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Wake Residents Want to Stop Gang Activity in Neighborhoods

Posted April 19, 2007

— Wake County residents are teaming up to kick gangs out of their neighborhoods.

A gang prevention forum will be held Thursday at Faith Baptist Church in Knightdale from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The discussion will focus on the gang presence in eastern Wake County. It will also teach communities about warning signs. The public is invited to attend.

Thursday's meeting will be the first of a two-part forum. The second part will be held sometime in mid-May.


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  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 22, 2007

    cheekygreek, my position has not changed. i don't know what you mean.

  • jjslilred Apr 20, 2007

    when I was in NCSL (collegiate mock legistlation), there was a debate on the welfare issue and it was mentioned that Virginia had a welfare program with built in limitations that significantly reduced the abuse of the system. If there is actual validity to the claim, it would be wonderful to see NC model their welfare program after it. working as a grocery cashier and a clerk at the county's health department, i saw individuals who truly needed the assistance provided by programs like food stamps and medicaid and those who completely abused these programs. The true tragedy is that it has become a legacy passed on to their children and so forth. The children cannot take care of themselves because the parents could not teach them how to do something they, themselves, were unable to do and the cycle continues. But rather than complain, lets talk to the leaders we voted into office and ask for programs with more accountability, more education and goal oriented time limitations.

  • jjslilred Apr 20, 2007

    Ralwood...didn't you post a similar comment in another article on gang activity? To say that the Italians are responsible for the gang activity in Raleigh and surrounding areas is a bit of a stretch. Our culture is more to blame than any nationality. The degredation of the family element, discipline and respect is to blame. These gangs are scattered individuals attempting to create a family of their own and the violent acts they commit are done so because of their lack of control or for their need to impose fear, which they confuse with respect. Our families need to remain strong, love and teach (by example)our children right from wrong and remember that when we point our finger to blame others for what's going wrong around us that there are three more pointing right back at us.

  • Juliett Apr 20, 2007

    2amanda2, Your right, social programs were set up to help people get back on their feet. They were never intended to become a way of life Unfortunately, it has become a way of life for many people. Our government has set it up so that the question is where is the motivation for people to try to do better? Free housing, or very little rent to pay, free utilities, or only pay overage, food stamps, medicaid, checks, free daycare. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe the only program that puts time limits on benefits is the welfare checks.

  • ralwood Apr 20, 2007

    Lets see where all this MOB/GANG activity started from?? Thats right it migrated from Italy?? These gangs in the U.S. promoted their violence, and thinking from these crime familes. Again Crime Familes + Mob = Gangs! When the Mob started look at how many gang bangers was doing drive by shootings, and ect. Even the Mob is in politics, and ect. Who do you think gave these modern day gangs their thinking in which the Mob conduct business with still to this day. These Crime Familes are a modern day name in which in reality their are a gang. This is a dress up name the government gave them instead of calling them gangs.

  • cheekygreek Apr 20, 2007

    2AMANDA2:I see you have changed your tone,since the very first post...lol

  • mohnkae Apr 19, 2007

    Wow a staggering lack of compassion, Jesus would be proud. Is this how we love our brothers as ourselves? N.I.M.B.Y. strikes again.

  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 19, 2007

    feeling lucky,

    you must not feel too lucky. it sounds as if you're mad or jealous because there are people getting help when you didn't. everyone doesn't always make the best choices, that's why such programs exist. sometimes people need a helping hand. there are some people on the program who have kids, work full time, and go to school. on the flip side, there are some that just sit at home and get assistance. that is why there are rules on the length of time people can participate in a majority of programs.

    i'm an advocate of utilizing programs if you need them, but not abusing them.

  • mindyourown Apr 19, 2007

    No need to do that, they're going to kill each other anyway so why bother! $1000.00, now you're talking!!

  • biooya Apr 19, 2007

    Why not put a bounty on each gang member, say $1000 a head? Bring them in dead or alive.