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2 Charged in Fatal Highway Chase, Shooting

Posted April 23, 2007

— Two men have been charged with first-degree murder after a Hoke County man was gunned down last week while driving to Raeford, authorities said Monday.

Michael Freeman was driving on N.C. Highway 211 from Red Springs to Raeford shortly after midnight Thursday when the occupants of another car fired at him, authorities said. Freeman's car ran off the road, went through a chain-link fence and slammed into a tree on Murph McLaughlin Road, authorities said.

Freeman was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the shooting, the car following Freeman then turned around in the roadway and headed back toward Red Springs, authorities said.

Antonio Blanks, 20, of 650 Goose Pond Road in Red Springs, and Tony Anthony Avery Jr., 22, of 2022 Mount Zion Road in Maxton, have been charged with murder in connection with Freeman's death. Both men are being held without bond in the Hoke County Jail.

The case remains under investigation, and more arrests are expected, authorities said.


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  • illegals--GO HOME Apr 24, 2007

    You are right JOKER, only people kill people! More gun control laws are not the answer, as the gun control laws we already have are not adequately enforced.....and if a person is determined, they will find a way...a gun just makes it easy for them. I am all for people having guns for self defense, if they train properly to use them. If not, then in a large percentage of cases, the gun will be taken from them and used on them, or they will miss the target. Just remember, a shotgun with OOBuckshot has nine 32 cal. bullets in each shot and you don't have to be a marksman to take out the target. Even with law enforcement and the training they undergo with weapons, they sometimes still have them taken and used on them, and in high stress shootings the actual percentage of shots hitting the intended target is only 25 - 30 percent of the time.....thats the national average ! ! I encourage all to take gun courses and learn to use a variety of weapons before buying one for home protection...

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Apr 23, 2007

    Did I miss something? The headline mentions a highway chase, but there is no mention of it in the article. I guess it's par for the course for WRAL.

  • jon2four Apr 23, 2007

    ninenine_99,you are diffinately not from around here ,I suggest you find that turnup truck get back on and head back to Raleigh.

  • Matthew 19_21 Apr 23, 2007

    I hate to be the one to tell you 68-polara, but if your government ever decides to come after you, your little handgun -or anything else in your private arsenal - will be torched along with you, your house, and your family, in a show of shock and awe!

    the muskets worked just fine when that was all the government had as well, but now they can vaporize you before you even get your jammies on to check out that noise you heard.

  • Matthew 19_21 Apr 23, 2007

    68 polara, that's one example, but google "Lois Cannady." She was an 89 year old woman - also in Durham - who also had a gun. Five men broke into her house. she pulled out her trusty gun, shot them, and missed. they shot her back and killed her. Even her son said that she might not have been killed if she hadn't tried to shoot the gun.

    Just because you have a gun doesn't mean the ending will be rosy.

  • ninenine99 Apr 23, 2007

    The Second Amendment is not about protecting yourself. That's what we have a military and police force for. The Second Amendment is about protecting yourself from your own government, when it inevitably gets out of control. Don't grade schools teach basic Social Studies any more? How can so many people who went through our public education system be so grossly ignorant?

  • Its Just What I Do Apr 23, 2007

    coach k is great- gang related?

    naaahhh, i'd say drug related, considering the area and areas they were from.

  • I hear voices Apr 23, 2007


    Why you must you make personal attacks by refering to people as idiots. It's a forum for all who are interested to post their opinion. You have yours they (we) have ours. Rather or not they are the same doesn't give you the right to make such remarks. By the way I'm sure if you take a poll that not all against gun control are from Robeson county. I'm not and I own a variety of weapons. God help the one that enters my home uninvited.

  • Forgetaboutit Apr 23, 2007

    Robesonian County's finest!!

  • Forgetaboutit Apr 23, 2007

    I have basically heard it all. Hitler and Stalin are the spokesman for pro gun crowd. You are right, our education system is not what it once was. Just like that raghead from Iran, the holocost did not happen. I have thought about your argument that, if someone had been carrying a gun, there would have been less dead. I submit that if others had been carrying weapons, we would be talking about a different outcome. Shooters would be explaining why they killed someone who thought they were shooting at the killer. My god, several of the commentators on this board need to turn on the TV and watch. Idiots!!!