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Wake School Board Approves Budget Proposal

Posted April 24, 2007

— The Wake County Board of Education on Tuesday unanimously approved its proposed 2007-2008 school budget that will now go to the Wake County Board of Commissioners for review.

A work session with the school board is scheduled for May, and commissioners will vote on it in June.

If approved, Wake County's portion would top nearly $306 million, almost $30 million more than last year's budget. County commissioners, however, have said, they would only be able to approve $21 million without a county tax increase.

Wake County school board Chairwoman Patti Head said the additional money would go to accommodate an additional 8,000 students, five new schools and teacher pay raises mandated by the state, among other needs.

It also includes a one-time payment of about $3 million to convert 22 schools to a year-round calendar -- an area of the budget where county commissioners withheld funds earlier this year.

"We're not going to anticipate problems, but we'll certainly have answers when they ask us questions," Head said.

The school system's overall budget for next school year is about $1.1 billion. The school system receives 61 percent of its funding from the state, 33 percent from local government and 6 percent from the federal government.


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  • baracus Apr 25, 2007

    Fun...are your math skills an example of a public or private school education? Your per student figure is about $70,000 too high.

  • HARDWRKR Apr 25, 2007

    Can someone tell me why the School Board has to deal with where a school bus goes and how they become the safety experts. With a hugh School Administration Staff and a Superintendent making an obscene amount of money, why can they not determine where a bus is safe to pick up children, and why can they not oversee the upkeep of the buses? This Wake County School system is very broken and overloaded with money to burn, but not enough brains to use it wisely.

  • my4cents Apr 25, 2007

    Phoebe...I couldn't have said it better

  • Fun Apr 25, 2007

    VOUCHERS! Wake County budget is 1.1 BILLION dollars for 136,000 children. Thats about $78,000 per child! Give PARENTS control- Give them a $40,000 VOUCHER for each child. Parents will get involved in childs education. It creates competition for GOVERNMENT schools!

  • Screen Name 64 Apr 25, 2007

    Phoebe - I'm with you, they have no clue. They claim YR will be better for taxes, yet our taxes go up either way. We gave them almost a billion dollars for the bond, yet the budget goes up 10% to build more schools, they have no clue. They mysteriously 'found' four thousand traditional seats when the parents complained of the Board not working with anyone. Now it's eight tohusand coming into the county. At what point do the towns say enough and break up the county school board to go the individual towns? If the county won't make the builders and developers pay for all the new construction and infrastructure, then we, as taxpayers are screwed. We'll soulder all of the burden, while the construction companies reap ALL the benefits. And the School Board will just keep piling on the taxes saying that the people just don't understand.

  • Pandoras Box Apr 24, 2007

    I am done arguing the point, BUT even with YR they still are talking about increasing your taxes. Way to save money.

    Also - I don't want a winter vacation? I am lucky to get a summer one. I can't afford to go on vacation 2, 3, 4 times a year. If I am going to go I want it to be warm and actually not get dark at 5. But it is not only the vacation. How would you feel, since everyone in YR loves it, if I walked in and said traditional school makes more sense for you. Let's change it. I bet you would be complaining. How would you feel when we tell you to get over it?

    But I digress, I said I'm done arguing. Yeah, higher taxes and YR! Thanks Wake County.

  • bfair Apr 24, 2007

    Year round is the way to go. My wife and I were not sure about that idea until we put our children in year round schools. That was new for us. We both work, and we were able to work it out.
    We take vacation when others are in school, and the rates are better, and we have just as much fun. Someone mentioned that teachers would then work all year and not get the summer months off: they don't understand that the sudents and the teachers are on the same schedule. When the students track out, their teacher also tracks out, which means everyone gets the same amount of time off, it is just spread throught the year, and not just for a longer period during the summer. Try it - you might just be able to take a winter vacation as well.