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Bill Could Halt Property Taxes for Some Annexed Areas

Posted May 8, 2007

— Charles Ragan had retired and planned to live a quiet life on his family's 75-acre country land when the city of Fayetteville annexed the property in October 2005.

Soon after, he was hit with two property tax bills totaling nearly $2,700, in part, which paid for city services such as police and fire protection.

But more than a year later, Ragan and his neighbors still don't have other city services for which he is paying.

"When you're on a limited income, it is a big hit," Ragan said.

He's still without city water and sewage service.

"Citizens are being taxed without benefit," said Bill Crisp, with Cumberland County Citizens United, a community group that has fought annexation since before it was annexed in 2005.

Crisp is one of many Fayetteville residents still angry about what he calls "the big promise."

"The argument will be that you pay for water and sewer separately," Crisp said. "But that's not the promise. The promise was that these sewer and water lines would be available to citizens, as according to the referendum passed by the City Council, and it has not happened."

But now, state lawmakers Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, Rep. Larry Brown, R-Forsyth, and Rep. Louis Pate, R-Wayne, hope to ease homeowners' pain.

They are the primary sponsors for House Bill 1958 -- one of 24 bills regarding annexation in the General Assembly. It would prohibit municipalities, such as Fayetteville, from collecting property taxes until all city services are provided, including city water and sewer.

Under state law, residents in annexed area have police, fire and solid waste pickup services on the first day of annexation. There is no requirement, however, for immediate water and sewer services, leaving residents to use well water and septic tanks.

"I think it's a good start, and it should have been like that to begin with," Ragan said.

If passed, however, the bill would not help Fayetteville residents, like Ragan (it would become effective July 1), but he believes it will make a difference for those across the state still fighting annexation.

Andy Romanet, with the North Carolina League of Municipalities, said, however, that waiting for residents in recently annexed areas to receive all services will put a burden on current city taxpayers.

In Fayetteville, the annexation means an estimated $10 million in additional property tax revenue.

Fayetteville leaders say it will take about 12 years to get everyone in the newly annexed region -- about a 27-square-mile area -- on all city services and that the city has not started the bidding process for contractors to do the work.


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  • TAO May 9, 2007

    It is the truth, as "SAR" puts it below: Annexation IS "taxation without representation." I believe that it actually steps all over the fundamental idea of private property entirely. You live on your own land, and some big city comes to your door and says "We're adding your land to our city now, so you'll have to follow our ordinances, pay our additional taxes, and you have no appeal." Question: Who gave the city that the property is not part of the "right" to "take" that property?

  • TheWB May 9, 2007

    oops word count.
    continued: You see they had unwittingly created a monster, a voting block monster that just recently through a referendum (a fair/unique idea huh?) decided to change the council by adding 3 at large positions to the council thus assuring a few others who rammed annexation down their throats will soon get the boot too. Call it poetic justice for its' victims, what little consolation that is, but I call it greedy shortsightedness and a travesty to our rights as Americans.

  • TheWB May 9, 2007

    Don't get me started on this one. I was an intended victim of Fayetteville's forced annexation, so you know what I did? I moved. It still makes my blood boil every time I think of the audacity the former Mayor and sitting city council members showed "telling" people "you are going to be annexed, nana-nana-boo-boo!" And, "Oh yea, it will be 13-15 years before you receive water and sewer but you are going to pay full city taxes in the meantime." This was all decided in closed door city council meetings, with no public discussion until after the decision was made and the only concession was pledging to cap water hook up to $5,000 per house. The effects are still being felt, those forced into the city have spoken, in their first election they voted Mayor Pitts and their district's councilmen out of office. You see they had unwittingly created a monster, a voting block monster that just recently through a referendum (a fair/unique idea huh?) decided to change the council by adding 3 at larg

  • Joy4u2 May 9, 2007

    I hope they do that here I'm not on city water or sawage or garbage pick up so they can't tax me on that. 1 point for me, grubby tax grabben democrats.

  • applesmith May 9, 2007

    It will never pass. A Politician loves a dollar.North Carolina is one of the highest taxed states. Taxed when you get paid, taxed when buy something, taxed on food , and god knows the gas tax.If they could find a way to tax this comment area or the air we breath THEY WOULD DO IT!!!!!!!!

  • cjo32 May 9, 2007

    Democrats won't let this come out of the house.If it's a republician idea it must be bad.That's the mentality of our elected leaders.

  • superman May 9, 2007

    Cary is doing the same thing. They want to annex property that is almost to 401 S -- nowhere near cary--No water, no sewage -- no services-- just trying to rob people. And they have to restrict water usage in the summer cause they dont have enough water and then they continue to annex. It is obvious they cant manage the services for the citizens already paying city taxes.

  • lizard May 8, 2007

    Why doesn't Fayetteville wait 12 years for its money?

  • S82R May 8, 2007

    it's all about money.... i for one oppose annexation on any scale but would agree with a bill that required a majority vote of affected citizens. Annexation = taxation without representation

  • trucker4112004 May 8, 2007

    How about introducing a bill that would outlaw involuntarily annexation all together!!!! It is nothing but legal robberly!!
    Taxing people who "chose" to buy their homes outside the city limits.We are fighting it still in GOLDSBORO and now they are already talking about annexing more land now.It's just not right!!