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Soldier Charged With Internet Sex Crime

Posted April 27, 2007

— A Fort Bragg soldier was charged Friday with using the Internet to lure someone he thought was a teenage girl into a sexual relationship.

Pvt. Jonathon Michael Hogue, 20, of HHC 4th POG Bldg. D-1910, was arrested in Stedman and charged with one felony count of soliciting a child via the Internet. He is being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center on a $25,000 secured bond.

A detective with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office posed as a young female, and Hogue made arrangements over the Internet to meet the "girl" at an undisclosed location in Stedman Friday evening and engage in sexual acts.

Hogue is scheduled to appear in court Monday.


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  • dont_preach Apr 29, 2007

    hondaman- there are to many perverts lerking around trying to get these kids and do whatever to them. if they want to use my tax dollars to stop these pervs then be my guest. what if it was your child? they should stop then and drugs.

  • lizard Apr 29, 2007

    This guy is barely "not a teenager" himself. How old was the girl?

  • myhabitswings Apr 29, 2007

    I agree with you 100%. He had every intention to meet with the individual. Also to have sexual contact, so how is that intrapment. Yes parents should monitor their childrens more closely. However that is not always the case, so it is good to have people out there trying to keep our kids safe. For the ones who think this is intrapment, do you have children? Can you imagine someone with a perverted mind watching and stalking your child with intentions of doing unthinkable things to them? Now would you want them to complete the act or rather someone catch them before they are able to harm anyone else?

  • Bob3425 Apr 29, 2007

    The fact this guy is a soldiers has nothing to do with why he was arrested. However, I agree WRAL emphases the fact that he is a soldier station at Fort Bragg which has nothing to do with what he was arrested for. I do disagree that this is entrapment, there are too many individual out using the internet for dishonest reasons or immoral reasons. The police should use every means availalbe too them to catch these people. I agree with the other who posted that if this guy was a serial predator everyone would be crying why the police did use every and all means available to get him. I would say to catch a guy who uses the internet to find his victim, the police have to hunt them on the internet. Like in the military the best way to kill a sniper is with a sniper, crude compasion I admit.

  • myhabitswings Apr 28, 2007

    In defense of our soldiers, there are more good ones out there then bad. The media is just not interested in telling their stories. My husband has been military 15 years. Wonderful husband , father, and man. Not a criminal or pervert! But I guess that is not news!

  • choirgirl Apr 28, 2007

    The problem IS they don't stay on the internet. These people only get caught if they set up a meeting with who they think is a child they intend on taking indecent liberties with. Our problem is we don't have enough room in prison for all these sickos so they need to find some real solution to the problem.

  • superman Apr 28, 2007

    They wasting money trying to trap people on the internet and the street. Arent there enough drug dealers and thieves etc on the streets that need to be caught. Someone sitting at a desk trying to find people is stretching law enforcement a little thin. People lie on the internet and what they say or do is not believeable anyway--

  • Kids Come First Apr 28, 2007

    Heres a thought, lets wait until these clowns meet a real 13 year old and this kid is raped or murdered. Then we can all complain about how little was done to prevent this from happening. Call it entrappment if you want, all I know is that this idiot is off the street and many of our kids have been spared from this creep. God Bless our Troops

  • Sabertooth Apr 28, 2007

    This type of individual brings shame not only to active duty military personnel, but to all military retires as well.

    Which brings a question to my mind, has the military begun to recruit gutter people like they did during the Vietnam War? If it has come to that, then it is time to get the heck out of Iraq.

  • SRSD Apr 28, 2007

    For those sugesting this is entrapment of the guy, it isn't entrapment because the officer doesn't make initial contact with the perv. He/she just pretends to be a kid on a chat-room, waits til a perv contacts him.