't...when parents and children are more interested in rap music, ipods, video games, sex, and fighting, why do we expect people to honor our fallen heroes?

  • herelegally May 29, 2007

    "...the history of people who have contributed to the safety and welfare of this country," he said."

    Is that the newest PC ie. liberal way to redefine this country's military, its heroes and their sacrifice for our freedom????? They are reduced to "contributing to our safety and welfare" !!!!!!

    Maybe the Lee County Board of Education can put their priorities somewhere else next year...like possible increasing those "exciting" learning days by reducing teacher work days!

    And by the way when did teachers stop teaching as their "work"????

  • unc4ever May 29, 2007

    The problem that I have with my two children being in the Lee County school system is that I see far too many "off" days to begin with IE: being off for a whole weeks vacation (which is fine) BUT the following Monday and Tuesday of the week are Teacher work days?? There are almost as many teacher work days as there are student vacations. It seems to me that there needs to be restructuring for these kind of work days and calling school off for a "spec" of snow should be considered besides having to go to school on a Hero Holiday. Cmon Lee County. I graduated from here in 1984 and things were not anything like they are today and we made it just fine then and we didnt even start school until after Sept 4th and most times got out June 6th and still got in 180 days...