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Democrats Defend Proposed Spending in State Budget

Posted May 1, 2007

— Extra tax revenues gave state Democratic leaders an extra $260 million to work with in next year’s budget, but lawmakers claim they're not going to go wild with spending, despite a long list of pet projects.

“The way the committees were spending money, we were about to go in the hole again, but this will help us out a little bit,” said Rep. Mickey Michaux, D-Durham.

Republicans quickly called for Democrats to cut the perceived pork and to use the extra money to end sales and upper-income tax hikes passed in the past. They also want the Medicaid burden lifted from counties.

“If we get all that additional revenue, this is the time to take care of that problem permanently,” said House Minority Leader Paul Stam of Wake County.

Democratic leaders said they plan to keep the sales and upper-income tax hikes in place next fiscal year. They said they also expect to cut $50 million from county Medicaid costs, which was far less than local leaders had hoped.

Realtors hoping to head off a proposed land-transfer tax also chimed in.

“This report validates what we've been saying all along,” said Tim Kent with the North Carolina Association of Realtors. “North Carolina does not have a revenue problem.”

Those representing local government argue its one-time money that won't go to them.

“This will not solve all our problems,” said Ellis Hankins with the League of Municipalities. “Sometimes we do get too worked up about that.”

Democratic leaders tried to downplay the legislative wish list leaked to the media.

“A lot that was on that list has been taken off that list — even that with a twinge of what looked like pork,” Michaux said.

Michaux disputed claims that budget deals were done in private. He said fellow lawmakers will get a chance to weigh in, if they hurry.

“Everybody is going to have an opportunity to view the budget. They'll have a least a day,” he said.

Lawmakers said they hope to roll out the final House budget plan later this week.


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  • colliefan May 3, 2007

    by the way May 15 2007 is calling on all for no pump gas day

    Just who is calling for the boycott? This would hurt those who run the gas stations and would have little impact on the oil companies bottom line. It proves the environmentalist-wacko idiots have no understanding of economics.

  • lizard May 3, 2007

    Using it in the schools is a waste. Teachers don't deserve it.

  • nowon_yuno May 3, 2007


    According to the business report on the Clinton/Crescent News Network or better known as CNN. Milk prices have actually gone up due to the increase in corn prices. Corn is being used more and more for alternate fuels so the price has increased due to demand. So farmers are buying less of it to feed their cows and in turn the cows are producing less milk thus the rise in price. So you can blame the cult of global warming. But the tree huggers don't want you drinking milk anyway so they are going to price you out of that as well. All in the name of animal and planet rights.

  • jgriffith3792 May 3, 2007

    Let's use that "extra" money where it counts - schools, teachers and state employees.

  • Heelzrule May 2, 2007

    use the money to get illegals out of NC!

  • Joy4u2 May 2, 2007

    Don't tell me tax didn't go up last week walmart milk was 3.73 this week 4.07 so what does that tell you. They got us again and I bet people don't even know it, by the way May 15 2007 is calling on all for no pump gas day

  • C93 May 2, 2007

    Interesting that the Republicans are barking about wasteful spending. I guess their 'world' only extends to the North Carolina borders.

    Are you guys delirious or just naive?

  • S-O-L May 2, 2007

    The sorry politicians are in charge of the money. It will go to sorry illegals and welfare suckers and crooked politicians

  • S-O-L May 2, 2007

    Excuse me!I said the state would have plenty of extra money if.
    Do not spend on illegals
    Do not spend on deadbeat welfare suckers!
    Do not let sorry politicians steal it!

  • normalthinking May 2, 2007

    you have got to be kidding me. You think just because someone calls him/herself a conservetive that they are not going to suck that grease like everyone else then you are a fool