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Raid of Sanford Home Nets $300K in Drugs

Posted April 21, 2007
Updated April 25, 2007

— An arrest at a Raleigh concert resulted in the seizure of about $300,000 in illegal drugs.

Wake County ABC enforcement officers said they caught Brian Mills trying to sneak a sizable amount of marijuana into the concert in Raleigh Friday night. Authorities said they suspected he planned to sell it and that he could be growing the drugs.

After they contacted the Lee County Sheriff Office, deputies searched the Mills’ Sanford home. Authorities said an overpowering smell of marijuana hit them as soon as they walked into the residence.

“(We found) what we believe is a major indoor marijuana operation,” said Lee County Sheriff Tracey Carter.

Deputies confiscated nearly 80 five-foot tall plants from an upstairs bedroom. They also found bags and jars filled with marijuana ready for sale.

“Water system, lighting, the whole nine yards,” Carter said.

Carter said the indoor water system produces a higher grade of marijuana. Authorities dismantled and confiscated a large PVC pipe system, timers and exhaust fans.

Mills has been charged with possessing, manufacturing and trafficking marijuana. He also faces charges for other drugs and paraphernalia found in his home. He is being held on a $150,000 bond.

Carter said the raid was part of a larger drug crackdown in Lee County. He said his deputies have confiscated 160 pounds of marijuana valued at more than $500,000 in just the last 60 days.


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  • JUNKMAN Apr 23, 2007


  • 68_polara Apr 23, 2007

    Well, I've seen too many of my friends not be responsible with it. They were too young to handle that much responsibility. They are still suffering the consequences and at this point probably will the rest of their lives.

    As far as prisons people don't go to prison for pot unless they are growing or selling, even than they would need to be caught with a lot of it to serve much time. The prisons are full of violent felons who have demonstrated what people are willing to do for the harder drugs. Making them legal will exacerbate that problem. Although making it legal will reduce the price, these people hooked on the hard stuff aren't able to function enough to hold down a job to afford it. There will still be shoot'en and loot'en, and stab'en and grab'en for it. Their will just be a whole lot more of it. Legalize it? No way.

  • E-Diva Apr 23, 2007

    Better loser drop outs than Columbian drug lords and over crowded prisons. I think most people would be responsible with it...like alcohol. You're always going to have the people who take it too far, but that's not a reason to keep it criminal.

    As for other drugs, I'm still up in the air...I won't say I'm for or against the others until I think about it more.

  • 68_polara Apr 23, 2007

    Your right but you said "drugs SHOULD be legalized" not just pot. Although marijuana won't kill you do we really need more looser drop outs?

  • E-Diva Apr 23, 2007

    Heroin and crack are not the same as pot

  • 68_polara Apr 23, 2007

    Heroin and crack, two great reasons drugs need to stay illegal. Have you seen what this stuff does to people?

  • E-Diva Apr 23, 2007

    "I in no way suggested making alcohol or tobacco illegal, although our legislature is putting the tobacco companies out of business via taxation and site prohibition. What they're doing is setting up a black market situation for "dirty" cheaper tobacco products from foreign countries...higher nicotine content and about the same concern with sanitary conditions as the Chinese have for pet food."

    Americafirst - I think you just proved why drugs SHOULD be legalized. The only market for drugs currently is the black market. Mainstream it and regulate it....it would be a safer world.

  • mslisac363 Apr 23, 2007

    We all know that he was growing it for medical reasons and that he was going to heal everyone.

  • nursevb8 Apr 23, 2007

    He just wanted to share with the Wide Spread Panic groupies. With the economy so bad, a man has to make a living, I'd reather see him do this then rob convenient stores or banks.

  • painexpress Apr 23, 2007

    With all the hardened criminals running around Lee and other NC counties I will probably sleep better knowing that at least our Law Enforcement Officers are getting the most dangerous ones first. He probably tried to protect himself with a leftover cheeseburger from an earlier "MUNCHIE" attack. At times like this we really need professional D A 's like "Mikey Nifong".