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Police Will Let DA Decide Charges in Crash That Hurt Girl and Fight After

Posted April 21, 2007
Updated April 22, 2007

— Wilsons Mills police said Sunday they would turn over an accident case to the Johnston County district attorney to determine whether to file charges against a driver who ran a red light and the other driver, who they say beat him up after the second driver's daughter was seriously hurt.

Police said the driver who ran the light on U.S. Highway 70 suffered six broken bones in his face from the fight. He suffered minor injuries from the accident, they said.

The second driver's daughter, 9, was in stable condition at Duke University Hospital, police said. They did not disclose the nature of her injuries, but said she was thrown from the vehicle by the crash.

The girl's parents suffered minor injuries and were released after treatment, police said.

The girl’s father left his vehicle and attacked the driver who hit them, police said.

Witnesses said the child was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.


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  • 68_polara Apr 23, 2007

    They have both been charged. Good, the law is the law.

  • wtliftr Apr 23, 2007

    And Derrrrrrr... NO I have NEVER run a red light. I drive more carefully than that

  • wtliftr Apr 23, 2007

    Wilson's Mills Has POLICE now?? Didn't when I was growing up...

  • WonderWoman Apr 23, 2007

    Go Dad! Since we don't know why daughter wasn't buckled I'm not even going to address that. But... go Dad! Man, if anyone ever runs a red light and hits me I just hope its dark out or there aren't any witnesses. How convenient then to use that adrenaline to beat the crap out of the offender and then put him back in his car and just tell the cops 'yeah I think he hit his head pretty hard when he hit me.'

  • lookin4clowd9 Apr 23, 2007

    Ok, here goes...First of all, I agree with Lady1 - I would have beat the other driver up too! It only proves that at least one person knows that he received more than a "ticket" for running a light AND hurting other people! Second, we don't know why the child was unbuckled. There are a ton of reasons why she could have been. It also says that Witnesses said she was unbuckled, not police said! IF the parent's did not have her belted, then yes, they should be fined just like anyone else, but they will already have to "pay" even if the child comes through (in which I pray she will)- that the ejection may have been prevented by them. You can not yet blame the parents for the seat belt, who is to say that it was not a defect with the seatbelt. IT HAS HAPPENED! I hope that everyone in this story recovers and is able to move on with their lives, but that some very valuable lessons are learned by all - those involved and otherwise!!

  • nursevb8 Apr 23, 2007

    When the law fines him for having his child unbelted, then they'll fine him for beating up the other guy. I've had several non-driving fools I would have loved to knock some sense into. JOKER, most people who run red lights do actually do it on purpose. Everyone is always in such a hurry to get no where special.

  • kieskies Apr 23, 2007

    what only non-white people cause wrecks and fights?????((j -dot- lewis -at- callcpc -dot- com))...ignorant!!!

  • kcfoxie Apr 23, 2007

    We don't know why the child was unbelted. She could have been changing over seats because she spilled a drink. We've all unbuckled while in transit at least once in our lives for a brief moment, if at that very moment we became an actor in one of those terribly realistic VW "Safe Happens" Jetta ads... well, that's life for ya. I'm not so quick to judge the parents, moreso to judge the idiot who ran the light. I think dad did what dad should have done: he took the law into his own hands. Let the guy sue him for battery, I'm certain it'll be dropped. NO Jury with children or grandchildren will fault a father, especially if it is shown that the child was shifting positions in the car for a legit reason.

  • JUNKMAN Apr 23, 2007

    methinks since your so sure that the parents is the only one at fault come see me i can show you so much carnage from carelessness that it would curl your toenails. there is a reason for redlights and stop signs. just maybe i'll show you a car where the child was buckled in as they are supposed to be but got killed anyway. that still dooesent give anybody the right to run a red light or stop sign.

  • TiredofComplaints Apr 23, 2007

    Sad the accident occurred but at least 3 grown-ups made errors. One for running the red light & the other two for allowing their daughter to ride unbelted. We have laws in place for a reason. While seatbelts may not be comfortable or cool to some- they are a proven lifesaver. Had the child been belted the odds were in her favor that she would NOT have been thrown from the car. The majority of her injuries probably came from being thrown from the car. I'm just as protective of my children as the next person, probably more so than most, but my first thought would've been on her injuries and not hurting someone else. This father wasn't protecting his daughter from the beginning by allowing her to ride without a seatbelt. I hope both drivers face the appropriate charges as they were both wrong and broke our laws.