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Elizabeth Edwards: 'There Are No Guarantees'

Posted May 13, 2007

— The women of Meredith College turned their tassels Sunday after hearing words of wisdom from Elizabeth Edwards.

Edwards said she considered walking amongst the 2007 graduates of Meredith to be an honor.

“I went to a women's college,” Edwards said. “I know the bonds that they've formed over the years they've been here.”

Edwards told the graduates, the speech she delivering is much different from the one she drafted when she first got the invitation months ago. Back in March, with husband and former senator John Edwards at her side, she announced her cancer had returned.

“I had goals and activities (after the diagnosis),” Elizabeth Edwards said.

She used her speech and her life as a lesson for the graduates as they prepare for the future.

“You're young,” she said. “Maybe there'll be time for a do-over if you don't get it right the first time. But there are no guarantees. There will come a time as it has for me when there's no time for a do-over.”

Elizabeth Edwards said she was touched by the pink ribbons the graduates wore on their robe. The graduates said they were touched by her words.

“It's very inspirational,” said graduate Lindsay Barber.

“I will sit home and think about what she said,” said graduate Khisha Bullock.

Elizabeth Edwards told the graduates to live their lives and each day with a purpose.

“To recognize at 21, 23, 25, or 55 what I realized at 57, and even then under duress, what we do how we do it, does define us,” she said.

After the graduation, Elizabeth Edwards spent the remainder of Mother's Day with her mother and the rest of her family. She said she’ll then leave for New Hampshire to rejoin her husband on the campaign trail.


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  • Slip Kid May 14, 2007

    America is the land of OPPORTUNITY, not the land of gaurantees (like sone people think).

  • blueridgelab May 14, 2007

    What makes Elizabeth Edwards a hero in the eyes of Time Magazine and the media? Why would the Facality and Alumni at Meredith choose her to be the speaker? I honestly don't know that either. I do know that there are thousands of women who have suffered more, achieved more and influenced more than this woman. What a shame that she should be held as some sort of wise and courageous sage.

    "There are no guarantees" is a tired old cliche borrowed by a woman whose only real credentials are money and a terminal illness.

  • ERRN May 14, 2007

    Doodad- That's sooo sad, but you're right. I hope it was memorable for her.

  • superman May 14, 2007

    mvnull-- I guess if you look long enough and hard enough you could give examples of anything you choose. I think a normal person would certainly prefer life over death. Certain exceptions apply-- she has a 5 million dollar house on 100 acres of land and is wealthy beyond our wildest dreams-- so why would anyone think she would give up and wanna die? I can give 5 million reasons why she would wanna live and that doesnt include all that money they have in the bank.

  • talkabout May 14, 2007

    Funny how a persons words can mean so much and so little at the same time. Elizabeth Edwards is not uncommon, her circumstances are not any different than millions of others suffering with cancer, yet her words of encouragement mean "more" becuase why? Becuase she is facing death yet a second time, and THAT makes her special? It's funny to me when celebrities face thier mortality, suddenly they are humble....suddenly they are "one of us"....suddenly they have a purpose in life....suddenly thier plight should be brought to light. Cancer reearch and studies were important WAY before she was diagnosed with cancer and it will continue to be important long after she's gone. SHe's trying to ride the coat-tail of millions who came beofre her and discoverd one thing; nothing is more important than what is happening to you right now, and right now it's happening to everyone; so what makes you so important?

  • doodad May 14, 2007

    Did anyone notice where EE spent Mother's Day? Then she left to join the campaign trail with her husband. Why wasn't the self-centered jerk with his wife on Mother's Day? This one could have been her last. I expect that she did deliver a great speech and deserves some respect, regardless if she is married a man who should be supporting her now instead of chasing after his own ambitions. There will be presidential elections in the future. Her time is short. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for John Edwards.

  • now May 14, 2007

    I assume you went to school in the people's Republic of Chapel Hill. Very childish which is expected from Liberals.

  • angora May 14, 2007

    Wel, I ben kurrected by a reeeel schmaht person that now person hoo say my lib leenings make me somethin' er other not sher whut she/he mean? I dunno weather u spell everythin' write er not now 'cuz i done been bit by the dumb bug thet u sen. you make me see the lite and i thank u for yore iq inject to my brane.

  • now May 14, 2007

    And I hate to break it to all the Liberals, Mrs. John Edwards is just as Liberal as her crooked husband.

  • now May 14, 2007

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, I am a very happy man. Republicans are generally optimistic and grounded in reality unlike the surrender party. I just like playing with Liberals because disputing their cliché’s is so easy and it make me laugh to see some of the garbage that comes from their mouth. Most of the time, I know what a Liberal is going to say before they even say, which in turn makes me laugh as well because I say “I told ya that is what that Liberal was going to say”. Libs are the very unhappy ones, but I surely am not. As a matter of fact, I asked the other day why Liberals are so mad. They won the election in November and they are still mad at everything. As for me, my life couldn’t be better but thank you for your concern.