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Powder at Chapel Hill Post Office Not Harmful

Posted May 4, 2007

— According to tests, a powdery substance found in a letter addressed to John Edwards' campaign office is not harmful or dangerous.

Workers at the Franklin Street Post Office in Chapel Hill discovered the letter Thursday afternoon. The building was evacuated, but reopened a few hours later. The package was given to the FBI for further investigation.

In March, the Democratic presidential candidate's campaign office in Chapel Hill was evacuated after a staff worker opened a package containing a white powder.


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  • U-na-li May 5, 2007

    John Edwards is part of the reason health care is the way it is. One of the "victims" of the Big Tobacco lawsuits was a hernia. This client was one of the many that were represented by John Edwards, and won millions in damages because of his "tobacco" induced injury. Any candidate willing to take 1/6 of the nations economy under government control scares me silly. Maybe John should pay some taxes if he wants to help instead of forming an S coporation so that he wouldn't have to pay them. As for the Iraq deal, I would much rather have someone stabilize the country then to leave it in a shambles. Just becuse the public doesn't know if there is timeline, it doesn't mean there isn't. That means the enemy doesn't know it either, yet the Dems would give it to them just as quick as they could.

  • colliefan May 5, 2007


    But has he ****DONE**** anything about which he speaks. Actions speak louder than words. In terms of health care, why do citizens how nations that have socialized medicine come here for treatment. Because legal counsel is so pricy - witness the 3 Mil the lacrosse players racked up - why hasn't he called for universal legal coverage? He is just pound scum who will say anything to get elected and you have bought hook, line, and sinker into his lies.

  • Pokbelly May 5, 2007

    The question was asked of another, "Why do you support Edwards?"
    Although I can't speak for thinkb4utype, I'd tell you that I support Edwards for several reasons. 1-He is the only candidate that has laid out any concrete plan for addressing our health care. All of the others have spoken in lofty words but haven't made any specific recommendations. 2-He is opposed to our current policy in Iraq and has again offered a plan-"Just Say No"- there is no military solution, only diplomatic. He has taken great pains to mention that he voted for the war, but has admitted he was wrong and we need to change course. Who was it that defined insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". And lastly, his attention to the divide that has been dubbed the "Two Americas".
    Yes, John Edwards is RICH , but when was the last time a POOR person ran for President... but I think that his family background, work as an attorney and volunteer for those less fortunate hav

  • colliefan May 5, 2007


    You seem to be an Edwards supporter, can you list the reasons you support him - the things he has done - rather than how he makes you feel?

  • CozyCake May 5, 2007

    In reference to the burying the story and the comments disappearing-this is typical of many if not all news services. I have a friend in Africa that told me what we hear about the situations over there is different (edited) to what is actually happening. Lesson to be learned: Take nothing at face value. Dig for the truth.

  • Ashen-Shugar May 5, 2007


    Do you thinkb4utype? This is a public forum in which people can express opinions. I see a lot of people cracking jokes as well. Maybe you should stop reading posts if they got you worked up enough to hate on us.

  • thinkb4utype May 4, 2007

    God, people, get a life. Sitting around hating and hating, looking for opportunities to share your venom and bile with the world... go volunteer for something. fill your lives with things worthwhile... you'll feel better, and your family will probably be grateful not to have you around all bunched up hating all the time.

  • mvnull May 4, 2007

    "Sending yourself a fake anthrax letter to get MORE FREE publicity...................Priceless." You have to be pretty desperate to use this ploy -- or a bowl of grits short of breakfast.

  • colliefan May 4, 2007

    sure it isn't dandruff? And to think the slime leads in Iowa.

  • carons3 May 4, 2007

    White powder huh... Are you sure this wasn't a regular delivery to GW Bush's campaign office?