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Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Durham Sheriff's Office Employee

Posted May 18, 2007
Updated March 7, 2009

— Durham County Sheriff's Office has issued an arrest warrant for a former employee, who is charged with embezzling money from the sheriff's department.

Sheriff Worth Hill had refused to name the former employee who authorities said confessed to stealing thousands of dollars, saying only the employee worked in the civil division.

According to a warrant issued Wednesday, a woman named Kim Perkins was charged with embezzlement. Perkins was a one-time employee of the year, who worked for the sheriff's office's civil processing division from May 2003 until last month. She had been employed, though, since May 1999.

But the sheriff's office has not served the warrant, saying it is a complex case.

Hill said at least $21,000 is missing and thousands more dollars could still be unaccounted for. The office plans to hire an outside forensic auditor but says it could take months before the scope of the situation is known.

The sheriff's office would not say if anyone else could be involved.

Perkins was unavailable for comment Friday.


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  • NCTeacher May 20, 2007

    There could be any number of reasons that she hasn't gotten served yet. It could just be that they haven't been able to find her to serve her.

  • Steve Crisp May 20, 2007

    "There maybe a reason why she has not been served yet, and to be honest with u its really not our concern why she hasnt been."

    It is absolutely our concern. Most of the time there is no real backstory to events that are of any significance. But it is the job of the press to determine that for the general population and report it as such. There are times, though, that silence is the result of a coverup, incompetence, complacency, or criminal involvement of the very people who are charged with making or enforcing the law. That is where the press becomes critical in mantaining an informed society.

    And if the press is not getting the full story, or at least getting enough to know that a coverup is not involved, then how do we know who is honest and who is not? Not every citizen who cares about the fiduciary responsibility of its officials can conduct their own investigation. That is the very reason why we have the press and why they are protected by the First Amendment.

  • DurhamGirl May 20, 2007

    Ok... has anyone looked and thought of the whole pic... She Confessed!!! All these yrs, 99 is when she started. Right?? Why? No one had noticed the money missing until now... Come on!!! Maybe coverin for someone or maybe she had a life changin matter and feels guilty.. No one knows!!! There maybe a reason why she has not been served yet, and to be honest with u its really not our concern why she hasnt been.. Our local Sheriff's Office has it all under control...

  • sec May 19, 2007

    Easy, mttndreamn. I live in Durham, am not taking anything from anyone, and love it here. There's a real sense of community amongst my neighbors and I that has evaporated from the rest of the triangle, with all the New Jersey-ites moving in. One bad person does not a bad city make. And we aren't sure that she's guilty yet, are we? I thought that people were innocent until proven guilty in this country.

  • Steve Crisp May 19, 2007

    Did I make the claim that pocket warrants were available in North Carolina? Or did I make the claim that the Patriot Act is not federal? Yet you automatically assume that such was the issue. The issue was your claim that all warrants are public; they are not and I gave you two examples. You chose to read what you wanted. You graphically demonstrate that you have difficulty reading the face meaning of plain English, then call me stupid?

    Next...I'm done with this one...

  • mntndreamn May 19, 2007

    Every single department in the government of Durham County and Durham City appear to have an element of corruption. Yet it, the city and county, keep on functioning. It's almost like its a vortex for corrupt people. I just don't get why so many people love Durham. Maybe the ones singing the praises are also the ones taking from others. There is so little that is good about Durham in comparison to the surrounding cities and counties. Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

  • headlong May 19, 2007

    It would take months to sort out how much was taken in total??? They (Hill) seem to be protecting her by keeping her name which has been released and not serving the warrent...Hmmm me wonder if she is being a scape goat here???

  • Steve Crisp May 19, 2007

    To walker_m_r:

    I hardly think that your assumption of not being able to find the suspect is accurate since the sheriff stated that the warrant was not served because the case was "complex." I suspect that if she could not be found, someone would have said that she could not be found. Perhaps , though, I am not properly attuned to reading things which are not stated in simple English sentences.

    And there are such things as Private warrants, or non-public as the case may be. Read the Patriot Act and you will see examples of some. Also have you ever heard of a Pocket Warrant? No? Didn't think so.

    So you're wrong on two counts. Not a record for a single comment, but it'll do in a pinch.

  • clickclackity2 May 19, 2007


    Why does this read like it was written by a third grader?

    I disagree! I'd at the least say it was by a sixth grader! This is terrible.

  • walkermr May 19, 2007

    Well Steve Crisp you forgot the third possibility: you're woefully uninformed. They probably didn't serve the warrant because they didn't have her in custody. There is no such thing as a PRIVATE warrant. The only warrants that get sealed are search warrant and that is only until they are served. The only information kept private on arrest warrants is juvenile or rape victim's info.

    It's comments like yours that lead to doubt in either the veracity and intelligence of specific members of society , or the ability of the citizens to actually understand the laws. And what I want to know is, which is it?