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Wake Tech Officials Cited in Audit

Posted April 24, 2007

— One official at Wake Technical Community College has been disciplined and a second warned against business associations with friends following a critical state audit.

The audit, which was released Monday, found that Wake Tech's chief information officer twice violated purchasing policies in the last year. He submitted a fraudulent bid for one project and entered into a contract with a vendor without soliciting formal bids for a second project.

Wake Tech officials said the chief information officer has been disciplined, and the college business office has been ordered to provide training to all departments about correct purchasing procedures.

The audit also found that an executive vice president at Wake Tech created the appearance of a conflict of interest by approving a contract with a company headed by a close friend.

The college has established a conflict-of-interest policy and has reorganized its business office to place stricter controls on purchasing, officials said.


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  • beccaj8311 Apr 24, 2007

    Children, Children!!! Get a grip. You know who you are.

  • beccaj8311 Apr 24, 2007

    $20,000?? That's it? My tax money is going towards this kind of expenditure audit? Come on...

    Seriously. Small business rely's on this "said" friendship. Do you want to buy "professional" or even "consumer" EXPENSIVE equipment from someone you don't even know? Ok, fine... go to "www.getitwrongbutcheap.com"... go ahead... Sure, you may get SOMETHING.... what you wanted or needed? Doubt it...

    So, MEGAMALL will sell you whatever your fancy requires... but who are you going to call if, by chance, something messes up?? India?? Go ahead, be just an invoice number, I dare you.

    Yes, someone didn't do things "by the book"... and yes, with taxpayers money involved... things should always be "by the book." So someone messed up. Maybe the supplying company had the best overall bids of anyone they could rely on to get their "moneys worth." Maybe they trust these people ??????

    Blame blame blame... never anyone else's side of the story. Shame on you. I wouldn't raise my child like th

  • killing_me_softly Apr 24, 2007

    If this story was worth telling, then I think it is also worth telling who the culprits are.

  • cheekygreek Apr 24, 2007

    life43 said:We all know for a fact that race plays a major role in everything we do whether you like it or not. Just ask a black person or a foreigner.
    >>Yes I do know it plays a major role,just ask a white person who has to hear on a day to day basis how one certain group of people are constantly crying and begging for something they are not deserving.Just ask ME !

  • Heelzrule Apr 24, 2007

    My previous comment was for life43.

  • Heelzrule Apr 24, 2007

    OOPS - Glenn Miller - i apologize. My last comment was NOT intended for you.
    My sincere apologies!!

  • Heelzrule Apr 24, 2007

    with ignorant comments like those from Glen Miller...we wonder why we have race issues

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Apr 24, 2007

    I work for one of the universities and I can tell you that the State Purchasing system is so massive and convoluted that it's darn near impossible NOT to break the rules - they change every day. It also takes such an eternity to wade through the red tape and make the simplest purchase that maybe the IT guy skirted the rules to get his job done.

    And you would be appalled at what the state auditors will cite as an audit finding, no matter how minute or nit picking, just so that they can tell their bosses that they have done their job. If they don't find SOMETHING, then they haven't looked hard enough.

  • THC Apr 24, 2007

    How come the top dogs are always currupt and get off easy when they are busted?

  • leason Apr 24, 2007

    So females get harsher sentences? I doubt that Mary Winkler or any of the dozens of female sex offenders and drug dealing single moms in this country would agree. I think its pretty obvious you don't really know what you are talking about there life43. Race and sex do not play a role nearly as much as perspective and intelligence.