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Suspect Named in Teen's Slaying

Posted May 3, 2007

— Police on Thursday named a suspect and charged a second man as an accessory in the shooting death of a teen late Tuesday.

Wilson Batista Roldao Jr., 28, of 7801 Joydon Court in Raleigh, has been charged with being an accessory after the fact of murder, police said.

In Roldao's arrest warrant, police said he helped get a vehicle for Francisco Mora-Mejia to drive to New York after the shooting, knowing that More-Mejia had killed someone and was attempting to flee the area. The warrant also names Manuel Arias as a second accessory.

There was no word on whether warrants have been issued for Mora-Mejia or Arias.

Gelnirys Ortega, 13, a seventh-grader at West Millbrook Middle School, was shot to death, and her mother, Milagros Ortega, was wounded in a shooting at the apartment in the Remington on the Green complex Tuesday night, police said.

Police have said the shooting wasn't a random crime. But they have released few other details, such as naming a suspect or a possible motive.


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  • ncguy May 5, 2007

    All a part of a bigger issue..... Illigal aliens, hey if you look at it they are all law breakers all ready! And yes most are nice people but along with the 2 million in the state all ready what do people expect a lot of bad apples.
    Ok since I'm on a roll- I know a way to help wake county schools with the over crowding issue. Take all the illigals and there children out of the equation and you probably have at least 30% less children to worry about- " only an estimate" but fair I think.

  • pikemom1 May 5, 2007

    What a good looking Portuguese guy!Guess he wasn't taught to stay within,and if he was he sure didn't listen.He will get life for this stupid mistake.

  • ZPHI2000 May 4, 2007

    I live one building down from the victims, & the complex has all types of people coming & going, there has been a prostitution ring going on for quite some time now along with drug activity that has been associated with the large Hispanic population at Remington on the Green & few other "isolated" inccidents has also occured in the complex. I use to see the mother & daughter at the mail box or outside often. I hate that the girl was killed & the mother injured. However, I feel that there's more to what the authorities are telling us. The Green Rd. side of the complex has been under 24 hr. survelliance since the shootings Tuesday night. It's a erie feeling to know something like that has happened that close to you. My prayers are with the families of the victims & I pray for swift justice & the neighboorhood to be free of rift-raft.

  • mindyourown May 3, 2007

    PC, you're absolutely correct and I couldn't have said it better, you should run for NC SENATE!!!!!!!!!!

  • PC May 3, 2007

    Yes, race and ethnicity are absolutely and totally irrelevant. Yes, we should all pray for peace and justice. But listen folks, let us acknowledge what has got North Carolinians beginning to take notice and become more angry with each passing day....too many foreign nationals (both legal and illegal) are in this State to do more than just do work for wages Americans will not tolerate. The current crime data trends, pertaining to violent gang activity, murder, Amber Alerts, and drunk driving, in our “Southern Part of Heaven” are both alarming and irrefutable. Yes, political correctness and our inability to be judgmental are killing us.

  • special k May 3, 2007

    was there really any reason for shouting? NO!!! - lol

  • spiritwarriorwoman May 3, 2007

    The race or other details are trivial. What matters is that a child is dead and a mother is in serious condition. Praying for swift justice for them both.

    This guy is an accessory because he KNEW the guy was fleeing a crime. "...knowing that More-Mejia had killed someone and was attempting to flee the area..."

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Its Just What I Do May 3, 2007

    coldhandswarmheart- NO we do not know how old the shooter is, the 28 year old is the accessory after the fact, the one who helped the shooter get a car to flee. come on ya'll READ the entire story and COMPREHEND.

  • FE May 3, 2007

    It's all speculation, of course, but most likely scenario is boy friend shot girl friend (mother of victim) and teenager was just in wrong place at wrong time. Accessory after the fact (murder) can be a serious charge but the prosecutors can use that as leverage for their testimony against the shooter.

  • special k May 3, 2007

    or it could be the mother's friends - 28 and 33 aren't really that far off