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Funeral Home Owner Now Accused of Asking Stripper to Kill Wife

Posted May 16, 2007

— A Rocky Mount funeral home owner accused of plotting with his girlfriend to kill his wife now faces charges that he allegedly asked a former stripper to kill his wife first.

This week, a grand jury indicted Mark Bowling on charges of solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

The indictment says he asked Ashley Brown to kill Julie Bowling on Nov. 22, two weeks before a neighbor found her shot to death at her home.

Mark Bowling was out of town at the time of his wife's death, authorities said, but was arrested after his alleged mistress, Rose Vincent, told police she drove to the couple's home and shot Julie Bowling multiple times.

Jackie Graves, the owner of Diamond Escorts in Rocky Mount, said Brown worked as a stripper and performed for Bowling at a bachelor party at an apartment above Bowling's Funeral Home in January 2006 but questions his former employee's story.

"I believe she got in trouble, if you check her records, over a bunch of worthless checks," Graves said. "And she's looking for an easy way out, and she's not looking at the consequences of what she's doing."

Brown could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Graves said the State Bureau of Identification interviewed him and all the women who performed at the party.

"When they came and interviewed her, she called me back and said she didn't even know he was married," Graves aid. "And that was in January. So, how could she have been solicited in November?" Graves said.

Graves fired Brown last summer after she got into legal trouble, he said. She faces numerous charges for writing worthless checks in at least two counties.

Nash County's district attorney declined to comment on specific details that led to the most recent indictment, but said investigators are continuing to sort through new information in the case.

Meanwhile, Bowling and Vincent, who are charged with first-degree murder, remain in police custody. Bowling is at a mental health facility at Central Prison in Raleigh. Vincent is at the Nash County Detention Center.


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  • spazman May 17, 2007

    Im a business man IN rocky hump,im not leaving,JULIE was a friend of mine also.But to talk about whats going on without a clue to the truth,is standard for ROCKY HUMP.OH YEAH TRY TO FIND GOOD HELP HERE.I PAY GOOD TAXES,AND GET NOTHING BACK

  • Steve Crisp May 17, 2007

    I wasn't aware that strippers were properly trained in the art of domestic assassination.

    What was this guy thinking? Always ask for a resume and check references...

    Seriously, this is a pathetic story about pathetic people. The interesting thing is that you usually see this type of inane behavior in people who have no education, no money, no future, and no hope. Yet lately, the educated rich seem to be getting more and more bizarre in their thinking and actions.

  • ashleygirl May 17, 2007

    He isn't attractive at all! It's amazing how people live their lives behind closed doors. Who would ever of known? I saw them at wal-mart a few years back (they were standing behind me in line) and kindly introduced themselves, just such wonderful people you would have thought...and then the unthinkable happends.

  • PDMARTIN May 17, 2007

    OK let me get this straight. The man had a wife, a mistress and a girlfriend that stripped for him. He's not that good-looking and apparently not too bright either. Go figure.

  • jpkevin1994 May 17, 2007

    Well we dont the truth about all that has happen. I am not saying that Mark didnt have anything to do with it. But we need to pray fot this whole situation. I dont feel that he will get a fair trail in Nash County. Everyone has already CONVICTED him. Both of them were friends of mine. Julie was a wonderful person and I miss her alot. But all I can do it pray. I grew up in Rocky Mount and it isnt a bad place to live. Rocky Mount isn;t the only place that bad things happen.

    Well again let us just pray for everyone involved with this. I think that is ashame that the family would sell the Funeral Home instead of changing the name and running it their self.

  • bjcoker May 17, 2007

    Everyone seems to be forgetting about Julie and what a senseless loss this was. If you had been at the funeral and seen all the appreciative cancer patients that came to the wake you would know what a senseless crime this was. Julie made a big impact on their lifes and even tho they were sick, some still going thru the tortures of treating their cancer, in wheelchairs and scarves wrapped around their heads, they came to honor someone who had made their time just a little easier. Rocky Mount is what you make it, and if you aren't contributing to making it a better place I don't feel like it is your place to commit about it, if you don't like it here leave. I wish you had years ago and took "your friend" Mark with you. Maybe a life as precious as Julie's would still be around making things better for people who really needed her. Just think if she had been a family member you loved. Everyone has their opinions and I just wanted to speak for Julie. She is surely in Heaven!

  • Doctor Dataclerk May 17, 2007

    After Bowling and Vincent receive the death penalty, will funeral arrangements be handled by Bowling Funeral Home? Since we can't get the doctor-being-present thing straight, just cremate them both after the trial.

  • spazman May 17, 2007

    It might be true mark made people upset,BUT when you take the "GOOD OLE BOY" system in the R M area, That also ruins alot of lives,YET everybody tolerates it.Its bad to be 50yrs behind,but when you have to put arrows in elevators thats sad

  • ashleygirl May 17, 2007

    spazman- How do you figure that Rocky Mount is the worst place to live/visit?

    Bowling is guilty as charged. They both need the death penalty. All the evidence is there. How could you even think about killing someone whom you sleep in the same bed with, spend day in and day out with, marry to, or even say I love you to. I just do not understand!!

  • countrygirl30 May 17, 2007

    The case against Mark is far from weak. If you are refering to YOUR FRIEND as in Mark, you can hang it up, he isnt going no where but jail. Where he belongs !! He has screwed up alot of peoples lives forever and I hope he gets what he deserves, cause Julie sure as heck didnt deserve what she got. He may not have pulled the trigger, but he killed her.