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95 percent of wake parents facing choice take year-round school option

Posted May 23, 2007
Updated April 29, 2008

— Ninety-five percent of parents with children assigned to year-round schools for the fall are opting to stay there, Wake County Public School System officials said Wednesday.

About 1,200 families have yet to return the forms, school administrator said. If parents do not make a decision, their children will go to a traditional-calendar school.

The school system does expect about 2,500 to 3,000 families to opt for a traditional calendar.

The school system sent out consent forms to all parents about two weeks ago after a Wake County judge ruled it illegal for the school system to assign students to year-round schools without parental permission.

The ruling was made based on a civil lawsuit filed by a parents' group, WakeCares, which opposes year-round schools.

Some critics say that even though 95 percent of parents opted for year-round schools, that doesn't mean they are in favor of the schedule.

Some parents have said they did not have a choice because they were unsure of which traditional-calendar school their children would attend. Others were concerned a decision to switch was too soon before the July 9 start date for year-round schools.

System leaders' next challenge might be deciding what to do with year-round schools where parents have opted out. For example, only 100 families have opted out of year-round at Barwell Road Elementary School in Raleigh, and about 100 still haven't turned in their consent forms.

That could mean staff reduction or a change of schedule of schedule for the school.


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  • speedy May 25, 2007

    jaksethi: Pooh and me aren't arguing. I kinda like her.

    BofE is definitely NOT supernatural. I know they are not TRYING to screw it all up, they just can't help it. They are incompetent for the task they were elected for. I loathe incompetence, be it the BofE or Burger King. Come to think of it, maybe they should switch.......

  • speedy May 25, 2007

    Pooh, we agree about everthing except me being spoiled. I just am demanding that the BofE do BETTER than they have. Requiring excellence from anybody is not being spoiled, it should be expected.

  • scal May 24, 2007

    The judge threw those poor unsuspecting WAKE CARES parents a bone, and the big bad wolf BOE got the last laugh after all.

    What parent in their right mind is going vote against YR when they have no clue as to where their kids will go to school?

    Man, when your elected officials really want to show you who the boss is they don't mess around.

  • NCTeacher May 24, 2007

    As a teacher, I love the idea of year round. I would kill to get a break after each grading period. I think I would be a better teacher and the students would benefit from that.

    But I love my "summer". With only weeks off between grading periods, I wouldn't get as much done. I love taking on my summer projects- like renovating my house, working on what I will do in class next year. With only 2 weeks off, I wouldn't have the extended time for them.

    But I do think it is a personal thing and parents should be able to choose year round or traditional, knowing which school they would be placed at either way.

  • lizard May 24, 2007

    Welllll.....one thing is for sure, year round school will get them ready for year round working a job for the rest of their lives. (So they can pay 75% to the Gov't man. Which will probably be a woman by the time they start.)

  • European American May 24, 2007

    Year Round Schools equates to one basic thing... the inexcusable, inability of the morons voted onto the school board to adequately plan and execute.

  • the alliance May 24, 2007

    What school did these parents grow up in? Year ropund schools? Your going to burn out your children. They even need a break.

  • jaksethi May 24, 2007

    After reading the argument between speedy and pooh I feel compelled to post a comment. The BOE is not a supernatural force sent down from an alternate universe placed arbitrarily in Wake County with the sole purpose of bullying and suppressing the residents of said county. They are elected officials who review all possible information and make decisions (sometimes imperfect ones) on behalf of their constituents. I find people behave very differently in issues relating to their children. Docile people become aggressive. The important thing now is to move forward. What if's are whimsy, not reality.

  • SS67 May 24, 2007

    A Judge is nothing but a lawyer in a black robe.
    Law is up for interpretation. I have the right not to like the interpretations of a judge and can voice my opinion at the voting booth whether or not to elect or re-elect that judge. His interpretation of the start and stop dates of school should not have been applied to year-round schools and the statute says "uniform school year" and I can interpret that "uniform" is better represented by year around schools. How is 9 months on 3 months off (traditional) "uniform"? His interpretation in my opinion was too narrow. And he did tell the school board what they were supposed to do: they had to get the consent of parents.

  • DeM May 24, 2007

    Do those of you who insult the judge really think that he was supposed to pick sides as if this were an elementary school popularity contest?

    He was required to interpret the law. WakeCares was suing because they were charging that a law was broken - that's the requirement for going to court. The judge found a law that was violated, and ruled on that. He was NOT OBLIGATED, nor SHOULD HE have gone any further than ruling on the LAW. I personally think he would have been **far overstepping** his legal authority if he started telling the school board how they should remedy the violation.

    There are plenty of things that the school board does that you might not like, but the court is there to decide only the things that are illegal, as opposed to "unwanted" or "disliked".

    For things you don't like, the appropriate forum is the voting booth, not court.

    Slam the school board, or WakeCares, but I think the judge did everything he was supposed to do, and no more.