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Baby in Raleigh Fire Died of Alcohol Poisoning

Posted May 21, 2007

— An autopsy suggests an 11-month-old killed in a Raleigh apartment fire died of alcohol poisoning.

Investigators said Dayna Sofia Elamrani-Carranza and her mother, Rosa Elena Carranza-Morales, 26, died Feb. 22 in an unit at the Pines of Ashton apartment complex on Roselle Court.

Police said Noureddine Elamrani, 30, stabbed Carranza-Morales before setting the apartment on fire. Elamrani later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Firefighters found the three bodies as they moved into the apartment to battle the blaze.

Toxicology reports show a very high concentration of alcohol and no carbon monoxide in Elamrani-Carranza's system. Officials said there were no anatomic findings to explain her death. They believe the death may have occurred before any significant carbon monoxide was inhaled.

Carranza-Morales had taken out a restraining order against Elamrani nine days before the fire, according to court records. She said in her filing that Elamrani beat her and she feared he would kill her.