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Police Suspect 1 Man in String of Store Robberies

Posted April 18, 2007

— Authorities in Wake County are looking at one man who they think might be responsible for five convenience store robberies and two shootings within the past few months.

The latest robbery happened at about 9 p.m. Tuesday at Freddy's Shell Station at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Spring Forest Road in Raleigh. Police said the gunman went into the store, demanded money and shot the store clerk several times before fleeing on foot.

The clerk, Alfredo Espinosa, 46, was taken to WakeMed. Police said Espinosa's injuries were not life-threatening.

The assailant, was described as a black man in his 20s or 30s standing about 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighing 150 to 160 pounds. He was wearing a plain, dark-colored baseball cap, a dark-colored winter jacket, black pants and white sneakers, police said.

Authorities think the latest crime is associated with previous robberies because of similarities in the assailant's physical description and the distinctive black cap and white piping on his jacket.

Anyone with information that might assist the investigation should call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-890-3398 or CrimeStoppers at 919-226-CRIME (226-2746).


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  • sick of You Apr 19, 2007

    The picture says it all!

  • bigt16701 Apr 19, 2007

    he'll play the race card and be out in 6 months

  • Top Dog Apr 18, 2007

    you get more time for dealing drugs than you do for murder or rape.

  • jim2dart Apr 18, 2007

    If the prison system doesn't get tougher this is not going to stop. These gangbangers don't care about going to prison, it's like earning a merit badge to them. They go in and hang out with friends, watch and play sports, do drugs, fight their rivals and eat better. They get released and are right back in. When they outgrow the lifestyle they have no future and are completely useless to society.

    Violent criminals should be dealt with harshly so they're not so quick to go back to prison. Take away their cable TV, air conditioning and other “luxuries”. If a harsh rehabilitation system can't wake them up then we don't need them in our neighborhoods.

    The good news is this victim cheated death; the bad news is the scumbag that tried to kill him will get a much lighter punishment because of that.

  • Top Dog Apr 18, 2007

    crack,crack,crack,crack,crack HEAD

  • 2xwinner Apr 18, 2007

    The fact that more Africican Americans are guilty of commiting serious crimes is an ugly truth. Moving father away is indded a short term solution, but the one that makes the most sense, if you can afford it.

    There is little a regular citizen can do to stop the continued growth of crime on the streets in Raleigh. Sticking around in a declining neighboorhood, when therer are young black youths running the streets at 11:00 or 12:00 at night on a weekday. Blaming thier parents is fine (they ARE guilty) but do you think they give a crap what we think???> Oh hell no they don't. They blame the rest of us for not giving them more resources (read MONEY) to do a better job. Of course we know that doesn't work (see Durham). each person knows whats right or wrong, and should be punished severly for breaking the law, period. Build more prisons in remote areas, and make the losers break rocks for thier sentences. That would keep them in line.

  • nccruzer Apr 18, 2007

    In today's age of abundant technology, can these stores not get a better video camera? You can get pretty high quality ones at Best Buy for like $200. Seems a small price to pay to protect life and property.

  • Corvette Sales Apr 18, 2007


  • gi jane Apr 18, 2007

    I am not a person that claims to know statistics or law in depth in any way. So what I am saying is based soley on a humble opinion which could be incorrect. Whenever I read about crimes and such in the paper or watching court tv most offenders will plead out or trust their court appointed attorney or pre-paid legal lawyer to try to get them out. Most sit in jail b/c they cant afford bail/bond so if they cant pay that then I know they are not able to afford a lawyer of any sort good or bad. That goes for all. I dont know where one would find the info to see exactly who is paying out of pocket for an attorney and who is just "winging" it w/ their court provided one. Since their are economical/financial differences between all races then is not fair to believe that those who make more can afford this additional expense? Just asking.

  • DarnYouu Apr 18, 2007

    No Time For Nonsense: Why can the majority of white people afford a lawyer better?