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Governor Races for a Cause

Posted May 21, 2007
Updated May 22, 2007

— Some families of deployed National Guardsmen continue to struggle financially, and Gov. Mike Easley has taken up their cause.

This past weekend he raised money by getting behind the wheel at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord.

“I’ll try to bring [the car] back in one or two pieces,” Easley joked.

After a handshake here, an autograph there, and lots of pictures, it was show time. In his specially tailored National Guard racing suit, the governor hit the track to raise money.

Robert Johnson of the Charlotte Bobcats was one of the donors. He pledged $2,500 per lap.

Easley said he was hoping to raise $1,000 for every mile he hit on the speedometer. He posted an average speed of 165 mph.

It will be awhile before he knows how much money was raised.


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  • dell May 22, 2007

    myview----You're welcome and thank you.

  • Mmaker52 May 22, 2007

    Needless to what anyone thinks Gov Easley is a fine man from a fine family. Went to school with his sister! You complain but do you think YOU could do a better job? The answer is run for office then!

  • wstarhawks May 22, 2007

    I am just wondering about your post, You start off by saying you sympathize with the National Guard people, but at the end of your post you say no sympathy here.
    Well, which is it?
    And as a member of the National Guard, I never asked for or wanted your sympathy. As for the "extra money" soldiers enjoy by serving on the weekends, some soldiers did join the guard for the extra money, most joined because they wanted to be a part of something. So next time we have a natural disaster in this state and a guardsman helps you, a family member or neighbor out don't bother thanking us, because we know your true colors. We will still help you because that is what the men and women of the NC National Guard are committed to doing.

  • Arkansas Razorback May 22, 2007

    Whatever the reason, and whatever the cause, i am glad that the military families get the money raised. I can't think of a single charity that would deserve the money any more than our military families.

  • myview May 22, 2007

    dell - You tell them!! Most of us appreciate your and your fellow soldiers' sacrifices! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • dell May 22, 2007

    hondaman---And just what is you stupid point suppose to be. Yes, you are right. We are volunteers. You have a problem with that. And yes, we are there for you and your neighbors when a tornado or a hurricane comes in and blows your double wide down. And yes, we go overseas to fight for your freedom so you won't have too and do you know why we do this......Like you said, we voluntered to do this because the NC National Guard doesn't want ignorant people like you in it. By the way, those deductions from you paycheck each week (if you have a job) go to my pocket for my "weekend duty" that you have such a problem with. By the way.....Thank you for my paycheck.

  • superman May 22, 2007

    I sympathize with the national guard people. But they were enjoying their extra money by serving on weekends. And now the tide has turned and they want it both ways. Do they draft in the national guard? Didnt think so-- they volunteered. They should get over it-- all in a days work-- -- be careful what u ask for -- you may get it. They asked for the national guard-- no sympathy here.

  • edits May 22, 2007

    "doe snot" ......You are right, that is nasty.
    does not...sorry for the typo

  • edits May 22, 2007

    That is nasty. Sorry for the typo...does not

  • Doctor Dataclerk May 22, 2007


    "doe snot" ......Now that's nasty.