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Report: Third of Child Sex Offenders Live Near Schools, Day Cares

Posted April 24, 2007
Updated April 25, 2007

— Twenty-nine percent of registered child sex offenders in Wake County live within close proximity to children, according to a report released Tuesday by Interact of Wake County.

The non-profit organization, which supports victims of sexual assault, discovered that 112 of the county's 388 registered child sex offenders are listed at a residence within 1,000 feet of day cares or schools.

A state law that took effect Dec. 1 forbids that, but  the law, which covers offenders of both child and adult sex crimes, applies only to those who registered after Dec. 1 and is not retroactive.

Interact said that although it did not look at how many of the sex offenders are actually violating the law (it does not know how many were living in the areas prior to Dec. 1), it believes sex offenders might be choosing to live near places that children frequent.

Of 110 registered offenders who committed sex crimes against adults, 20 — or 18 percent — lived close to schools and day cares as of April 15. Tasha Sullivan, the study's author, said that she does not believe it is a coincidence how many child sex offenders live near schools.

"I think it's safe to draw the conclusion that child sex offenders are putting themselves in a position possibly close to day cares and schools," she said.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office is responsible for making sure sex offenders comply with the state law, but Sheriff Donnie Harrison said that if a sex offender moved to the area before December, there is nothing deputies can do. What they can do is make sure that every time a sex offender registers or moves now, they are following the law.

"You're still looking at 500-plus people that we've got to check on," Harrison said. "We're doing it as best we can."

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, who this week unveiled changes to the state's sex-offender-registry Web site, said Interact's study highlights how important the sex offender registry is and how critical that the 1,000-foot law is enforced.

"It's important for our local law enforcement officers to make sure they enforce this law, because if it's not enforced, then people will ignore it," Cooper said.

There are actually 654 registered sex offenders in Wake County, but 156 are incarcerated or registered at a shelter or their whereabouts are unknown.


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  • imsosteep Apr 26, 2007

    Angry Offender. You look like a fool. ridinthefox made you look like an idiot, all your points and website are invalid. You need to come up with a better way to research. Take some lessons from a real scientist like myself.

  • imsosteep Apr 26, 2007

    Angry Offender. I am trying to educate myself about the way a sex offender thinks. What is it about molesting children that causes you to do it? Do you know its wrong, but cant help it? Or do you not believe it is wrong? I am really trying to learn what the mind of a child molestor is like.

  • ridininthefox Apr 26, 2007

    "angry offender' How many times have you been convicted of molesting a child? One? two? I am going to guess you've done it 10 times but only caught once. Give me a hint am I close?

  • TAO Apr 26, 2007

    That remark does not deserve the dignity of a real response.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Apr 26, 2007

    Angry, I'm proud of you that you haven't reoffended again.

  • TAO Apr 26, 2007

    No one's "running." I've got a life and I intend to live it. I don't have all day long to argue with ignorant brick walls like yourself who can't accept facts that are placed directly in front of them because it doesn't fit their agendas. You're no better than "victim advocate groups" who prefer to tear families apart rather than allow treatments that involve both the child victim and the offending family member because it doesn't fit in with their ideas on how "justice" should be served.

    You haven't cited any sources outside of the registry, yet I bring up multiple studies straight from the horse's mouth and you pretend they're not credible? This is why it's pointless to argue with you. You're all talk, but you can't back up your position. You don't understand the meaning of recidivism, among other basic concepts required to participate in any meaningful discussion about sex offenders. That's why I'm not going to talk to you about it anymore; you're basically an unworthy opponent.

  • ridininthefox Apr 26, 2007

    Ahhh.... It is so statisfying to see some one like angry_offender run way with his tail between his legs when proven to be blowing hot air and speeling false facts. To be an "expert" - you sure havent taken the time to look at the facts yourself. Good web page plug though.... too bad the only people who are looking are just getting a good laugh at how uneducated you are. By the way.. noone took info off your website and used it on this posting site...except you that is. The rest of us.. we use credible sources

  • TAO Apr 26, 2007

    I've spent a little too much time responding to this one comment section over the past couple of days. I've got to re-focus on my job so I can make more money right now, so I'll catch ya later.

  • TAO Apr 26, 2007

    You know nothing. You assume, you make an educated guess, but to know? Not at all.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Apr 26, 2007

    Angry, I'm hardly stewing and I don't really care, I already know you are. I was just curious if you'd admit it.

    I know that not everyone that is convicted actually did it, so I don't judge people unless I know all of the facts.