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Rifle in Borrowed Car Lands Student in Hot Water

Posted April 18, 2007

— A student at Holly Springs High School was charged Wednesday after a rifle was found inside the trunk of a parked car.

According to Bill Poston of the Wake County Public School System, the bike patrol at the school noticed beer cans and articles of clothing prohibited by school policy in a Mitsubishi Galant in the parking lot.

A Holly Springs police officer assigned to the campus radioed an inquiry about the tags on the car after school officials saw that it did not have a parking pass. When school administrators opened the car's trunk, they found the .22-caliber rifle.

Kentreal McDonald, 16, of Turner Drive in Apex, was charged with possessing a weapon on school grounds. He was later taken to the Wake County Jail.

School officials said the car did not belong to McDonald, but he admitted driving the car to school after authorities talked to him. He told them he had borrowed it from another person. Authorities located the car owner’s sister, who is a student at the school. .

The owner of the vehicle has not been charged.

School officials said there were no reports of a threat and no evidence that the gun was going to be used to harm anyone.


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  • wakep Apr 24, 2007

    Dear PoohPerson:

    What kind of friends - friends that hunt? It was a hunting rifle. I don't get your point? What should not be tolerated a weapon in the trunk - a baseball bat could be construed as a weapon suppose a coach forgets he has one in there - should he be tossed out? A tire iron to change a flat could be construed as a weapon - should we not carry them?? the boy didn't knowing bring the gun to school nor did he have any malicious intentions - so now let's throw another teenage boy down the drain and ruin his reputation by having something like this on his record - I don't get it

  • poohperson2000 Apr 23, 2007


    It is guilt by association. This would not hold up in a court of law, but you have to figure he knows what kind of friends he has. If he was so innocent he would have checked knowing who he borrowed the car from. I do not care how the guns get there, on purpose, by accident, whatever.. We need to send the message that this will not be tolerated.

  • wakep Apr 23, 2007

    People need to walk in the boy's shoes. Anyone of us could borrow a car at any time and frankly have, how many of you stop and do a thorough inspection of the trunk? Some cars don't even have the same key for the ignition and the trunk so who rushing around in the morning stops to think - ok let me inspect the trunk of my friend's car? Obviously, the situation needed to be investigated but clearly the boy did nothing criminal and shouldn't be treated like one.

  • strolling bones Apr 20, 2007

    Kiddies when you drive a car you are responsible period. If the inspection sticker is out or the tag...the driver gets the ticket not the owner of the car. Fair or not, that is the reality of driving a car. When you borrow a car, you must be aware of where you are taking it, a car with beer cans on school property, not a hard call there, now is it? The young man's "record" should be sealed or expunged. No use this one act of stupidity, which is what it was, to follow him the rest of his life.

  • carolinaborn Apr 19, 2007

    i agree 100% with sick of You! And to poke-a-dotcom, how can you sit there and call these guys "rent a cop". i had a best friend that was shot and killed when he was working in a school as a "rent a cop"! these men/women are there trying to protect our children from harm whether its in the school or out!it dont matter why he had the gun in the car the bottom line is there was a weapon on the premises.its time to stop defending these folks for actions like this and make them take responsibility for what they did whether it was a mistake or not.did the v-tech incident teach anyone anything?

  • sick of You Apr 19, 2007

    "sick of you": School starts at 7:25 here @ HSHS. It's best to be here between 7:00 & 7:15 to be here on time. Please explain how you can be a teenager, get an adequate amount of sleep, get dressed and other things in the morning, find a trusted friend's car to drive, & do a full search of the vehicle before going to school?

    Shanita. I can appreciate your response and encourage you to continue to defend what you beleive to be right. As a high school teenager I woke up every morning for church seminary. I had to be there at 6:00 am. In order to get there on time I would set my alarm for 5:00 am. I am not saying that Kentreal is a bad kid. I am saying that the school is right in thier decision to enforce the rules. Keep up the good work in school and be a leader.

  • iMAST+R Apr 19, 2007

    Being an honor student at Holly Springs High, & knowing Kentreal & his brother very well, this whole situation is nonsense to me. Kentreal is not the type of person to bring a rifle to school in the 1st place, especially with no intentions of using it. Obviously he didn't know it was back there, & how can you blame somebody if they didn't know?

    Yes, the school has the right to check things under suspicion... we all know that. But since when do we have a bike patrol? I've had perfect attendance, so if we were to all of a sudden have one, I'd know.

    "sick of you": School starts at 7:25 here @ HSHS. It's best to be here between 7:00 & 7:15 to be here on time. Please explain how you can be a teenager, get an adequate amount of sleep, get dressed and other things in the morning, find a trusted friend's car to drive, & do a full search of the vehicle before going to school? That's almost impossible. So if you want to say something about a topic, it's best you get the facts.

  • sick of You Apr 19, 2007

    poke. Who is to say that the gun was not going to be retrieved for an ill attempted purpose. I am not saying that this is the case but I think the punishment is just. No guns on school property. Follow the rule and know what is in the vehicle that you are driving.

  • poke-a-dotcom Apr 19, 2007

    sick of you...have you ever thought that the school was disrupted more and a the chance of harm befalling anyone greatly increased the second the "school administrator" popped the trunk and exposed the weapon???

    up to that point, there appeared to be no disruption and absolutely no one was in harms way from a weapon stored in a locked trunk that no one knew was there!

    and by the way...does anyone know if the rifle was even loaded or if there was ammunition in the trunk etc...because the story doesn't say and I suspect they would had it been loaded!

  • poke-a-dotcom Apr 19, 2007

    sick of you...it all sounds easy until your kid happens to be the kid who forgets his/her camping or swiss army knife in the car and rent-a-cop sees it on the seat...

    or your kid happens to be the kid who works at home depot after school and forgets to take the small box opener out of their pocket or off their key chain

    or your kid happens to be the kid who borrows a friends car, in a rush, doesn't detail it on the way and doesn't have a clue that there is a gun in the trunk

    or your kid happens to be the one who GI Joe mock up of some battle and some zealot decides the little plastic weapons "fall under the zero tolerance" rule

    and on and on and on

    any time in society you are going to have "zero tolerance" you are going to provoke reaction...except of course from the sheep!