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Johnston Authorities Seek New Leads in Cold Case

Posted April 19, 2007

— Johnston County investigators are re-opening a murder case that's been cold for more than three decades.

Bonnie Neighbors disappeared in December 1972. The young mother of two was later found shot to death at a labor camp near Benson.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell said a newly formed cold case squad will start their work by looking at the unsolved case.


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  • snoop Apr 21, 2007

    Migrants didn't have anything to do with this woman's death. They were gone back south by this time. Remember she was killed in December. A witness can put a man at the scene the night before she was found dead.
    No comment on Bizzel, but johnston co. sherrif's office has been sitting on this one for many years. And not doing a thing with it....

  • lisaids Apr 19, 2007

    I'm sure glad some of the cold cases regarding Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dohmer were opened. Sends a chill down my back. If you don't pay taxes in John. Co. you really should comment on the law enforcement agency's wasted time, it's not your tax dollars. I hope they can find something that will help this family find closure. Why do we still prosecute WWII criminals, because it's the right thing to do. No statue of limitations on murder in NC.

  • Weetie Apr 19, 2007

    Well said Parolegirl! Very well said!

  • Weetie Apr 19, 2007

    Steve Bizzell is a wonderful person and the best Sheriff Johnston County has EVER had! He not only has his priorities in the RIGHT place - he isn't afraid of his job....and it shows.

    For those people who think otherwise - What are you trying to hide?"

  • littleredwolfie Apr 19, 2007

    Steve Bizzell was not sheriff during the days of Percy Flowers...nor, can he be should he be blamed for immigration problems (the feds have jurisdiction over that). If she had been a relative, I know I would want the person(s) brought to justice. I know that it looks as if everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon these days when it comes to badmouthing law enforcement, but tell me something. Where would we be without them??? Count yourself lucky if your life hasn't been affected by crime...it is because they are out there doing their jobs.

  • ReelThing Apr 19, 2007

    If Steve Bizzell is not the most "popular" is ok...he's certainly one of the most respected. Keep up the good work...( I think you can squeak by with 76.75% of the vote).

  • LADY1 Apr 19, 2007

    The case should had been taken care of back then, somebody knows something.

  • gratefultoGOD Apr 19, 2007

    Sheriff Bizzell needs to take care of present day crimes... he is not the most popular guy in the county any way. He treats his employeess like slaves.. I left the county and would not want to go back. Ask Percy Flowers relatives.. and people that got a way with crimes, lynchings, boot leggers, etc. they all know.. or was it so much they can't remember. If you open this one... open them all!... but don't up the tax payers .. to pay for it and presnt day crime also!

  • BeHappy Apr 19, 2007

    Thanks to Sheriff Bizzell for trying to give some closure to this family. We're proud of our Sheriff and the job he is doing. This lady mattered to someone and I hope his team can solve the case. If she were my child, mother, or friend I would want to know what happened and possibly see the person who committed the crime punished, no matter how long it took. Good luck Sheriff.

  • myview Apr 19, 2007

    Labor camps are still around Benson just as they were then, but they weren't all hispanic back then. They were, for the most part, transients, or seasonal workers who moved about the country depending on the seasons and crop needs. If they didn't solve the crime then when they had the people there, I don't see any way they are going to figure it out now - those people are long gone, and may even have died. They are pretty much a self-protecting community, too, because they won't snitch on one another. I wish them luck, because the families do need closure, but I'm not expecting a whole lot of results. I hope I eat my words.