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School Bus, 18-Wheeler Crash in Sampson County

Posted May 10, 2007

— Three people were hurt Thursday afternoon when a tractor-trailer crashed into the side of a school bus in Sampson County, the Highway Patrol said.

The crash happened at Corinth Church Road and N.C. 242. troopers said. There was one student on the bus at the time.

Kimberly Smith, 28, the bus driver, was flown to Duke University Hospital, where she was reported to be in good condition Thursday night.

Howard Fann, 62, the truck driver, and William Barnhill, 13, a passenger on the bus, were also hurt, troopers said, but their conditions were not known.

Troopers said the bus did not yield to the truck at a stop sign. The truck hit the bus, rolling it onto its side.


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  • LMS May 12, 2007

    I am the mother of the child on the school bus. I can only say that the good Lord was looking over all three people in that wreck, and even more so on my child who made it out with the least amount of injuries. It was the best Mother's Day gift I could ask for. I spent several hours with the truck driver and his family in the ER. I can only imagine his fear of going up to the school bus and not knowing what he would find. I also spoke briefly with the bus drivers family at the ER, and they were just as releaved to know things turned out as they did and not as bad as they could have. I hold no ill feelings toward the bus driver. I was not there, and did not see the accident. All I know is there is no way she could have imagined what was about to happen. Sampson County as been a good county to live in and my children enjoy the schools they attend. The staff has always had their best intrest at heart. I would like to extend Thanks to everyone who helped my son at the scene of t

  • Juliett May 11, 2007

    My heart fell when I saw the picture of that bus. Thank God no one was killed, and I am praying for all the children and the bus driver.

    My son was in a school bus accident a few years ago. A car ran an intersection. The bus driver, Ms. Marie, somehow kept the bus from flipping over when it went on two wheels, and thanks to her, the children on the bus suffered only minor injuries. The passenger in the car, a child, unfortunately died in that accident. I guess my point is, bus drivers are like everyone else, they come in all shapes, forms and sizes. There will be good ones, there will be bad ones, and there will be good ones that will make a mistake.

  • dell May 11, 2007

    Fun---Also, you seem to have a lot of time on you hands....wait for the driver to return to the bus and if you must know, ask way it is there. Who knows, you might get a job driving one.

  • WhatIsTheDrama May 11, 2007

    FUN...Unfortunately, Wake bus drivers have to provide transportation for students for vocational purposes throughout the school day. It is a part of the student's education!!! It's just too easy to assume bus drivers are always doing things they shouldn't be doing, huh?

  • dell May 11, 2007

    Fun----Do you by any chance have a job, Or are you just riding around on you SUV talking on the phone.

  • ryw May 11, 2007

    What is the real issue here? Stop pointing fingers and bickering about buses and drivers. No one is perfect!! And don't call bus drivers rude and arrogant, everywhere you turn there are rude and arrogant people in our lives--That's life!! Until you have driven a bus full of mouthy kids, whining kids and kids with little discipline don't point fingers. And one of these could be yours!!! That bus driver made a mistake, don't label all drivers, people have accidents--that's why they are accidents. If you have a problem with seeing buses in public parking lots, call your board of education, it has nothing to do with this wreck. Instead, why aren't we praying for this lady and the school system we entrust our kids to everyday.

  • sassyfrass May 11, 2007

    Hello Wakecoparent, Busdrivers are only human, If you think you can do the job better, then by God, please get your license. Busdrivers are needed all over the state!

  • Fun May 11, 2007

    Ok folks....this morning..9:45am at the WalMart off Wake Forest Rd...right behind the Wake County School's "glass palace" in the parking lot of WalMart is Wake County School bus # 987 with permanant tag # 93834R. What's it doing there?? I know its very difficult to recruit and retain QUALITY drivers. So if this person has received permission to use that bus to work two job I have no problem with that. You do what you have to do to fill the need for GOOD drivers. Nor I fault this person for trying to make a living. But dont call me a liar.

  • MMfan May 11, 2007

    Personally, I'm just glad that they are all ok. That boy on the bus cared enough for that driver that he was more worried about helping get her out of the bus than tending to his own injuries!!
    I do agree that they should have monitors on the buses these days but let's not worry about blame and just be thankful that everyone survived!

  • wakecoparent May 11, 2007

    This is why my kids don't ride the school bus!!!! I can't tell you how many times I have had to slam on my brakes (and yes I was doing the speed limit) to avoid hitting a school bus that has pulled out in front of me (and you see them look so you know they saw you, they are just rude and arrogant) - and almost always there isn't a car in sight behind me. The bus drivers are very rude drivers and I don't know how parents can risk their childrens lives by putting them on a public school bus.