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Durham Authorities Crack Down on Revoked Drivers

Posted May 3, 2007
Updated May 4, 2007

— An undercover sting in Durham is cracking down on drivers who should not be on the road.

In Operation Revocation, Durham County deputies found some people in court for driving with a revoked license later walked out of the courthouse and got behind the wheel. Undercover officers staked out the courtroom and the hallway, then let patrol officers know who to watch for on the street.

"We want to go after people who have no respect for the law or the court system whatsoever," said Lt. Adam Clayton, of the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

One woman caught in the sting recently pleaded guilty to hit-and-run had her license revoked for medical reasons.

"God knows how much damage she could've caused or seriously injured or killed someone," said Sgt. Stokes Barnes, of the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

"These are people who are driving without insurance or proper registration and they're driving up all our insurance rates," Clayton said.

During one stop, officers found an 8-month-old baby riding in the car and no car seat. The driver got charged with that as well as speeding.

Law enforcement officers said drivers with revoked licenses are a concern everywhere. Last year alone, there were 321,000 North Carolinians who had a revoked license.

"It's a privilege to drive in the state of North Carolina and the state can take that drivers license back at anytime for any reason," Barnes said.

Deputies arrested three drivers during Thursday's operation. They arrested six last week. All were taken to jail and released on bond.


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  • wizard633 May 5, 2007

    If a driver loses his/her license for what-ever reason, does not necessarily make them a bad driver. Unlawful, yes. There are plenty of licensed drivers on the road who have no business with driver license. And just because a person is caught DWLR, does not mean their license were revoked for DWI like most people associate it with. I know here in Wayne County, a person can get up to 120 days in prison for DWLR, & the judges here most definitly enforces that law. So don't come to this county & get caught, unless, of course, you want a change in address, which would be one of the many NCDOC addresses.

  • 68_polara May 4, 2007

    It just infuriates me that you served your county in Vietnam to come home to suffer a debilitating injury on our highways.

    Save a life hang up and drive.

  • Vietnam Vet May 4, 2007

    I'm glad to see that something is being done to begin ridding the roads of unlicensed and therefore uninsured drivers. I have a permanent disability due to an accident several years ago with an unlicensed uninsured driver.
    Now can we do something about all the scofflaws driving 80+ on the beltline and I-40 where the speed limits are 65 or less??? A lot of drivers seem to think the speed limit is whatever they can get away with!!

  • 1boy1girl May 4, 2007

    What difference does it make if the police pull you and give you a ticket? When you go to court they do nothing to you except slap you on the hand and let you go. The police do their job............But what is the court system doing?? NOTHING!!
    That's why they keep driving without a license.

  • shine May 4, 2007

    There are more than a handful of things you can lose your drivers license for that are not traffic offenses like - driving off without paying for gas. Also if you choose not to pay property or personal tax it is turned over to the DMV and the next time you have to buy a tag for your vehicle - they send you to the tax office first.
    I wish I could remember some of the others that you can lose your "privaledge to drive" that does not include a traffic offense.
    Not taking up for anyone but the L.E. only enforces the law - the others downtown make them.

  • Love my boys May 4, 2007

    I've seen plenty of people in the news that have been arrested for driving while license revoked, no insurance, etc - everyday I read the local newspaper. Also, they have a 4 page spread on Sunday to recap the week's court activites. Yes there are Hispanics but there are also plenty of every other race in there too. Don't believe me? Read the Sunday edition of the Goldsboro News-Argus www.newsargus.com

  • Love my boys May 4, 2007

    Yes I know and obey simple traffic laws. I don't need you to clarify them for me. My comment about driver's education was an example of earning driving privileges in North Carolina.

  • Tarheeljunior May 4, 2007

    Dclark, riddle me this. As a free citizen, do you not pay taxes that support schools and prisons. You may not have kids and you may have been educated elsewhere, but you still pay for schools. You may never go to prison, and you may never be a vistim of someone who needs to be sent to prison, but you pay the taxes anyways. As citizens, we don't get to pick and chose what taxes we pay.

  • Tarheeljunior May 4, 2007

    Love my boys, it is suprising that you are married to a law enforcement officer and do not even know simple traffic laws. Anyone under the age of 18, in order to be allowed to take a test for a permit must show proof of a completed driver's education course and must follow the levels of license restirction before full driving priviledges are granted. Only adults over 18 can get a license without taking Drivers Ed. Trust me, most teenagers would rather not sit through that class. They are definitely not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.

  • tarholessuck May 4, 2007

    "LOVE MY BOYS" no it does not discriminate but how many blaks and white have you seen in the news lately because they were driving drunk, no license and killed an innocent LEGAL TAXPAYING US citizen??