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2 Charged in Wreck, Subsequent Fight

Posted April 23, 2007

— Police on Monday said they would charge two men in connection with a weekend wreck on U.S. Highway 70 that injured a girl and the fight between the two drivers after the crash.

Benitez Pereyra, 32, will be charged with felony assault inflicting serious bodily injury and with failure to secure a passenger under age 16, Wilson's Mills Police Chief Steve Little said.

Pereyra's vehicle was struck Saturday after a vehicle driven by Simon Whysall ran a red light on U.S. Highway 70 at Swift Creek Road, Little said. Pereyra's 9-year-old daughter was ejected from her father's vehicle and suffered a fractured skull, police said.

The girl was listed in stable condition at Duke University Hospital Monday.

Whysall, of Goldsboro, will be charged with running a red light, Little said.

After the wreck, Pereyra jumped out of his vehicle and beat up Whysall, leaving him with six broken bones in his face, police said. Whysall also suffered minor injuries from the accident.


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  • TechRescue Apr 24, 2007

    I work in Raleigh and it's not a question of "if" someone will run a light, but "how many". Go past Crabtree Valley on Glenwood if you don't believe me. The police don't seem to care about how much of a joke the traffic laws in this state have become. I hope it happens a few more times - maybe those people who think they are so important might have more fear of a broken nose than they obviously have of breaking the law.

  • IzzMad2016 Apr 23, 2007

    kr : it wasn't my intention to blame the little girl's father for entering the intersection when he had the green light. Obviously he was not at fault for the accident. Drivers who race through a yellow or already red light drive me crazy and endanger everyone.

    I was just suggesting that if we all got into the habit of waiting 1 or 2 seconds after our light becomes green to go into the intersection we might be lucky enough to avoid the boneheads who put our safety at risk.

  • kr Apr 23, 2007

    Although I agree that Mr. Pereyra should have made his daughter buckle up, that is no excuse for the other man (who got jumped) to run a red light. Sure, maybe Mr. Pereyra should've looked, but it was the other guy's fault. If he had obeyed the traffic law and stopped at the light, none of this would have happened. So don't turn that on Mr.Pereyra too.

  • IzzMad2016 Apr 23, 2007

    It sounds like the little girl will be OK, thankfully, but I agree with those who say entering an intersection the moment a light turns green is not a good idea. Too many folks around here treat a yellow caution light as a "hurry up and go light" instead of a "slow down and get ready to stop light." I always try to wait just a second or two to make sure no one is trying to floor it through the intersection. It wouldn't matter if I had the right of way ---- I'd be just as injured (or worse) because someone didn't want to wait one more light cycle.

    Safety first everyone!!!!

  • ReelThing Apr 23, 2007

    jonesextra, Thank you! Well said. The majority of the blame will fall on Mr.Pereyra. When a light turns green, it is not a command to go. Properly taught drivers (should ) have been taught to look (in all directions) before entering an intersection regardless off the light.

  • ERRN Apr 23, 2007

    I'm sure he'll sue the manufacturer of the seatbelt because the 9-yr old was able to get out of it.

  • jonesextra Apr 23, 2007

    This child was nine years old. If she had been properly taught to wear a seat belt, she would have had it on. I will buy a toddler undoing his/her seat belt, but this age child KNOWS better. The accident was the fault of one who ran the light. The seriousness of the injury is the parents. The whole incident proves we have an irresponsible, idiot for a parent, and a careless driver who caused the accident.

  • Juliett Apr 23, 2007

    Did I miss Simon Whysall's age in this story? They gave Mr. Pereya's age, I'm just wondering if he could be a much older man and thats why his age isn't listed also. Not assuming, just wondering.

  • TiredofComplaints Apr 23, 2007

    Both drivers deserved their charges. They were both wrong and hopefully will get the right punishment under the law.
    What I don't understand is how their race or their citizenship makes any difference to the story.
    These message boards seem to serve as a soapbox for people who get to hide their race, citizenship, gender, etc.
    People are saying stuff that they NEVER would say if they had to post their real name.
    They are saying hurtful, shameful and down right ignorant things.
    We all have our prejudices whether it is against race or in my case- I'm prejudice against ignorance.
    The only thing that matters in this story is that everyone sounds as if they are going to be o.k. and that those who broke the law suffer the consequences so they know not to break those same laws again. The consequences could've been much worse, thankfully they weren't. I just wish everyone who took the time to spread hate up here took that time to do something more productive with their lives.

  • aintbackingdwn Apr 23, 2007

    If someone ran a red light and injured one of my children I would probably kick his butt too. I look at it like this - A motor vehicle in the hands of a moron is a deadly weapon. It makes little difference to me if the man is behind a wheel or behind a gun or a knife. Once he is out from behind the wheel - Ok - he's disarmed at that point.