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Man Charged in Fatal Harnett County Shooting

Posted April 16, 2007

— A Linden man has been charged in connection with a slaying late Saturday in Harnett County, authorities said.

Harnett County deputies responded to a shooting report at about 11 p.m. Saturday at 530 Gilchrist Road in Cameron and found the body of 44-year-old Freddie Smith inside his home.

Smith appeared to have died from a gunshot wound, but his body has been sent to the State Medical Examiner's Office in Chapel Hill to determine the cause of death, authorities said.

Carl Joaquin Salas McGaha has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with Smith's death. McGaha is being held without bond in the Harnett County Detention Center.


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  • shentjgg Apr 26, 2007

    If a person is a legal citizen are not i think if they do a crime dont deport them back to there country. Do the crime do the time. if and when they get out of jail then deport them to there county. I bet they wont be back under a anther name. anyway no one should take anyone life, unless its a matter of saving a life.when you fine a person like freddie he was never in a argument he would walk a way first. if something was wrong that didnt make no since he will say ok forget it and he will not say anything else even if its on his mind.Oh how i wish that all of this would not have happend. its been some sad days. today i felt that he would have been walking thur the door.. you never know how much a person really, really, mean to you until its to late. I MEAN you know you love them but, never thought about them not being their. I cant eat or sleep, stomach fills sick and it just dont seam like nothing is right like something is missing.

  • LoveChild Apr 19, 2007

    Freddie was an irreplacable family member. Who was at his own home not bothering anyone. The day we support another coming to your home with a gun to take your life, or the life of your love one is the day you know how we feel. For too long the system has aided murders versus supporting the victims family. We are a family that do forgive but we also ones that stick together and will be there for one another. Freddie is gone from us so with the help of God we will be his legs, his eyes, his mouth piece, and his mediator! So be careful what you say just in case you face what we're facing!

  • freddiesoldest Apr 19, 2007

    I also wanted to point out parts of the article you read were inaccurate. My daddy was not shot inside his home. So please don’t believe everything you read even if WRAL said/wrote it.

  • freddiesoldest Apr 19, 2007

    I am Freddie's eldest child and I would appreciate if you could really stick to the matter at hand. My father's life was taken away from me and everyone else who knew and loved him and no matter for what reason ( This is for LADY1) My father will not be here to watch his grandchildren graduate from high school or from college. He won’t be able to watch the rest of my brother's and sister's get married and have children. So I would really like it if you and any other close minded person would keep your negative comments to yourself. Furthermore wait until you get some facts before you start typing your rude, unnecessary comments.
    My father was young and the man they've arrested for his murder was even younger. Everyone should be worried for the world and should start praying more and more. I personally don’t care what race this man is and neither should anyone else because it doesn’t change anything and it won’t bring my daddy back.

  • WatchWatYaSay Apr 17, 2007

    This comment is for LADY1----ginger-dot-faircloth-at-ncwildlife-dot-org----

    From the Big Sister of Freddie:

    It upsets me that people like you want to say a comment like that! The way you took time to write that comment you need to take time to learn how to spell!!! You would not like it if it was your brother, so why would you make a comment as such?!?!?!?! The day tragedy comes into your life Remember the comment you said about my lil brother!

  • WatchWatYaSay Apr 17, 2007


    be served against the Evil person that did this to our loved one! Let’s remember the times we shared with Freddie and know that he will always be in our hearts!

    “O Christ Jesus, when all is darkness and we feel our weakness, and helplessness, give us the sense of Your presence, Your love, and Your strength.”

    But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren. Luke 22:32

    Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3

    Big Bro, I will miss you!!!

  • WatchWatYaSay Apr 17, 2007


    Hello All!

    I just want everyone to know that Freddie was like a big brother to me. He will be greatly missed by us all!!! As 609gi posted, yes he was a husband, father, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, and a dearest friend to a lot of people. This DISAPPOINTS Me! that someone WITHOUT a heart (LADY1----ginger-dot-faircloth-at-ncwildlife-dot-org) would come out IT’s mouth and say some BULL$#!T Like that!!! If you don’t have anything positive to say during such a time like this, then keep that FU@#!@ comment to your D@MN self!!!!

    To Da Fam!!!


    I Love You ALL! We have to Stay Strong! PRAYER & UNITY is what we need at a time like this! Know that whether here on Earth or when it all ends, that justice will

  • mslisac363 Apr 17, 2007

    Illegal aliens are not the only ones doing these crimes. Go to the department of corrections site and most crimes in the US are done by white and black people. We have a bigger issue going on other than race. People just don't have value on life anymore.

  • 609gi Apr 17, 2007

    We are all losing our focus into the matter at hand. Now the main issue is that a life was taking senselessly. Someone posted a comment about money or drugs, and my question to you is why did you say that. The world is so stereotypical. The fact of the matter is, and this is just for all of the people that is wasting all of this time with these comments on this story that really making me sick to my stomach, Freddie was a husband, father, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, and friend to alot of people. So while you guys are doing all this keyboarding on totally way out issues why don't you all try some "kneeboarding" and pray for some strength for his family right now. And pray that justice be brought to this guy that gunned a man down in cold blood. No the Crime was not drug related and yes the murderer was a legal citizen of the US. Bro, I will truly miss you.

  • blessed one Apr 16, 2007

    Well guys I see that you are angry about this situation and I am family of Freddy's. We have been misled so many times of the truth and truthfully the police doesn't know the answer. I just wish that we can get past this and if the justice system works or not there will be no more Freddy. My family for the most of us are christians and the bible tells us to forgive, yet it is unheard of at this moment we are still praying that god's will be done. I don't know if he is illegal or not and it is not important all I wish is he be placed in the same spot as an american if we had committed the same crime. Please think as our family and not judge because of race but by the power of God.