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Officer Claims Warrenton Chief Drew Gun on Him

Posted May 25, 2007
Updated May 27, 2007

— The chief of the town police force is under investigation for allegedly pulling a gun on one of his own officers.

Officer Ray Collier said Chief John Younts threatened to shoot him, so Collier filed a complaint with the Police Benevolent Association in Raleigh.

The group said it took the matter very seriously and brought it to the attention of the town. The mayor of Warrenton said the town is investigating.

Younts became chief on April 2. Nine days later, Collier said, the chief pulled a gun on him.

The town board has been briefed and the town attorney is looking into the allegations. The mayor said he has heard of no other complaints about Younts.

The chief did not return WRAL’s phone calls.


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  • Public Servant May 28, 2007

    Hey Firegal, I believe that the Chief had more than four years in service when he was promoted. Even still, years of service does not automatically make a person more qualified. I know many law enforcement officers that have in excess of 10 years of service that are nowhere near worthy of filling the position of police chief. I also know of "good ole boy" politics, and am aware of how "things" just sometimes happen. I do have a concern with the "not wanting to ruin the career idea". If the chief did in fact pull his gun on the officer, he deserves to lose his certification.

  • superman May 28, 2007

    firegal--I live in Raleigh, and know nothing about any of thise except what I have read-- sounds like you may be a very close relative. I dont know any of them. The police chief only been there a couple months and he is already a "good old boy" to the mayor, the town council and the magistrate? He have the whole town in his pocket already? Why didnt the officer take his attorney to the magistrate and try to press charges? You need to get all the people you know and go to the magistrates office and press charges. And it shoulds like you may be bitter that the police chief got the job since he had only 5 years experience. It is a small town-- I wouldnt think they paying more than a 100 grand a year. The lawyer lost his leverage when the police officer ran to raleigh and spilled the beans. You seen to be in the "thick of things" Surely you not saying that everyone in town is under the thumb of the police chief that has only been there a couple months?

  • superman May 28, 2007

    firegal-you certainly seem to know a lot-- none of which was in the article. and the difference in a deputy and a police office-- your just being picky. and your reference was about a higher bond-- not filing charges. Where are the other 4 or 5 or 6 people who he has done this to? He must have some heated conversations with everyone to keep pulling his gun. I repeat my earlier comment-- everything sounds fishy at best. So the lawyer is going to settle it without "ruing" his career. Very noble of the lawyer. how does he propose to do that and even better "why is he not going to ruin" his career. Guess they want him to resign and move on to another town where he susposely do the same thing again. GET REAL. The lawyer just wants to make some money out of it -- if he can.

  • Maj. T.J. Kong May 27, 2007

    Who said I was a police officer?

  • superman May 27, 2007

    No formal charges-- YET-- just idle small town gossip. He blew the whistle-- so what difference does it make? he doesnt know how to file charges? He been doing this before and no one has filed charges? And by the way, it is always best to follow the chain of command. The deputy looks kinda bad-- how does he expect the mayor and the town council to respect him when he ran to the association in Raleigh to complain. First step is to file charges-- but then if he filed charges he is going to have to prove them. No one can do anything except TALK and gossip without some charges. Sounds like he might have done this several times and none of them filed charges? Maybe a fox in the henhouse.

  • elcid89 May 27, 2007

    um, yea, ok. Since you are a major, maybe you can enlighten me on something I have always been curious about. Why is it that so many police officers, this Younts person as an example, are so overweight anyway? You'd think these departments would have fitness standards.

    i.e. whatever ...

  • Maj. T.J. Kong May 27, 2007

    That's "Major" Kong to you pal!

  • elcid89 May 27, 2007

    Kong ... I assume that if there were any positive comments being made that they'd leave those up as well. Perhaps you should be wondering why there aren't any of those being made.

    I can't find much of a negative nature besides the obvious references to the man being morbidly obese, and that's not something anyone looking at him wouldn't notice anyway.

  • Maj. T.J. Kong May 27, 2007

    Why isn't the SBI investigating instead of the town board? How effective could the town board be at investigations? Also, I like how WRAL leaves all the negative and demeaning comments about the chief on the website. Yet another way the liberal media uses any excuse to slam the police.

  • yukonjohn3 May 26, 2007

    If I were that young officer, I would be scared stiff. I wouldnt go out by myself and would surely move. I think him telling has sealed his fate. I am a federal supervisor and took the federal "whstleblowers" class and it taught me one thing....DONT BE A WHISTLEBLOWER!!!