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Hoke Woman Charged In Son's Drowning

Posted April 17, 2007

— Authorities in Hoke County on Tuesday arrested and charged a woman in connection with the death of her son.

Investigators said April Dru Jimmerson's 2-year-old son was found dead floating in a swimming pool on July 2, 2006. After months of investigation, authorities said, they learned that Jimmerson had a history of child neglect that led to her son's drowning.

Jimmerson, 24, of Helen's Lane in Lumber Bridge, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor child abuse.

Jimmerson is in the Hoke County Jail on $150,000 secured bond.


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  • KDP2003 Apr 26, 2007

    its not "420" it is 42 with the capitol letter o fav number and fav letter

  • 2little2late Apr 26, 2007

    what is the meaning behind the "420"?

  • KDP2003 Apr 25, 2007

    First of all I told you that her bail was paid yes they might have had the same bond but she is out because it was PAID!!! GET OVER YOURSELF AND GET A BRAIN!!! I am not in high school anymore and I dont see the point in trying to explane something to someone that has no idea what they are talking about!! grow up and get over it!!!

  • Raeford Apr 25, 2007

    And for further more no i don't want any argument if i did i go to another level and argue with a child. So no honey i don't want an argument but you do cause you keep coming back with the smart comments.And i may not know all the facts about this lady and her child but what i do no is that a child is dead because of what happen here. THATS WHAT I DO KNOW!!!!! and it did not have to resolve this way. SO SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT ME, BUT THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH AND ITS HER FAULT BECAUSE HER BABY IS GONE AND YES I FEEL SORRY FOR HER BUT MY SAMPATHY GOES OUT FOR THE LITTE BOY THAT DID NOT GET TO LIVE HIS LIFE BECAUSE HE WAS BEING A CHILD AND NO ONE WANTED TO REALIZE THAT HE WAS A CHILD. And understand that until a baby know any better you have to guide and watch them along the way!

  • Raeford Apr 25, 2007

    let it be known to you now! And Right now! I careless about what happen that day or now what i'm concerned about is the fact that she's out of jail. And someonre esle with the same charges is with the sam bond like i said before. And know you don't know me, but if you don't want no one to believe or consider what the paper is saying then you should of told apriil to speak up instead of letting eveyone say something.And this does not give you know idea of what kind of person i am. But it shows you all the way because you have been on here since day one protecting ain't know use whats done is done the child is gone and can not live his life because of someone esle mistake. Stop blaming others and and let what happen, happen. Because it's alot of parents out here with more children then april and doing a good job without a man. So stop pointing fingers and trying to make her look better and stop and look from the outside in. This lady could of took more care of her kids then she did.

  • KDP2003 Apr 25, 2007

    first of all you dont know me and you dont know her! I dont have to explan myself to you or anyone else! second if you only believe what you read in the papers that does not say much about you. I think that you are just looking for an agrument when you dont even know what is going on so GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

  • Raeford Apr 25, 2007

    Let me tell you a little something, first of all i have any right to put my input in anything exspecially when something is not right and this is not right because regardless of if she had someone to get her out of jail he does to and he still is unable to get out when this women has the same charges and regardless of how it happen someone died in the picture. And what i mean about helping her now, since you know so much and is so helpful why were you not helping her when she needed help, when the husband was always gone. since you got her back you should of been helping then, maybe you could of been so helpful then as you are now and the child would not been in a pool next door. And also it stated in the paper that after the investgation peterkin said that evidence showed that she had a history child abuse, and that lead to the death of her son. It also said other people was in the house asleep also, how does know one hear a 2 year old and his sister leave the house?

  • KDP2003 Apr 24, 2007

    you know I dont know why you think that you have to have some kind of imput to say that I should have helped her before it got this far!!! second off someone paid her bail to get her out so before you think that it is because she is white you need to know the FACTS!!!! why do you care what happend that day or what happens now? are you part of her family or part of her kid's family? I didnt think so!!!! and yea you have a kid so do I I know how it is sometimes but do you know how it is to have no help with kids? to have a husband that is never home to help you even when you are sick and in the hospital all night the night before? KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!!!!

  • Momof4 Apr 24, 2007

    Raeford, they didn't arrest her for 10 months because it takes time to do an investigation. They cant just arrest someone on the spot for something like that. I have no idea what you're talking about with the black man, but it might have been a different story

  • Raeford Apr 24, 2007

    first off let me let it be known he has a lawyer and her child is dead and when something happens to a child it falls on the parents so who fault is it that her child is dead it hers b/c any good mother would of been up with there children you can't tell me she did not know the child was up and missing. I have a child and i know exactly where she is even if i'm sleep i know when my child is up. Another thing, that really don't even matter to me the problem with me is everyone knows it was an Accident just like her son it was an accident. They did not arrest her until 10 months after the fact and another thing she is a WHITE women and he is BLACK they had the same bond and the same involuntary manslaughter charged. Thats why it makes a big difference about how long she stayed in jail. And she may of not actually killed her son but you might as well say she did. Don't try to help her now you should of been helping her before it got this far!!