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Misunderstanding Might Have Led to Double Murder

Posted May 25, 2007

— Family members of one of two victims of a double homicide early Friday say a misunderstanding might have led to the crime.

At about 12:50 a.m., police responded to a shooting call at 1261 Americal Road, Lot 84 in the Knoll Terrace Mobile Home Park near U.S. Highway 1, where they found three people lying in the yard.

Two of the victims were shot, and the third victim apparently received injuries from blunt force trauma to the head, police said.

Police have identified the deceased as Jamie Lee Crute, 33, and George Davis, 56, both of Henderson. Davis lived at the residence where the crime occurred, investigators said.

The surviving victim, whose name was not released, was taken to Maria Parham Medical Center for treatment of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He was listed in fair condition Friday evening.

Police were still investigating the case Friday, but Davis' stepdaughter, Lakeysha Richardson, told WRAL they were the result of a misunderstanding but that it was too complicated to elaborate but that her 13-year-old son had been there at the time.

"It was like a confrontation, a big confrontation," she said. "(Crute) had the gun pointed to my son … and my stepfather gave his life for my son's."

Crute was hit in the head, authorities said, and have not confirmed how he was involved in the shooting.

Lizzie Alston, a neighbor who lives across the street, said she was awaken by a number of gun shots and said she saw people running from the scene.


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  • Public Servant May 27, 2007

    Dearest snowwhite...please remove the rose colored glasses that you are wearing so you can see the true world. The wrong part of town is only so because of the degenerates that live there and make it so. Those people are the same ones that you would turn your nose up to, and probably call the police on if they were walking through your snowwhite neighborhood. Rest comfortably tonite and remember that you are only one neighbor away from living in the "bad" neighborhood that you seem so quick to defend.

  • Public Servant May 27, 2007

    OK "headlong", I see that you think that Davis is a hero for taking a bullet for his grandson. Is that the way it happened? Were you there? How do you know that he wasn't running for cover and got in the way? If you have such insight, you should probably contact the investigating law enforcement agency.

  • headlong May 26, 2007

    This story has been updated since I last posted...

    What is a 13 year old for one doing out at 12:50 AM...school night??? And with people over 30...Okay one was his Step Grandfather but still and all. Davis took the bullet for his Grandson...hero for sure.

  • snowwhite46 May 25, 2007

    Some people have made comments in a round about way that because of where they lived that it was may drug related or the bad part of town. Every city I don't care where you live, in New York or even in Siler City where I live (small town) you are going to have bad parts of town that no one wants to go to at night or even in the day. But a life is a life and no one has a right to take a life , but one person and that is God and he decieds to go from this earth...So lets no judge anyone because they have to live in te wrong part of town. None of us is better than anyone else. God bless the family of those two gentleman that passed away... they are still humas beings.

  • jajs May 25, 2007

    "The surviving victim, whose name was not released"
    "the third victim apparently received injuries from blunt force"
    "Crute was hit in the head"

  • thegreatguyty May 25, 2007

    Henderson as all cities, Raleigh not excluded, has it's plus and minus areas. No city is free of the so called, rough areas. I live in Henderson, and yes we have some areas i forbid my 16 year old daughter from going down at night, and yes Andrews Ave. is one of them. Plenty of places in all towns I have been in with in a 100 mile radius of Henderson and I thought then, I would hate to be caught in this area at night.
    Drugs is every where and no Henderson is no worse than any other as far as cocaine, it is just a splitting of two main highways, Interstate 85 South which goes straight thru Durham, about 40 miles away and U.S. 1 that goes straight thru Raleigh, about 40 miles away, so I guess that is where you recived that information. But no city is with out problems of drugs, no city.

  • BLK 007 May 25, 2007

    Senseless act of violence. We must remember- we reap what we sow.

  • swisher1 May 25, 2007

    Yes, it will be a "memorial" weekend for two people. Who knows what spawns these incidents....could be drugs, money, women, a combination of all three.

  • Pirattitude May 25, 2007

    Complicated misunderstanding? I should say so!! hope the survivor continues to survive.

  • 2 great kids May 25, 2007

    This is very sad. I work in Henderson and both of my children go to a great day care on Americal Road. I drive by this mobile home park twice a day. But I would have to agree, there are places in Henderson I would not travel in at night but that also goes for ALOT of places in ALL surrounding counties...Durham, Granville, and Wake. It is sad no matter where you live.