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Raleigh Teen Arrested After Taking Knife on School Bus

Posted May 24, 2007
Updated May 25, 2007

— A Raleigh high-school student was arrested Thursday morning after she pulled out a knife during a confrontation on a school bus full of children, police said.

Barbara Jones, a 10th-grade student at Sanderson High School, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a weapon on school property.

Wake County Public School System spokesman Bill Poston said the bus was headed to school at about 8 a.m. when the driver heard students talking about a weapon. The driver pulled over at the school system's bus lot on Noble Road and alerted transportation officials.

Jones, 17, told WRAL she was carrying the knife to protect herself because the girl had been bullying her.

"She was threatening me over the phone, so I had to protect myself," she said.

Her mother, Denise Jones, said she and her daughter had complained to the school about the bullying but administrators never did anything.

"Yeah, she took the knife out to protect herself, because she ain't about to get hurt by no kid on no school bus," Denise Jones said. She said, however, she did not know her daughter had taken a knife from their home.

Poston said the school system is reviewing the incident for weapons policy violations as well as harassment policy violations, including bullying.

But he said he could not talk about details of Barbara Jone's case, or say whether bullying preceded Thursday's incident or if the school knew about it.

Denise Jones said her daughter was suspended but that she plans to meet with the administrators Thursday to see if she can finish out the school year in some capacity.

Barbara Jones was released to her mother's custody and was also placed under curfew, in which she's only permitted to go to work and church.

She is scheduled to appear in court June 25.


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  • JustDontUnderstandPpl May 25, 2007

    Here's a thought. Why can't parents put an end to the bullying that goes on outside of school? If it's so easy why not? It always amazes me when parents that have trouble controlling their own one or two kids expect teachers and administrators to control 25 or 30.--daMoFo

    My question is this: my kid is respectful; someone else's is not. The other kid is generally not respectful because the parents aren't either. That being said, what good will it do to talk to the parents who taught their kid to be a bully? NONE. So...any suggestions???

  • atozca May 25, 2007

    well said anitov. children need to be taught respect. It begins at home and the community should reinforce the principles of respect. If our society were more in the habit of living the example of respect you wouldn't have the problems you have at school.

  • atozca May 25, 2007

    TB in Raleigh, being poor is no excuse for not doing one's parental duties. 2 jobs, no car, etc. can hender one's abilities; however, where there is a will there is a way. The will comes from within. Parenting isn't for weanies and good parenting doesn't depend on income. We really don't know the whole story here. My children have been taught to walk away when they can. If they have to physically to defend themselves my children are capable. They do know though that words can be ignored and that you can truly "kill with kindness!"

  • thepeopleschamp May 25, 2007

    If the parents of one of these little angels can't control them at home how is the school going to control and settle all the differences that 1500 teenagers bring to school with them each day??? I have been an SRO for 2 decades in a high school. Of the 100's of fights I've investigated I'd say 90% have been "mutual combat". Attacks on innocent victims happen but are very few and far between. I've yet to see a parent come to school and claim their child is the bully and is at fault, most often they always blame the other child. The word "bully" has become a reincarnated buzzword of late used to blame someone else's child for something their own child was involved in. Sort of like "he was with the wrong crowd" is always a popular excuse. Oh yeah, and it's always the other guy the threw the first punch. A school of 1500 students might have 4 Admins. Do you think those 4 Admins and 1 or 2 SRO's can keep up with all the conflicts teenagers carry to school each day???

  • daisy May 25, 2007

    The analogy of the schools to a crime infested neighborhood is a good one, the residents stand up and say "no more" but guess what, this is your place and teachers and administrators are the only ones who can clean it up. Do you really want parents in your halls and classrooms everyday monitoring what goes on? Seems to me that takes the control completely away from teachers. I get paid for my job and I dont expect you or anyone else to come in and handle my clients..thats my responsibility. Keep in mind this is a debate and the use of caps to "shout" your point across, well I see that as a form of bullying too. Hmmmmmm, maybe frustration of not being heard is what this girl was trying to fix on her own.

  • Greyhound_Girl May 25, 2007

    Air Biscuit... AMEN!!!!!!

  • daisy May 25, 2007

    Air, I actually did take a year out of my career track to teach in a middle school in a SLD class with kids that were considered "bullies" by other kids. My solution was to infuse skills like anger and stress managment into the lessons every chance I got. I also reached out to the parents with an olive branch since I look at this situation as a team effort. If all the parents hear is negative from the school then naturally defenses are going to go up, just as your defenses are up when I asked the opinion of what teachers think should be done to help the stop bullying situations. Using caps to shout your opinion is in some way reflective of what students do when they feel they arent being heard. Except they dont have the maturity yet to just yell their point, instead they either bully to be heard or in this case take matters into their own hands. This young lady is now being heard, right or wrong.

  • All American May 25, 2007

    Both Mother & daughter are terrible examples of how to handle a situation like that. As I posted before, that Mother should of been a RESPONSIBLE parent and contacted the bullies parents and let them know what she was doing to her daughter. Knife on a school bus, she needs to be punished and HOPEFULLY learn a lesson.

  • Air Biscuit May 25, 2007


    Here's a great suggestion to make the schools safer...how about all the parents volunteer for hall and classroom supervision so the teachers can actually teach?

    You expect us to come up with solutions to all the problems...when do the parents begin holding the teens responsible?

    You want suggestions for safer schools? Get the parents in your school district to decide that they have had enough of the teens and the small group of parents who abuse teachers and each other. When parents and the public quit coddling kids and take back the schools, the teachers will be able to function better...it's kind of like neighborhoods that are drug-infested...residents expect the cops to clean it up...yet they sit back and watch it happen...you are doing the same thing in the schools...TEACHERS ARE EXHAUSTED! IT IS NOT THE TEACHER'S FAULT WHEN A TEENAGER FIGHTS, BULLIES, OR THREATENS ANOTHER TEEN! WHEN WILL YOU, THE PUBLIC, STEP UP AND HELP?

  • Rocknhorse May 25, 2007

    First: Of course I've heard of the second amendment-it's the right to bear arms. It is NOT the right to bring them where ever I choose! Zero tollerance at school. She broke that rule, she should pay the price.
    Second: Bullies! They have existed since there were people on earth. It will continue until the end of time. It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are, how educated or not, you will always encounter bullies. There are ways to deal with bullies that does not include weapons - unless you consider your brain a weapon, which for some it is!
    Third: We don't know the entire story, but I agree, IF there has been a documented problem with a bully, then that person needs to be dealt with. That does NOT excuse this girl from breaking the law! I'm sick and tired of people placing the blame for their actions elsewhere. It's time to make people responsible again! She had a choice. She took action. Bad choice! Action requires consequences.