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Deadline Passes for Parents to Submit Year-Round Consent Forms

Posted May 17, 2007
Updated May 18, 2007

— Friday was the final day for Wake County parents to return year-round consent forms. School leaders cannot move ahead with any planning until all they all have the consent forms, so they are encouraging all families to fill them out and get them turned in.

Parents' response to a selection form for year-round schools in Wake County has taken some by surprise, but others say acceptance of year-round schools was inevitable, given the unknown alternatives.

School officials say that 80 percent of parents who were sent forms asking if they would consent to year-round school for their children have returned them. Of those, 90 percent agreed, officials said.

“I think that's a good response,” said Chuck Dulaney, assistant superintendent for growth and planning in the school system. It is the response for which Wake school board members hoped.

Dawn Graff is part of a group of parents who filed a lawsuit that forced the district to give parents a choice of school calendars, and she said she is not surprised at the results because the school system made the alternatives so unattractive.

School board member Ron Margiotta echoed her sentiment.

"I think parents had little choice but to accept the year-round (track). They didn't have much choice because they didn't know where they might be going,

The primary issue that opponents cited before the choice letters went home was that parents who picked year-round would know where their children were going to school while those who opted fora traditional calendar will have to wait to find out where their children will be assigned. Officials hope to be able to tell them in June.

Assignments depend the number of children involved.

The school system, which already had some year-round schools, had said it was converting 22 more this year as its only way to accommodate an expected 8,000 more students. Year-round schools can hold 25 percent more students because a quarter of the students are on break at any given time. They attend in cycles of nine weeks in school and three weeks out.

If the response pattern continues, Dulaney said, “then somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 students are asking for traditional calendar assignment.”

School leaders say finding extra traditional seats will require some finagling, but it's “do-able.”


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama May 20, 2007

    Speedy, YR and TR kids attend school the same number of days. They have the same number of days off. The TR kids have it in one block and the YR kids have it in multiple blocks.

    I don't understand how you are implying that your kids get more days off than the YR kids. Both TR and YR kids attend school the same number of days and they have the same number of days offf.

    This sounds like the misstatement of facts that WakeCares does to confuse parents into supporting their position.

  • MtnDewGyrl May 20, 2007

    Also, whats wrong with them having the same schedule as work?...At least they dont get slapped in the face with reality once they are out of school...I remember when I was in school and switched to college and then to work...I didnt want to work because I wanted my summers off...I was used to having the summers off...Work places dont give you the option of being off...It made me dread working...If they had year round schools when I was in school, I would have done better and I would have gotten used to not having 3 months off at a time...Now this is just my way of thinking, and maybe some agree with me and some dont but I dont want to be bashed here simply because I stated my opinion

  • MtnDewGyrl May 20, 2007

    I dont understand what year round has to do with school robots...Theres nothing different about year round and traditional except they go to school 9 weeks and they are off 3 weeks...They start school at the same time 8:15 or 9:15 depending on what school they are at and they get out at 2:45 or 3:45...Like I said, my daughter goes to a year round and she comes home and does her homework and then goes and plays outside...My daughter was in traditional school from K-2...We havent changed anything about her schedule...She does the same thing she did when she was in traditional school

  • speedy May 20, 2007

    TarheelsDontLikeEdwards: Don't lump all kids into the same group. My kids don't forget, but my YR neighbors kids are like little school robots. They never get time to be kids. My kids LOVE all the weeks off and rarely get bored. They find things to do and don't need constant stimulation or entertainment to be happy.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama May 20, 2007

    speedy, they are not turning the children into adults with YR. YR kids get the same amount of time off as Traditional calendar students. The TR kids get one big block of vacation, the YR kids get smaller blocks of vacation. All kids whether YR or TR attend the same number of school days each year. The YR kids don't get bored because of smaller breaks and the teachers don't have to reteach after the breaks compared to the first few weeks of TR in fall, the teachers spend time reteaching material from the previous year that the kids forget over the long summer break.

  • marketinglee May 19, 2007

    Believer- I absolutely agree 110% that if they are going to convert to year round schools in an area that they need the schools the children will graduate through from the Elementary to High School all be on the same calendar.

  • MtnDewGyrl May 19, 2007

    Now that I think about it, Speedy are you the one that asked me why YR people on here were so hateful to TR people on here? I meant to answer that yesterday. I was actually talking about everyone on here. There have been many times where I give my opinion on here only to have it bitten off by the TR people. This is just such an emotional story because whatever happens, its going to effect my daughter. I totally understand why the parents that have more than one kid have issues with yr schools. I think that if we go to yr schools that it should be mandatory that the people with more than one kid be put on the same track, even if at different schools. Yr isnt as bad as people think it is. I cant decide if people are actually upset more with the scheduling or if they are upset because they feel they didnt have a sayso about it. I'll be glad when this topic is gone. If you read the comments people put on here you would think the world was coming to an end.

  • MtnDewGyrl May 19, 2007

    Speedy? Are you the one that commented me on another post I did about yr? If I remember right you or someone said that they were willing to try year round schools if you had that choice. Before my daughter started going to school I started applying for West Lake Elem because it had the year round schedule. When she was getting ready to start 3rd grade, West Lake wrote me a letter and told me that she got accepted. They ended up building another school like 2 mins from me that was also a year round school. If I wanted her to stay at West Lake this year, she would have had to find another ride, however since the school that is 2 mins from us opened, she has been going there. She absolutely loves it there. The kids look forward to the 3 weeks out after going for 9 weeks. The 3 weeks shes out she stays busy but she also looks forward to going back to school when its done. Its perfect for my daughter. If you want to talk more and are serious, you can email me at mtndewgyrl@hotmail.com

  • Believer May 19, 2007

    marketinglee - I believe you were talking to me. I think most parents need their children on the same schedule. Some people also have jobs that work with the traditional schedule. Those are reasons that people want the traditional calendar.
    Taking vacations at the 'less busy' times only works if the schedule the rest of the family has will work with the year round schedule but that is not always the case.

    So our children will get used to YR and then switch to TR in HS and college and then go back to YR. Why throw in the extra adjustment periods. Where is proof that YR is better for the children cheaper? As for time spent reviewing, it doesn't end when you are an adult, I have to review for classes I have already taken, and I work YR and am using some of the skills they review us on daily.

  • speedy May 19, 2007

    marketinglee: By all means. Let's turn the little monsters into adults ASAP. Take away all that free time spent with useless PLAYING during the summer. Get them a PDA and set up some appointments! Better yet, let's just get them a factory job. Why should kids get all the free time!