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Raleigh Police Warn of Fraud Scam

Posted April 21, 2007

— Raleigh police are warning the public about a possible door-to-door fraud scheme that may be making its way to the Triangle.

Authorities say individuals pose as members of a local sports team or other organization that is raising money and often ask for contributions or provide a false pretense, such as the sale of magazine subscriptions.

Police also warn that those involved are often familiar enough with neighborhoods to claim they live in a nearby proximity of their prospective victims.

Anyone who receives such a door-to-door solicitation should call 911 immediately so police can respond to investigate the individuals involved.

Similar fraud teams have passed through the area in the past, police say, and information from residents has been helpful in putting an end to the fraud.


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  • smoothtip99 Apr 23, 2007

    I want everyone who replies to this post to send me 100 dollars. Thank you

  • North Carolina Native Apr 23, 2007

    please and thank you - that is so true.. I know my mother in law is especially hard headed. I was telling her that when she's working in the back yard garden she should lock her front door and she's like i'm not going to live like that??? Like what a person in the 2000's? This ain't the 50s anymore! Better safe than sorry.... and these new key remote alarms for your car are great - if someone makes you fearful just set off the alarm on your car from inside the house.. they will flee. Some people even keep them on their night stand when they are sleeping.

  • msstokes Apr 22, 2007

    That is really scarry. I never open the door if I do not know who it is. The thing that scares me the most is my grandmother will open the door for anyone.

  • Amie Apr 21, 2007

    Holly Springs alert!! A cute teen ager gave us old folk the same story - lived in the neighborhood, doing a fund raising for a church- nice delivery, highly believable. I told her it was against my policy to give money to door to door salesfolk. Goodbye, good luck - and called the police.

  • no screen name Apr 21, 2007

    can i hold a dolla

  • All child molesters should die Apr 21, 2007

    Just don't answer the door.

    This bothers me, because SOME elderly people are especially susceptible to this kind of thing. We've all heard it before: Elderly man/woman scammed thousands out of house repairs, etc...

    I hope these individuals are caught!


  • ncloree Apr 21, 2007

    I was approached by a developmentally disabled male (while I was trying to load my 2 small children into the car) saying that he was supposed to go door-to-door to ask people about their jobs so folks like him could get ideas of what jobs they may want to train for. Then he told me to "prove" they spoke with me, I needed to help them get points buy buying magazines. I said I was not interested and he said I could buy magazines to benefit a local church. I was skeptical and told him I was not interested. On his way down the drive, he asked where the closet bathroom was b/c he was dropped off by a van and was not familiar with the area. When I told him the name of the shopping center he could go to, he acted like he knew exactly where that was and rolled his eyes and said thanks and walked away. I was sure he was trying to get me to agree to let him use my bathroom. I am trying to believe that he was being honest, but that the people he worked for were operating a scam. Scary though.

  • NCKiki Apr 21, 2007

    This actually happened on campus last spring at NC State. There were a bunch of guys out and about soliciting people to buy magazine subscriptions so they could earn enough points for a Meditteranean cruise. I don't know the outcome, but I know they were pursued by campus police on harrassment charges. These people are ruthless.

  • montyburns Apr 21, 2007

    generally i invite them there door to door peoples in for some french fried potaters and they tend to go their way

  • mindyourown Apr 21, 2007

    Door to door sales people??? Are you kidding me??? People actually fall for this crap???? Always ask for an ID! Get names, company names, addresses, etc, do not be friends, protect yourself and what's yours!!