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Highway Shooting in Fayetteville Kills 1

Posted May 6, 2007
Updated May 7, 2007

— A teen died early Sunday after a gunman shot into the car he was riding in from another car, police said.

The first car took Jourdhan Phillips, 18, to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where officials called police at about 4:20 a.m.

Detectives said Phillips had been shot once in the chest. He died in surgery.

Police said they were told the car in which Phillips was riding was on Morganton Road near Hearthstone Drive when the second vehicle pulled alongside. The gunman shot across the driver of the car and hit Phillips, who was in the passenger seat, police said.

The crime isn't considered random, police said, noting they believe the car Phillips was in was targeted by the gunman.

The shooting remains under investigation.


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  • watchdog May 9, 2007

    I've always referred to Fayetteville as Fayettenam... I originally heard it from a Fayetteville resident. Rarely do I ever hear someone actually call Fayetteville, "Fayetteville." They usually use some other colorful name, including Fayettenam.

  • kingtee76 May 8, 2007

    i live in fayetteville, and several people STILL refer to it as fayettenam. The crime in fayeteville is high as it has ever been in the last few years due to a number of gang related activities that are on the rise. Point blank, there are bad areas in every city. Our youth today are afraid to get scuffed up in a fist fight so they resort to gangs and guns for protection. Point is, this generations consist of gun toting trigger happy cowards, so the number of gun relating altercations is on the rise and alot of youth are losing there lives to this senseless violence. It is our responsibilty to raise OUR children to respect themselves as well as others, and teach them that there is more to life than trying to prove to others that you are "HARD" OR "TOUGH".

  • watchdog May 7, 2007

    I'd be careful saying that Fayetteville has a lower crime rate than Durham... that's not necessarily true.

  • HP May 7, 2007

    No one is attacking you, but if you live where gun fire is a way of life no wonder you are so jumpy. Calm down. No offense just trying to make a point. If you have the means to move you should really consider it.
    Anyway about the subject at hand, my heart goes out to the family & individual involved in this tragedy. I will not be making no more comments concerning "Fayettenam"

  • chickenwire May 7, 2007

    besides, all i did was make a comment in general, not pointed at anyone, you had no reason to attack me or what i said!

  • HP May 7, 2007

    chickenwire-Who is we?? I have lived here since 1966. That is still an old term used during the Vietnam Era & I don't hear it now. My point is get out of your immediate surroundings or watch the news. Fayetteville is not the worst crime area & it is not the only place that has drive by shootings. There are higher crime areas than Fayetteville. Anyone who has to refer to Fayetteville as "Fayettenom" probably needs to move to a safer area. Good luck finding one!!

  • chickenwire May 7, 2007

    maybe you dont live on the rough side of town,where gun shots at night are normal!

  • southrnarchitect May 7, 2007

    chickenwire - I still live in Fayetteville and no one that I know calls it that anymore - where in the world do you live and who in the world do you know that still calls it that some left over hippie form the 60's and 70's.

  • chickenwire May 7, 2007

    hp.......i live here and we still call it that!

  • southrnarchitect May 7, 2007

    chickenwire - get a like that is a Fayettenom was a term use back in the 60's and early 70's due to the Vietnam conflict.

    Mmaker52 - you say that you do venture into Fayetteville after dark - than you better stay at home no matter where you live because people are being shot in in Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Wilmington and just about everywhere. Ohyes Durham's crime rate is higher than Fayetteville's but do you have the nerve to sayanthig about it - of course not it is in is the presious part of the state.

    Mmaker52 you and chickewire need to get a life and come into the 21st century.