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Student, World War II Vet Team to Correct Record

Posted April 19, 2007

— Chase Shermer and James Creech are almost 70 years apart in age, but they have become comrades fighting for a common cause.

It all began when Chase, 13, was asked to do a homework assignment about the lives of World War II veterans.

Creech, 82, is Chase’s neighbor and told his young friend about his time in the war.

Creech was promoted from private to corporal and was supposed to have been promoted to tech sergeant in the field. But after spending 154 days as a prisoner of war in January 1945, the paperwork was never completed to signify his higher rank.

His promotion slipped through the cracks, but Chase is on a mission to make sure his neighbor receives his appropriate title.

“He’s just a really nice man,” Chase said. “I hope it really happens, because it’s an honor for him to get promoted, for a World War II veteran that’s still alive today.”

The 13-year-old and his family have contacted Sen. Elizabeth Dole's office about Creech's promotion. Dole’s office said she is looking into the case.

“I hope it works,” Creech said. “I had about given up, because I’ve been trying since 1940. Well, since 1945 I have been trying.”

Chase received a 100 on his homework paper, but that’s still not enough. He wants Creech’s record corrected.


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  • Skywatch_NC Apr 20, 2007

    What a tremendous way to honor a war veteran and friend! :D :) Thank you so very much for your having served in defense of Freedom, Mr. Creech. :) We *salute* you, sir! :) I pray and hope for a successful outcome from Senator Dole on your behalf. :) God Bless you, Mr. Creech...and Chase and family. :)

    Congratulations Chase on that 100! :D


    I had 3 great uncles (all brothers)...one served in the Navy (South Pacific) and two in the Army (one in the Philippines and the other I'm not sure of location).

  • ko1 Apr 20, 2007

    Thanks for your offer......I checked into this about a year ago, and was told by the Veterns Administration that because his discharge papers didn't list that he was wounded in the line of duty, there was nothing they could do. Well, ok, but just think of the millions of people that were processed through the system. Don't you think there was bound to be an error or two? Maybe I should've dug further and tried to locate his hospital records in England or something. Come on, look at the scar, the bullet went through his chest and exited out his arm. Do you think they need any more proof?

  • innocent bystander Apr 20, 2007

    NARA has the service records. Try www.archives.gov.

  • TheDevil90210 Apr 20, 2007


    They do usually have more than one place they keep them. I remember doing a project when I was in Highschool about the Military. In the end, I found out they have more than one spot they keep the records, especially in the 70's. They had computers ( Big and Bulky but still Computers) Check. I'm trying to find my Grandfathers records for when he served in WWII. Good Luck


    As for you do what this kid is doing. They have to have records for him. Its worth a try. I think your father would be proud of you. I know I would. For Father protected our freedom. Lets help him. If you do need any help Im more than willing to help. I think I can get my Grandfather(other) who is with the pentagon.

  • cagerat42 Apr 20, 2007

    Great story and a great young man.I think he deserves some kind of accomidation.He is taking on the United States Government to make an oversite right.Isn't he doing what the younger generation should be doing.Looking out for the older generation.After all the tragedy this week with VT it's good to see some good going on.God bless our troops past and present.

  • GIGATT Apr 20, 2007

    Great kid! Way to show respect and honor to a veteran. Just a great deed all the way around:-)

  • dirtcollarview Apr 20, 2007

    I guess I was lucky. A year and a half after I was discharged the Marines informed me I would be getting an Navy accomnedation medal. Go get them KID.

  • innocent bystander Apr 20, 2007

    thinkaboutit - do they not have copies of his service records at the national archives or other agency in DC? May be worth checking into.

  • Doctor Dataclerk Apr 20, 2007

    My wife's father was a WW II veteran who recieved a Purple Heart and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters and I would love to have his service record, but a massive fire in 1973 in St. Louis at the National Personnel Records center destroyed about 80% of the Army records during that period. Cool story and obviously a great kid trying to help a great man. Good Luck.

  • M1911-A1 Apr 20, 2007

    The 'GREATEST Generation' Enough said!