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4 Sanford Fifth-Graders Charged With Possession

Posted May 10, 2007

— Police have charged four fifth-graders with having marijuana.

A school resource officer at J. Glenn Edwards Elementary School said a small amount of marijuana was found on the children last week. Police are investigating how the children got the marijuana.

One student was charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana.


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  • gassy1 May 12, 2007

    The parents should be charged with abuse and neglect. 5 th graders are way too young forthe parents to try to say they were not aware. Accountablility-there is none.

  • STFU May 10, 2007

    LOL 5th graders? Wth! School has turned into nothing, a place for drugs and killings or to be raped by your teacher. How freakin sad.

  • GWALLY May 10, 2007

    patriot.....THAT way of life for these terrorist (so called Islamic Fundamentalist) was going on WAY before Sept 11 2001 and it has nothing to do with this story.......what I'm saying (and you choose to ignore) is....we as a nation have turned from God and now we wonder why our parents and children have no moral compass from which to guide their actions.
    Religion and God are two separate subjects.
    God fearing people and Religious people are two separate subjects.
    Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist are not, they are and have been for 1,000's of years.

  • patriot May 10, 2007

    That comment is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin.

    Yes THAT was, and still is a war

    You would have us be more like them?

  • GWALLY May 10, 2007

    There was one waged upon us on Sept. 11, 2001

    .......this is what YOU call a war ?? I'm afraid America's position is way left of these folks.......and that is what is dangerous!!

  • Professor Studley May 10, 2007

    "don't blame the schools for bad so called scores. Teachers can not force students to want to learn they have to have a positive environment at home and parents who care and are involved" -- LamWal

    Unfortunately, too many parents are too busy pointing fingers and placing blame on others to take raise their own children. I guess it helps them sleep at night KNOWING that their children poor behavior is someone else's fault... such individuals can't see the forest for the trees...

  • Professor Studley May 10, 2007

    "Religion is the opiate of society"

    "Once you understand why you shun everyone elses' god, you'll realize why I shun yours"

    Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, weak minds have to supress the religious belief of others due to their own inscurity.

    Furthermore, how does relgion have ANY bearing on drugs in the school and/or parental responsiblity? ... oh yeah the opiate thing.

  • patriot May 10, 2007

    "well....I can't remember the last time we had a holy war in America"

    There was one waged upon us on Sept. 11, 2001, and that's a prime example of what religious extremists are capable of. Don't think religious extremists are all Islamic.

  • GWALLY May 10, 2007

    GWALLY---religion is dangerous when taken to far. What about these "holy wars". Kill in the name of "god" or whatever you believe in. What about that psycho Shirley Phelps-Roper (the crazy lady who protests funerals and thanks god for dead Americans and thinks her and her family are the only true Christians). Two examples of religion being dangerous when taken to far.

    well....I can't remember the last time we had a holy war in America....We have been so busy keeping God away from our children and society as well as separating church and state, we haven't had much time to dwell on such "unimportant" matters.
    Blaming religion for the wrongs that people do is like saying don't drink water, stay away from water.... some have drowned in in it.
    But....... not to worry, our Lord will not force you to drink His water or even acknowledge that it is real.....just don't try to set sail in it on judgement day, to escape what is coming!!

  • patriot May 10, 2007

    ooooh, had all day, sitting at home homeschooling your kids to think of that one. I'm devastated, and I have much better things to do....bye.