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Johnston Co. Sees Problem of Revoked-License Driving

Posted May 4, 2007

— Johnston County's sheriff is asking county commissioners for more help to fight the ”invisible traffic violation" of driving without a license.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell says motorists continue to drive with their licenses revoked and the problem is getting worse.

"Probably 75 percent of the charges we do on any given day are for people driving without a license or with a revoked license," Bizzell said.

Eight extra deputies would help permanently conduct driver checkpoints across the county for that and other offenses.

Bizzell said many revoked licenses are the result of more serious offenses.

"Individuals charged with driving drunk -- they lose their driver's license from the magistrate, get up the next morning, get out of jail and get in their vehicle and drive again," he said.

Those kind of actions can have deadly consequences, Bizzell said.

Law enforcement officers say drivers with revoked licenses are a concern everywhere. Last year, there were 321,000 North Carolinians who had a revoked license.

In Wake County last year, for example, 3,000 people were convicted for driving with a revoked license. That's about 900 less than Durham County, where sheriff's deputies there are conducting a crackdown on the issue.

The Wake County sheriff's office does not have any operation targeting people driving with a revoked license.


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  • Travised May 6, 2007

    Think, there's always Taxi, or they can ask or pay friends for rides... I have been legally unable to drive for about 10 years. I have stayed off the roads. I moved from rural to metro for that very reason, so I had access to transit. You don't expect the world to bend around you, YOU adapt when needed.

    So a person can't drive. It's not the end of life. Driving is NOT in the constitution, it is not a right. It is a privlidge that can be taken away.

  • JDPike May 6, 2007

    thinkb4youspeak - when you receive a dui, which is the reason for most people loosing their license, the judge will grant you permission to drive during work hours. As for people without license they most likely don't have insurance either, and if they were to crash into you without insurance, I wonder if you would still be sympathetic that they had to go to the doctor or the grocery store when your insurance company has to pay to have your car fixed, and your insurance rate possibly goes up because they had to pay out. Even though it was not your fault, you could still see a premium increase, and if you don't have full coverage on your car then it wouldn't get fixed anyway.

  • thinkb4youspeak May 6, 2007

    Travised- how is someone supposed to work? how are they supposed to support their family? Buy groceries? Go to the doctor? Yes, they made a mistake, but you are putting them into a situation where they can not possibly survive. I am not saying that they should get off scot-free. They committed a crime. However, the punishment needs to allow them to get back on track and move on with their life.

  • Joy4u2 May 6, 2007

    What about the hispanic man that was riding his moped off the road in smithfield, a 18 wheeler log truck went off the road hit him thru him over into the other lane's comming, the man was 56 yrs old. he died. The man driving the truck was drinking and driving. My daughter was a witness to this and held this man when he took his last breath. This man took a life a white man, a drunk driver. He is a murder just plain and simple.

  • devil May 6, 2007

    Need more road blocks setup during the day. Plus need to take their vehical to the impound and make it cost 3 or 4 times the amount to pickup and must have a drivers license to get. After 30 days the vehical is sent to auction. What is the issue...

  • Travised May 6, 2007

    People who have lost license due to violations be it DWI, excessive speeding, lack of insurence, too many accidents... whaever; I have no sympathy. Repeat DWI's especially they should CHARGE the driver, as long as the car is in their name, place a BOOT on the wheel, and for timeframe X it remains on at a rate of X per month. You PAY for your mistakes, and you are NOT driving that car.

    If there's no public transit, tough luck. Find a friend, family, coworker to ride with and PAY. You were the reason, not another, that your *privlidge* was taken away.

  • Rebel May 5, 2007

    Sorry, but Steve Bizzell is right!

    I have no sympathy for people driving without a license because they cannot get one due to being here illegally. Deportation would solve that problem.

    I'm sorry that people choose to drink and drive, but that is THEIR choice. If you live in a rural area, you should think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking--your spouse could be driving you to work for months!

    Everyone gets upset when a drunk driver plows into a car and kills innocent children. We need to get these folks off the road BEFORE they kill someone. Perhaps the answer is the installation (at the convicted person's expense) of the "breathalyzer" switch that they have to blow into before the car will start. Then and only then should they get permission to drive to and from work.

  • moncha2003 May 5, 2007

    I just dont comprehend how you can give someone a ticket for not having a license and at the same time take away their right to get it. Many hispanics had their licenses but when they expired they could not renew because they had no social security number, and its funny how the dealerships are still doing commercials saying yeah you can get a car with a tax id but hey you can't get your license. I dont think they should be punished for something that they had but now because its expired they are banned from getting.

  • seeingthru May 5, 2007

    and exactly how are you supposed to work and support your family with a revoked license in this rural area? Of course they drive they have no choice, at least give them restricted privileges to drive to and from work. My ex husband drove from day 1 of his revokation every day no choice get real.

  • deportillegalhispanics May 5, 2007

    i don't get tickets mr lawyer, that's the difference and me and some of your cleints, i don't need the services of some lowlife lawyer.