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Durham Police Keep Husband on Suspect List in Slaying

Posted April 26, 2007
Updated April 27, 2007

— Durham police are saying that Janet Abaroa's husband, Raven Abaroa, has not been eliminated as a suspect in her slaying two years ago.

And even though the killing on April 26, 2005, is otherwise considered a cold case, detectives say it's still very active.

“It's a very active open investigation. We are pursuing things. Our investigators are still spending hours and hours on it, and we're working with the FBI in Utah on it,” said Durham police spokeswoman Kammie Michael.

Janet Abaroa, 25, was stabbed to death in her Durham home. Raven Abaroa told police he found her in an upstairs bedroom. Their 6-month-old son, Caiden, was unharmed nearby.

Detectives have said they've continued to follow leads in the case, but this is the first time, they admit they have not ruled out Raven Abaroa as a suspect.

Since the killing, he and Caiden have moved to Utah.

Janet Abaroa’s family says the wait has been almost unbearable.

“It's up and down. Some days are good and some days are not good. Some days are very bad,” said Dana Kendall, Janet Abaroa’s sister.

WRAL spoke with Kendall by phone, and she said the past two years have been frustrating.

“Although two years passed and you try to move on and move on with your life, it's hard to do it when nothing's been reconciled,” Kendall said.

Durham police maintain there will be closure eventually, and there will be an arrest.


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  • k9s Apr 28, 2007

    They definitely pick and choose what stories you can comment on. I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices.

  • Michael Kenyon Apr 27, 2007

    "The moderators are have spit all over the constitution!"

    Actually no. You can still say what you want, but WRAL as a private business, doesn't have to host it on their site. In fact, they can let anyone post whatever on any story it likes as long as they're not being discriminatory (at least until somebody sues them!).

    I'm surprised that they let anybody post about anything given what I've seen posted on some of the stories. But if they choose to turn 'em off for a story, or chose to moderate them, that's their business and it's not censorship. Only the government can violate your first amendment rights.

  • nowon_yuno Apr 27, 2007

    WRAL buried the story that they wouldn't open the discussion boards for. It was on the front page all morning. Why are they sweeping it under the rug? QUIT PROTECTING ILLEGALS!


  • nowon_yuno Apr 27, 2007

    Sigil Odegra

    Why even bother having the boards to begin with then? We can discuss a crazy white woman killing her baby, or crazy white guy killing his wife but not a crazy brown guy killing his wife and kidnapping his daughter. It's selective free speech, discrimination, and censorship. The moderators are have spit all over the constitution!

  • Michael Kenyon Apr 27, 2007

    "WRAL you cannot pick and choose what the readers can discuss on the boards"

    yes, they can.

  • nowon_yuno Apr 27, 2007

    You can comment on this case and the case about the women who killed her baby. But yesterday's day murder of a women by her husband, that message booard is still closed. What is up with that or dare I say? WRAL you cannot pick and choose what the readers can discuss on the boards, eith open them all or close them all. There has got to be a reason that boards is still closed. Politcal Correctness rears its head again!

  • cheekygreek Apr 27, 2007

    Durham Police Keep Husband on Suspect List in Slaying

    >>>say what> Durham,no way,can't be !!!

  • Michael Kenyon Apr 27, 2007

    Reason - "And you can not MAKE people talk."

    Actually, yes you can. You can make anybody admit to anything you want them to admit. You can make someone swear in court that they are three-headed martians. But it's not legal. Or ethical. Or moral.

    btw - one advantage of believing in an afterlife is that even if they get away scott-free in this life, karma's a b!tch.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Apr 27, 2007

    Praying for the truth to be revealed and for justice to be served quickly now, in this case and in the Young case.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Puerto Apr 27, 2007

    I hope these investigators do a better job then what they did in the duke lacrosse case, and not just arrest someone without proof. As we know the durham police is known for doing this and there DA. PUERTO