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More Arrests Made in Teen's Slaying

Posted May 8, 2007
Updated May 9, 2007

— Five men have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a 13-year-old girl last week at her north Raleigh apartment, police said Tuesday.

Gelnirys Ortega, a student at West Millbrook Middle School, died May 1 at Remington on the Green Apartments. Her mother, Milagros Ortega, was wounded in the shooting.

Francisco Javier Mora-Mejia, 28, Omar Varona Sandoval, 26, and Manuel Arturo Benavides Arias, 28, were arrested near Baltimore last Thursday by members of the Baltimore County Police Department and the Raleigh Police Department’s Fugitive Task Force.

Mora-Mejia and Sandoval have been charged with murder, while Arias is charged as an accessory after the fact of murder. All are being held in Maryland, pending extradition.

Monday, Raleigh police arrested Raul Antonio Pichardo, 25, on a charge of murder. He is being held in the Wake County Jail.

Police last Thursday charged Wilson Batista Roldao, 29, of 7801 Joydon Court in Raleigh, as an accessory after the fact of murder.

No information about a possible motive in the shootings has been released, but police said at the time that they did not believe it was random violence.

An arrest warrant on a charge of murder has been issued for Shawn Delmar Taylor, 26, in connection with the shooting. He wasn't in custody Tuesday night.

The case remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-890-3398 or Crime Stoppers at 919-226-CRIME.


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  • mindyourown May 9, 2007

    Hispanic, Latino, Mexican American, it doesn't matter...they're just like Americans (ie..Indian American, African American, German American, French American, Redneck American, etc..) there's crime in all nationalities so we can label one race as all criminals, if that's the case, we're all criminals!

  • nc lover May 9, 2007

    Kinguv - Oh and I think it is Hispanic Americans or Mexican Americans. But I do know in California they are reffered to as the Latino Community.

  • nc lover May 9, 2007

    kinguvi - I haven't been to El Dorado for a pretty long time. I liked their food (it was ok) but that resturant always smelled like Bleach to me and I was never sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Does it still smell the same. LOL

  • kinguvkool May 9, 2007

    Seems to be alot of grief about labeling hispanics as mexicans. Can anyone tell me what the politically correct term is? Is it hispanics? South Americans?

    I only hear these rebuttles when there is a negative issue at hand, such as crime or illegal immigration. Those who are crying foul I'm sure don't mind referring to El Dorado as a mexican restaurant. In fact all restaurants that offer the same types of foods are commonly referred to as mexican restaurants. Aren't restaurnats that serve food from the middle east called Indian Restaurants?

    People are too sensitive these days. Most people are so worried about speaking their mind so as not to offend anyone else. And if you offend anyone on here, you'll get blocked.

  • giggles May 9, 2007

    I agree with you Millz, race is not the issue in this case..An innocent little girl was killed! And all some people can focus on is the race of the murderers! What a shame.

  • clemsonalltheway May 9, 2007

    Regardless of race, this was a senseless act of violence - against a mother and her child!

  • giggles May 9, 2007

    Not All Hispanics are Mexicans!!

  • timothymozingo May 9, 2007

    This is truly a sad situation. I can't imagine what this young girl's Mother is going through.

  • pinkfemnc May 9, 2007

    "I don't understand why they keep coming here. There must be plenty of jobs available now in Mexico due to the reduction in their workforce. And crime must be low now in Mexico because the criminals have moved up here. Isn't America becoming a wonderful place to live?"

    There are "bad apples" in any race. I come from a hispanic family, and needless to say none of them are criminals.I would also like to add that most of them do not have PHD and are poor!
    Our country is a beautiful mealting pot of people. You nor I would be here if it where not for our ancesters who moved here as immigrates.

  • kinguvkool May 9, 2007

    krispixVT - I have a family and I do all that I can to support them. But I don't break the law to do it. Your comment seems to support criminal behavior as long as the intention is good. That's the spirit!

    "It's a minority of hispanics that are making you generalize about the whole race. You know what you do when you make assumptions."

    I'm not making assumptions, I read the news. I never said all hispanics are bad people. I was referring to the criminals. Try reading my comments again.