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Day-Care Driver Faces Charges After Girl Left in Van

Posted April 23, 2007
Updated April 24, 2007

— A local mother says a Wake Forest day-care center has some explaining to do after her daughter was left in a van for two hours.

Angela Kimbrough said she sent her boyfriend to pick up her 5-year-old daughter from day care. When Charles Brown arrived, he asked the teacher where Akayla was. The teacher said she didn’t know.

Brown then frantically began searching Children’s Adventure Child Development Center looking for the missing girl.

“I went to every classroom in there looking for her, calling her name. I could not find her [anywhere],” he said.

That’s because Akayla was in the back of a van where the driver apparently had left her some two hours before.

“She was in the van, locked up tight, windows rolled up, everything,” Brown said.

Akayla had apparently fallen asleep on the ride from kindergarten to day care. The driver never noticed her sleeping in the back.

The assistant director for the center on South Main Street had no comment when contacted by WRAL.

Some parents of children at the center told WRAL they weren't notified of the neglect allegations, which state law requires.

Wake Forest Police said the child-care center fired the driver of the van, and investigators plan to file misdemeanor child-abuse charges against her.

She could face a sentence of between one and 120 days in jail if convicted.


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  • At Work Apr 25, 2007

    The school is trying to cover this up that so plain to see, being they are not telling the parents there being investigated that is required by law. Yes bad things could have happened thank god they didnt but what would the owners-bus driver have done if it were there child? I hope the family gets to shut this place down!!! Next time the child might not be so lucky!

  • jtef2004 Apr 24, 2007

    Not only am I a neighbor to the family that experienced this situation, but I am also a teacher at a 5 STAR preschool. I know that money is not the issue. This family has lived in my neighborhood for quite some time, and both parents work. They are very nice people and take very good care of their children. State law requires checks and balances in providing care for children. Immediate fault goes to the driver. Secondary fault goes to the person responsible for receiving the children at the daycare. Head counts are essential. I count the children in my care at least 20 times a day. They are children. We as child care providers accepted the responsibility of caring for them when we took on our respective jobs. We should also take responsibility for our neglegent actions when and if they occur. My prayers are with the family.

  • urkiddinme Apr 24, 2007

    RPD07, Do you have kids? You sure are trying to take up for the driver awfully much. Make the same "mistake" yourself some time ago? It's not really fair to compare this to the same choices that parents make with their kids. More and more parents are being held accountable for their irresponsibilities, but regardless, these people are getting paid to take care of someone else's child.

  • lady-in-raleigh Apr 24, 2007

    The child could have been picked up from school, so that could be a possiblity why the teacher didn't give it a second thought as to why the child wasn't in her class. It is the BUS DRIVERS RESPOSIBILITY to make sure all children have gotten off the bus/van (which ever you would prefer.)

  • mkdsmm Apr 24, 2007

    Thank God this little girl is alive. She could easily have suffocated & never woken up. If this can happen to a 5 yr old there what is happening to littler ones without the ability to express themselves? Thank God my husband & I are able to tag team & not leave our kids with daycare workers who are over-worked & underpaid & stressed to the max.

  • Virginia Mom Apr 24, 2007

    My son attended Children's Adventure and we had to take him out to older children that came after school picking on a 5 yr old. And the teacher and Director were useless at that time. Not sure if the teacher or that Director is still there. Though everytime we drive by he makes a comment. This was also a parent issue when a child 5 yrs older picks on little ones and then the staff is lazy not surprising. Ruby Red down the street was awesome and they are also in Wake Forest. This daycare needs to investigated and watched closely.

  • mrsgaskill Apr 24, 2007

    My daughter went to Children's Adventure and I have to agree with the folks who's children attended there. Not the cleanest facilty around. The teachers (at the time) were also lacking. My daughter's last day was the day I heard a teacher yell at the toddlers to "shut up and sit their butts down". Director didn't seem to care as she told me the teacher was probably just kidding. Not surprising that this would happen there.

  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 24, 2007

    rpd07 must not have any kids or know anybody with them. my kids hear the car crank and they are on their way to sleep...on a 20 minute ride across town!

  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 24, 2007

    i agree with posts like cheekygreek, rev rb and hp (cheekygreek, imagine that!LOL)....everybody is talking about what "could have" happened. we are all aware of the different outcomes and don't need such vivid imagery. we should all be thankful that this child is alive and has been returned to her family. now is the time for the family to try to put things into perspective and work towards putting this senseless incident behind them.

  • Lightfoot Apr 24, 2007

    Agree, given all the horrible precedence that we’ve had with incidents like this, you always do a head count and bus/van check at the end. It’s common sense.

    Thank the Voodoo goddess Mami Wata for keeping this child safe. Surely Mami Wata was looking after her, using Her spells, herbs, and secret recipes.