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Suspended Enloe Teacher Reassigned to Alternative School

Posted May 25, 2007
Updated May 26, 2007

— A Wake County high school teacher, suspended for inviting a Christian speaker who passed out religious tract to students, will be reassigned to another school.

Robert Escamilla, who has been on paid leave from his job at Enloe High School for the past three months, will remain a tenured teacher with the same pay grade, but he will be transferred to Mary E. Phillips High School in Raleigh, his attorney, Billy Strickland, said Friday.

According to its Web site, Mary Phillips High is for "any Wake County high school student who has not reached his or her potential within a traditional school setting."

School officials, however would not comment on the matter Friday.

Escamilla invited evangelist Kamil Solomon, head of Kamil International Ministries Organization, to speak to his social studies class on Feb. 16, school system. Solomon asked students to embrace Christianity and distributed pamphlets calling the Prophet Muhammad a "criminal" and a "demon possessed." He also said Muhammad was "inspired by Satan."

Parents' complaints led to Escamilla's suspension and also to the Wake County Public School System changing its policy to require future guest speakers to agree not to make denigrating remarks about any culture, race, gender, national origin or religion, school officials announced this week.

Strickland said his client was thankful that he will keep his tenure and salary but that they are still considering their opinion on the transfer.


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  • mvnull May 27, 2007

    "First, my point about it being more accepted if the guy was Muslim, Hindu or Wiccan has to do with the fact that this would NOT even be a news story because the teacher wouldn't be in any trouble." Do you truly believe that? I doubt a teacher would risk her career even attempting that, but less wondering about the firestorm that would result. In general, I find the people who are most shrill about religion in the US are the athiests and the fundamentalist/evangelical Christians. In the Middle East, it is the Muslims. Maybe it is that being a majority religion does that to people. It guess it is fortunate that my branch of Christianity is in the minority nearly everywhere.

  • ProudConservative2 May 27, 2007

    "Because the rest of us aren't really listening to your dream world of ideals after dying and becoming nothing more than worm fodder."
    That sure sounds like a slam against other peoples ideas, JBUNNY. We have a word for that HYPPOCRITE. You can dish it out, but you can't take it. You are allowed to attack others based on your beliefs, but dare anyone say anything to you from their perspective then you start whining. I read every one of your posts. They all say the same thing. Grow up.

  • ProudConservative2 May 27, 2007

    First, my point about it being more accepted if the guy was Muslim, Hindu or Wiccan has to do with the fact that this would NOT even be a news story because the teacher wouldn't be in any trouble. If they want to put all religions in the class, then I have no problem. JBUNNY, I need no convincing about my beliefs. You on the other hand seem to get worried when somebody brings religion into your life. You are the type that likes to set your own rules and so you lash out against religion. Are there people in the Christian church that go overboard? Yep. You need to stop looking at the buildings that we attend on Sunday mornings as the basis of the religion. The basis is a PERSONAL relationship with Christ. All have sinned and fall short. ALL.....Preachers, followers, leaders.....ALL!!!!!! I'm not putting your beliefs down, I'm just not agreeing with you.

  • angel2747 May 26, 2007

    HELLO???? Have you noticed how we American citizens are now fighting with each other over beliefs held by other countries, but have been brought here to our country? We need to stop bickering amongst ourselves and stand together for our country.
    Our troops are standing, and sadly falling, for our country. Can't we at least agree to disagree? But -- let's be completely fair to ourselves, too -- not just other cultures who have decided to live here instead of in their own countries.

  • CHAMP May 26, 2007

    I think sending this loud mouth to Mary E Phillipsi is a great move.
    Maybe now he can focus his attention on youth he really need leadership and get pipe down his knucklehead ideas.
    Or he'lbe no use to them and be the ignored scared teacher in the corner...maybe he'sll go into plumbing ..we need good plumbers!

  • One flew over Randy_s nest May 26, 2007

    "If the cat had been Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, etc it would not even be an issue."

    So you would be okay with a Muslim coming to Enloe saying things like "the Christian God is the demon possessed" and "the Christian God is a criminal"?

    I think not...

  • JBunny May 26, 2007

    Oh, and GBear - if the "cat" had been Muslim, Jewish, or any OTHER religion, there would have been FAR many more people to get upset. After all, we are in the "Bible Belt" where some of the "Christian" zealots are ALWAYS shoving religion down people's throats.

    Why MUST people like you CONSISTANTLY be talking/harassing others about the alledged benefits of your religion? Seems to me many of you feel the need to convince yourselves repeatedly. Because the rest of us aren't really listening to your dream world of ideals after dying and becoming nothing more than worm fodder.

    My apologies to anyone I've offended. I have a true thirst for knowledge - no matter what it is. And I don't have an issue with schools teaching about WORLD religions - not JUST Christianity. The point I was trying to make is that if you want to teach Christianity in schools, it is only FAIR to teach the other major world religions - and allocate the same amount of time for each.

    Thank you.

  • JBunny May 26, 2007

    Obviously, GBear, you have NOT read my posts.

    1. I said repeatedly that I did not have a problem with a school having religious "guest speakers". Take a look at my first post.

    2. I also mentioned that it would be the CHRISTIAN majority of parents who would be opposed to have anyone of ANOTHER religious conviction speaking - whether it be Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, Agnostic, or even Satanic.

    3. Stop attempting to give me a guilt trip based on my personal beliefs. To be quite blunt, I don't give a rip about your alledged testimony. All I see is someone who thinks that they are so correct in their ideas that they must put other beliefs down.

    4. As for the bible, I wasn't quoting from IT - oh, no. I was talking about CHRISTIAN BELIEFS which are preached to people at many churches. Because, doesn't Jesus turn water into wine in the bible? And yet, many Christians think it is a sin to drink such?

    5. Read my posts again. And try and keep an open mind this time.

  • ProudConservative2 May 26, 2007

    JBUNNY, you are feeling convicted. Once again you show your lack of understanding and insight. I have empathy, but I won't sit around while thin-skinned folks like you go on about a Christian being brought into talk to a class. If the cat had been Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, etc it would not even be an issue. I doubt anybody went home scarred for life. Also, if you want to challenge me on my Biblical beliefs then maybe you should read the Bible. It says numerous times that we CANNOT get to the "proverbial heaven" through good deeds. This was the downfall of the Saducees and Pharisees. You haven't heard my testimony, so you don't know what my life was like before. I think you feel a great deal of guilt about your own decisions. If you are right about people being programmed in religion then this whole deal shouldn't be an issue. I think you are the one lacking empathy.

  • Quagmire May 26, 2007

    Could be worse.
    he could have brought Ted Haggard in to teach a class.