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Mallet Probably Not Connected to Young Murder Probe

Posted May 1, 2007
Updated May 2, 2007

— Investigators returned a search warrant Tuesday in connection with the murder investigation of a young, pregnant Raleigh mother.

The warrant, issued April 7, states that a neighbor mowing her lawn on April 4 found a mallet on the edge of the front yard at 5108 Birchleaf Drive, the home of Michelle Young. The neighbor immediately called authorities.

Young, 29, was found beaten to death inside her home on Nov. 3. Her young daughter was found at her side, unharmed.

Because an autopsy determined Young was killed with a blunt object, authorities seized the mallet and had it tested for evidence.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said that after preliminary tests, however, investigators don't believe it's related to the case.

"The SBI has it now," Harrison said Tuesday. "CCBI (City County Bureau of Investigation) has looked at it. Is it a part of the case? We don't think so."

Six months after Young's death, authorities have not named any suspects or made any arrests. They have, however, focused on Young's husband, Jason Young, who has generally refused to speak to investigators.


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  • superman May 3, 2007

    Donnie Harrison is no better than John Baker. Anyone who is sleeping with someones wife leaves a lot to be desired. He knew she was married-- and his values certainly come into view. He has no personal moral values at all. He is a dog.

  • buck121794 May 2, 2007

    Can we please report on EVERYTHING that is probably not involved in the crime-the TV, the water hose, the microwave.....

  • buck121794 May 2, 2007

    "Meanwhile far away in another part of town, Rubin Carter and a couple of friends were driving around....."

  • Sound Man May 2, 2007

    Ropes12- Read more about the case from what-the media. I could read everything they wrote and would still not make a decision based upon that.Remember, the media is trying to do nothing but sale their story and most of the time it doesn't contain all the facts cause they don't have all the facts. Now thats sound-man.

  • Joy4u2 May 2, 2007

    MAY 15 2007 PUMP NO GAS DAY

  • eyeopener May 2, 2007

    Sound Man- Read more about the case. Then your tune will have the same sound-man!

  • Sound Man May 2, 2007

    I know very little of this case, but after reading all the comments about the husband killing this woman I would like to remind all of you about something. THE DUKE LACCROSSE CASE. Some of you that are convicting the husband are the same ones that screamed about others convicting those boys before the facts come out. WOW.

  • Coach K is GREAT May 2, 2007

    "He had... a mechanical... arm. you find this man, you find him!!"

  • hiyadun May 2, 2007

    I think the husband did it because it sounds too planned out because he can pinpoint exactly where and what he was doing the time of her death. I haven't understood the sister-in-law thing either. There is always another option of getting out of a marriage/relationship instead of killing the other person. LEAVE!!!
    As far as the mallet, it sounds like it accidentally fell off of a work truck. Surely it would have been found before now.

  • twistedoaks May 2, 2007

    @OneMadTony - That's what I heard. A lot of people have tried to rationalize that to be something else, but that's exactly what I heard. Even more disgusting, if he did something so heinous in front of his own child. Not to mention, leaving her there alone. Ugh. Would LOVE to see an arrest and SOON.