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School Bus Stops Changing in Wake of Girl's Death

Posted May 2, 2007
Updated May 4, 2007

— Three weeks after a 12-year-old girl was killed trying to catch her school bus, Wake County school administrators have decided to move several bus stops in Morrisville.

The school district's transportation department is moving seven bus stops affecting nine bus routes, beginning Thursday morning. Families of the 97 students affected by the changes will be notified by letter, officials said.

The bus stops are being moved from Morrisville-Carpenter Road between N.C. Highway 54 and Davis Drive into nearby subdivisions.

These are the bus stops affected by the change:

  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Gratiot
  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Kudrow
  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Misty Grove
  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Old Savannah
  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Leafy Creek
  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Madres
  • Morrisville-Carpenter and Bergeman

The buses that are affected by the change are as follows:

  • 127- Route 1 at Morrisville Elementary
  • 165- Route 1 at Cary High
  • 204- Route 8 at Martin Middle
  • 840- Route 1 at Cedar Fork Elementary
  • 895- Route 6 at Panther Creek High
  • 1027 –Route 24 at Lufkin Middle
  • 1147 – Route 30 at Enloe/Ligon Magnet
  • 1231 – Route 7 at West Cary Middle
  • 1231 - Route 14 at Green Hope High

Officials said the change will increase traffic in some neighborhoods and could lead to longer routes.

Anusha Vasudeva was hit by a minivan on April 9 as she ran across Morrisville-Carpenter Road to her school bus near the Ridgemont subdivision.

After the accident, neighborhood parents collected hundreds of names on petitions to ask that local bus stops be moved to side streets. The Morrisville Town Council also asked school district officials to move the stops.


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  • Peace89 May 4, 2007

    Thank you BOE for changing the bus stops and realizing that safety should always be a #1 priority. Yes, accidents can happen anywhere, but we need to minimize the risks. A bus stop on a 45 MPH undivided road is no place for our children!
    To state an analogy, there are laws to protect us while driving (seat belts and car seats) and accidents still happen. However, most generally the injuries are not life threatening.
    This is why safety should always come first! I sadly regret that the WCPSS DOT did not listen 4 1/2 years ago.

  • superman May 3, 2007

    The bus driver had nothing to do with the accident. The ice in Alaska had nothing to do with it either. The BOE is not at fault. Any bus stop is dangerous. The child ran out in the road without looking! It was a tragic accident. It can happen anytime anywhere if the child is not taught safety at home. Dont wait for others and do nothing when you can teach your own child safety. The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own elbow.

  • lampagenda May 3, 2007

    Thanks Voice of Reason 23, I'll let it rest. I would disagree slightly that people aren't interested in this discussion because their posts are filled with comments about who should have done what, who is to blame, who should be criminally charged, etc. all of which pre-supposes that this matters in some way. In another attempt to answer my initial question, a friend of mine (who saw these posts and called me) is adamant that this situation matters because according to the Bible (1) people were created by God and in his image and that (2) since God loves people enough to allow his son Jesus to die for them they must therefore be of worth. So, I guess I have two ideas at this time in response to my question. Thanks

  • WXYZ May 3, 2007

    TO: poohperson2000
    I guess you missed my point: i.e. blaming the government or someone else for your mistakes versus having the character, honor, honesty and courage to take personal responsibility for your own behavior or decisions. Especially when it involves your own children, for whom you should be responsible. I can not respect people who go running to lawyers or the government every time something like this happens.

  • Voice of Reason 23 May 3, 2007

    lampagenda - I was giving you a possible evolutionary basis for basic caring about others to whom you aren't related. Obviously our minds and society is far more complex with that. I'm pretty certian that no one else is really interested in this discussion here, nor is there really space to cary out such a lengthy discussion, so I can only recommend that you go get a good book on evolution and psychology if you are interested in this. We aren't going to prove/disprove the Theory of Evolution on the WRAL message board for this article.

  • poohperson2000 May 3, 2007


    I agree with teaching our children safety, but the comment about the parents is a little cold. It is hard enough for them to deal with their own thoughts let alone having to read this. I was in a similar situation when my brother was killed. I do not deny he played a role in his death, but the mockery of it was sooo hurtful. Try to remember that these people need space and time to heal. Keep your comments constructive but away from the subject of the family itself.

  • lampagenda May 3, 2007

    Thank you for your thoughts, Voice of Reason 23. Would you agree that even if the death of this child might matter to someone due to extrapolating our tribal concerns to another competing tribe, the person to whom this matters would have no valid basis for viewing another member of the tribe as being "wrong" in any way (other than merely disagreeing with them) for not thinking that this death matters? If the second tribal member views the death of a competitor (or 32 Virginia Tech competitors) as favorable, then that is reasonable isn't it? Also, I would be curious as to your thoughts on the comments of JustAnAmerican who thinks that the parents of this child should feel "guilty." They may think they have not effectively carried out their obligations to the tribe and thus failed to advance their own interests, but what happened just happened. I mean, the facts are what they are. They need to adapt and focus on advancing their interests in another way, like getting bus stops moved

  • WXYZ May 3, 2007

    PEOPLE! PLEASE! Stay on topic! I maintain that training and retraining and supervision of children is what prevents most of them from getting struck by vehicles. There are hazards involved whenever we go near a roadway. We can't (and should not) try to make the world idiot-proof! But, we can reduce the number of ignorant and irresponsible people via training and retraining and via laws which hold the individual responsible for their own behavior. This process must start with children as early as possible. I am astounded that only one writer, other than myself, is pointing to the need and benefit of teaching children to be responsible for attending to their OWN safety at all times and under all circumstances. I would hope that the parents of this dead child are feeling very guilty and are saying: "I should have...."

  • dickle May 3, 2007

    It's a terrible shame that a child has to die before the Wake school administration takes action to do something that is simply sane & logical. The whole dchool board should be brought up on criminal charges, & forced to make personal amends to the family. This is utterly disgusting; it didn't need to happen.

  • Voice of Reason 23 May 3, 2007

    gxchem - lampagenda isn't a Darwinist. In fact, he (not sure of gender, so I apologize if she is a she) is probably the opposite. He's using this to try to mock Evolution, and make the same tired argument that you have to have faith in some higher power to value human life.

    Actually, our feelings of concern for others probably have a strong basis in our tribal origins. Evolutionaly, if our tribe did well, so did we. Now, even though these people aren't in our "tribe" and are actually competitors, we still act out on this evolutionary based altruism. It's stimilar to still having and acting on the sex drive, even when taking active measures to prevent pregnancy.