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Raleigh Police Arrest Suspect in Jogger Assault

Posted May 4, 2007

— Raleigh police arrested a man Friday who they suspect grabbed a jogger last month.

Christopher Holland, 24, was charged with one count of assault on a female in connection with the April 24 incident.

According to police, a woman reported that a man traveling in a red or burgundy vehicle grabbed her while she was jogging on Falls River Road and Hopeton Avenue. She was able to get away safely.

Holland was also charged with two counts of indecent exposure for incidents stemming from as far back as September, one count of solicitation and one count of resist, delay or obstruct.

He was in the Wake County Jail under a $78,000 bond Friday afternoon.


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  • UVMVT May 6, 2007

    If this is indeed the jerk, he terroirized our Falls River community and not on just one occasion..

  • poohperson2000 May 6, 2007

    Scottish Wrestler

    What kids are telling the truth?? They have apparently identified this guy and found some other causes to arrest him. I am not saying he is guilty, but the whole think is suspect. Ask his wife how she feels about it now. Apparently he has a problem if he has exposed himself in other instances.

  • Scottish Wrestler May 6, 2007

    This guy is innocent, that is not my brother. Chris is the appiest married person on this God foresaken earth. The girl is ieing and the little kids are the ones that are teling the truth. Chris has been the brother that i look up to, he is not a sexual preditor.

  • angora May 5, 2007

    The person in the North Raleigh Hilton incident was actually a sitting judge. Of course, he is no longer on the bench, but still practices law. He hangs out in bars all the time ... and did he expose himself? As the woman who made the claim stated at the time, she had four brothers and knew the difference between urinating and what he was doing.

  • rainy39 May 5, 2007

    "The jogger said that the car appeared to her to be an older model Honda. She said it was driven by a white male in his teens to 20s."

    This article is from this story hence a white male. The other story was the one with the eyewitness(children) reporting that that perp was hispanic. Two completely different stories.

  • sickofstupidpeople May 5, 2007

    hd71.. duh, RPD arrested him. Wake SO provided the info on the suspect, that's how they got him. Hence my username. Gawd!

  • littleredwolfie May 5, 2007

    Steve Crisp...the incident that you referred to several years ago in front of a North Raleigh hotel involved an attorney (I believe a former assistant district attorney)...not a representative.

    I am very glad that RPD through good police work brought this guy in. We have too many others like him out there as it is.

  • hd71 May 5, 2007

    sickofstupidpeople- It was actually RPD that arrested him, not Wake SO.

  • Steve Crisp May 5, 2007

    OK...so I just laughed so hard that I almost threw up.

  • Marc3939 May 5, 2007

    >>Nope. Not an attorney. Not at all.

    A simple "no" will suffice, counselor. ;)

    If the accused in this case was seen coming out of a bar, at night, and has a Doctor's note confirming he does in-fact HAVE a small bladder, I guess I would say it's a good alibi. *rolls eyes*,

    But once you throw in the grabbing, solicitation, and resisting charges, this guy better come up with something better than " I just needed to take a wiz and wanted this nice lady to accompany me into the woods. I offered her $10 for her assistance. That's all I did. Do we have to make a Federal case out of this?"