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Shots Ring Out for Second Time in Week at Raleigh Club

Posted April 15, 2007
Updated April 16, 2007

— Police arrested a security guard at a social club after he was shot early Sunday, and they were looking for the man who shot him.

It was the second incident in a week at Fiesta, a club at 4212 Wake Forest Road.

Michael Monroe was grazed by a shot fired by a man who had begun firing a gun after he was tossed out of Fiesta, police said. After investigating, police charged Monroe with possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying a concealed weapon and filing a false police report, spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Police also charged the head of Fiesta security, Thomas Wilson, with delay and obstruction for giving police inaccurate information about what had happened at the club, Sughrue said.

The man who shot Monroe was described as a black male in his mid-20s, about 6 feet tall and weighing 150 to 170 pounds. He had a thin beard or mustache and either dreadlocks or braided hairs. He reportedly had a grill or gold teeth. He was last seen wearing black pants, a black shirt and a baseball cap with NY Yankees symbols all over it.

Last week, police charged Landis Deshon Strickland, 27, of Durham with assaulting a law enforcement officer in an incident on April 8 at Fiesta.

In that incident, which also happened about 2 a.m., a man was shot in a melee that began with the theft of a necklace from a man leaving the club, Sughrue said.


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  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 17, 2007

    nursevb8, you should have read the previous threads (all the pages) before you made your post. unfortunately, race has be brought up an abundance of times.

    let's see, you want it to go from a mexican restaurant to a mexican restaurant. the difference is what?

    anyone who wants to talk on here or off here can do so if they want. they don't need any prompting by you as all the email addresses are there...even if you have a "screen name"

  • nursevb8 Apr 17, 2007

    If they hire felons as security and give them a gun, they deserve to be shut down. farrell nightrider, you need to speak English or atleast write it before you attempt further on here. As for cheekygreek and 2amanda2, take it to an IM place. I am amazed that race has only been brought up once. This needs to go back to a Chi Chi's

  • Heelzrule Apr 16, 2007

    i say the city council save time in discussing whether or not this place is a nuisance. I'd say the reputation speaks for itself. SHUTTER DOWNNNNNNNNN

  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 16, 2007

    cheekygreek, you did. for the record, my screen name has never changed. furthermore, where am i following you to and from? i have never seen you outside this forum.

  • Corvette Sales Apr 16, 2007

    David Duke, now thats funny. He could not lead his way out of a wet paper bag. ROFL

    Nightrider,do you mean options or opinion?

  • farrell nightrider Apr 16, 2007

    snizzake: The Dept of Just-US. Money + Race = Charges dropped or not guilty.

    What is the different between violent crimes and corporate crimes?? And who were the first thugs in amerikkk, why do non-blacks keeping getting upset and making these negative comments on WRAL site (unless this is someone at WRAL trying to increase their rating on this site ummmmmm). Think about that. Non-Blacks always got an option on black crimes, rap videos, sports.... just leave us the &@*% along and if we end up dead or in jail that's on us. I am sick and tried of non-black options. And do non-blacks call David Duke their leader; see how the media keep us divide. They seek out Jessie & Al. Their are other leaders out here doing a much better job, but nooo the media goes get AL & Jessie.

  • speaking for myself Apr 16, 2007

    why would the city want to shut it down.....its not the flea market on rock quarry rd and no one wants the land for a football complex

  • cheekygreek Apr 16, 2007

    Amanda why are you talking to me? I am the one who mentioned the problems with the pit.Gosh you just follow me around no matter what SN you use..get off my A-- chick.

  • 2AMANDA2 Apr 16, 2007

    nowon_yuno and cheekygreek,

    heavy metal sometimes has problems too. not always violence in the crowd but other things do go on. need i remind you of rhode island?

  • Heelzrule Apr 16, 2007

    2 strikes! I hope there is not a 3rd.
    regardless of one's race - it is bad that this happens anywhere, and to anyone!
    have a good one friends!