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Vandalism, Fire at Wake Forest School

Posted May 6, 2007
Updated May 7, 2007

— Fire broke out at Jones Dairy Elementary School in Wake Forest early Sunday, and a break-in had occurred earlier, authorities said.

Donny Lawrence, assistant chief of the Rolesville Fire Department, said firefighters who went to the school shortly after 4 a.m. found the fire burning in a resource room outside a classroom on the school's main hallway. They confined damage to that room, he said.

Wake County deputies were investigating a break-in and the vandalizing of several classrooms, including broken windows.

Principal Craig Matthews was at the school Sunday morning, along with maintenance staff who were cleaning up. One classroom would not be usable Monday, he said, but the school would open as usual. Vandals damaged a science lab, a kindergarten classroom and a pre-K classroom, he said.

Matthews also said counselors would be available Monday for anyone who was upset by the attack and wanted to talk about it.

They said vandals also struck the Kids Educational Center III, a day-care center at 1020 Jones Dairy Road. They broke windows in a bus parked there, police said. The elementary school is at 1100 Jones Dairy Road.

Apparatus from the Wake Forest and Rolesville fire departments responded to the school.


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  • luv2read May 8, 2007

    all I have to say to Pike_mom is to PLEASE go hug your children and give them a kiss and thank God everyday they will hug and kiss you back and say 'I love you, Mom' because I will never have that from my child. I want to know where these transplant friends of yours from NY are getting all this help because us natives are not getting any. what secrets do they know that we need to know?

  • Lee May 7, 2007

    Pike Mom, Why do You feel the need to Compare Your "Typical" Child to my Child with Autism? I will face challenges that You will never face and You will have the Joys of Parenting a Typical child that I will not have with my daughter. We are given what we are supposed to have by God above. There is no need for childish "My kid does this" stuff. Do You not have any thing better to do? LeaglBeagle is right, we are totally off the subject. Consider it closed!!!!!!!!!I started it...I'm ending it!

  • Lee May 7, 2007

    I just want to clarify that Pre-k and Kindergaten Classes have toilets in the room. That was all I was saying! That these kids do not have the ability to raise their hands and ask to go Potty...they just go! It doesn't matter anyway the Moms have decided to keep the kids home to give the teacher more time to work on things. I guess Pike Mom thinks all kids should hold their urine until they get home. I guess I should not have put "potty training" just pottying. By the way Potty training did start at home but with every new trainer it continues everywhere they go!It took me 3 trys to get my daughter interested, and that is GOOD for an AU child! I think her teachers for every bit of their help! They are AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Iseeu May 7, 2007

    Special needs children are the most loveable children, they never fail to give me a smile and wave as they go down the hall. It touches my heart to see their sweet innocent faces and I go out of my way to say goodmorning or just hi to them.

  • tebo May 7, 2007

    I just want to say to all the other "Mature Adults" Thank You for your support and prayers. As for the others, you are the ones that show true ignorance and make it hard for children and adults that are not up to your "Normal" standards feel non acceptance in this society. I would like for all you ignorant adults to please visit this website and maybe you will understand a little better. www.autislink.com I thank God everyday for my special needs child. I feel that God sent me an “Angel” and he makes me look at the world very different now! I also am very thankful I live in America where children with all disabilities are entitled to an education! Would you ignorant adults rather they be stuck in a closet somewhere and never taught! They are very cabable of learning and with the early invervention that they are receiving most will be able to function in this society!

  • luv2read May 7, 2007

    I find it unbelievable that WRAL kept deleting my comments to pike_mom in my second post yet allow her to say this:

    If they can't be potty trained then no public school.Their are other resources,my friends are from NY and came to your great county of Wake...and they rack up on the help financially and otherwise
    I'm sure it will be deleted but I am going to say again (maybe you can post only once?) that the teachers in these classroom are AWESOME and deal with alot more things then potty training. believe me, that is the least of what they do all do. they are angels and I owe several more then I could ever give them.
    pile_mom just a question. who else do you think with a handicap of some sort does not deserve a public education? those in wheelchairs or is it just those with neurological issues you have a problem with?

  • Mom on Call May 7, 2007

    Hey, Pike_Mom is clueless and we just need to resort to what we learned in first grade...IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE!

    As a parent of a 14 yo with autism, I know that there will always be ignorant people out there...meaning those who are not enlightened...and it does little to egg them on.

    So Pike_MOM, you do and say what you need too. This class and all children are in our prayers and the community will help the class get back on it's feet again. In spite of your comments.

  • mindyourown May 7, 2007

    You guys need to stick to the story instead of veering off into left field, a school was vandalized by a pack of thugs, kids high on something or whatever but those who did this needed some real upbringing, what was missing? How did they go in that direction, when they're caught they need to be sent to military school or prison for a while.

  • pikemom1 May 7, 2007

    I currently have 2 friends with Autistic kids,13 and 14.I have worked with United Cerebral Palsy.I know a little.
    >>>Rev.in ALL your post where you are opposing other's opinions,you always say the same thing.."I hope it never happens to you".Sounds like that charitable old heart of your's is wishing the worst on people.
    >>>If they can't be potty trained then no public school.Their are other resources,my friends are from NY and came to your great county of Wake...and they rack up on the help financially and otherwise.I too wish this on no one,but they sure are wonderful kids.

  • luv2read May 7, 2007

    OK WRAL, I won't even try to finish my comment since you keep deleting it. I honestly do not think anything I said is wrong. I WILL never hear my child say 'I love you.' Its a statement of fact. it is OK though for someone to say 'especially in kids like these'