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Vance County Inmate Dead; Fellow Inmate Charged With Murder

Posted May 27, 2007
Updated May 28, 2007

— Vance County sheriff's officials said Sunday that a jail prisoner had been charged with murder in the weekend death of another prisoner.

A detention officer found Charles Cleveland Dillard, 52, of 739 Hicksboro Road, semi-conscious on the bottom bunk of his cell about 4:15 p.m. Saturday, Sheriff Peter White said. Dillard was pronounced dead at Maria Parham Hospital shortly thereafter, according to White.

"It is alleged that Mr. Dillard had a physical altercation with another inmate, Curtis W. Coley," White said in a press release. White had indicated Saturday that no prisoner-prisoner activity was involved, and officials did not disclose then that Dillard had died.

The State Bureau of Investigation charged Coley with second-degree murder, and he was being held under an additional $250,000 bond. His arraignment was set for June 4.

Coley, 34, of 49 Ridge Path Lane, was already being held under several bonds totaling $27,629, White said. He already faced charges of obtaining property by false pretense, misdemeanor larceny, second-degree trespass and failure to pay child support.

Dillard had been incarcerated since Dec. 1, 2006, and was being held under a $15,000 bond for felony possession of stolen goods.

Sheriff's officials were awaiting autopsy results and said the investigation was ongoing.


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  • welfare blows May 29, 2007

    SOT has hit it on the head once again. SOT for president

  • spiritwarriorwoman1 May 29, 2007

    So a young guy kills a much older one. Sad, but not much different than being out on the streets.

    Praying for the loved ones of them both.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • familyfriendsaddened May 29, 2007

    I knew him , since i was little. Charlie that is. He wasn't a bad guy. He treated us like family and was my fathers friend along with his two brothers who survive him. He leaves behind a mother, who loved him, and a daughter my age. I have nothing hurtful to those of you that say yay to this. Your conscience will handle that. And this wasn't two killers in a cell fighting it out. Charlie wasn't there for a violent crime at all if you read the article. But he is gone, a death sentence handed out before the trial. Bless his memory in the eyes of those who loved him, and bless his soul which has moved on to a better place. May none of you ever suffer this or the loss of a family member this way. What a cruel painful way to die. Even executions aren't preformed in this manner.

  • ncbookseller May 29, 2007

    Coley had relatively minor charges against him before this incident. I wonder what could have happened to bring about this situation & what could have been done in advance to prevent it.

  • salut2daking May 29, 2007

    What does SOT being from up north have to do with anything thegreatguyty?

  • thegreatguyty May 28, 2007

    SOT........From u to me;Typical liberal communist. You want me to quit my job b/c I have an opinion. Well let me tell ya bub, it ain't happening. If cops were forced to turn in thier badges b/c we had an opinion that you libs didn't like, there would be no more cops. Get a life, crawl back in your sheltered hole and let me do your dirty work. The bottom line is that when you are in trouble, you are going to call a cop. Probably one that shares my same opinions about articles like this.

    So you wanna be tough guy, I learned in your response to me that you are originally from or have recently come from up North, maybe Pa. or could be NY. I am not a liberal by the way, far from it. I do know that the things you have said shows any compassion for any one and no respect for your self talking as you do being in law enf. if you really are. Respect starts with your self, since you are so bitter of a person you must be disrespected pwerson to you and the ones around you. Poor pitiful u.

  • SailbadTheSinner May 28, 2007


    When about 98% of the people you meet are truly the scum of the earth, it’s difficult to see the 2% that may really be OK.

    Try to keep an open mind, but NEVER let your guard down.

    As an ex-firefighter, I was never too concerned about going into a burning building. Fires may be dangerous, but they are not malicious. They just don’t make enough money to get me to walk up on a car at 3:00 AM and say “May I see your driver’s license, please?”.

    You have a very dangerous and stressful job and I, for one, thank you for doing it. Be careful out there ….


  • sick of thugs 3 May 28, 2007

    snowwhite. I would love to continue to talk with you about this but I have to check on to go to work. On a serious note, I do have a soft spot in my heart for cop's wives and kids. It pains me when I look on the ODMP.org and I see yet another officer that has been killed in the line of duty and see the reflections that thier families post on the website. I wish you well, hold no hard feelings towards you and hope that you and your husband have a happy and long retirement as he is very close to it. I am off to work!

  • snowwhite46 May 28, 2007

    Choppa, don't waist your breat, he is not worth it... I feal sorry for the family members of both men....They are both losing somebody out of this.....

  • snowwhite46 May 28, 2007

    SOT, you know what you are just not worth talking to anymore, because it does not do anygood... I meant what I said...I am a cops wife, but I still would never turn another officer in no matter what kind of person I thought he was..........You are a very angry person and I would never want to be around you...not even at a traffic stop....