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22K Pounds of Trash Cleaned Up From Upper Neuse's Banks

Posted April 14, 2007

— The banks along the Upper Neuse River look much cleaner after volunteers picked up more than 22,000 pounds of trash Saturday.

“There's a lot less trash in the upper parts of the river,” said Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks. “A lot of the access points that were dumping grounds, we're not finding trash in those locations anymore.”

The annual effort has become the largest river cleanup in the state. More than 240 volunteers picked up about 400 bags of trash and such items as a washer and dryer, two grocery carts, a picnic table and a high chair.

The cleanup covers 50 miles of riverbank between Falls Dam in North Raleigh and Smithfield town Commons in Johnston County, along with a 12-mile stretch in downtown Kinston and sections of Crabtree Creek in Raleigh. About 200,000 in Johnston and Wake counties drink water from the Upper Neuse River.


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  • Wakenative Apr 19, 2007

    Last time I checked, there weren't large scale hog farms upstream of Raleigh. Litterers definitely need to be made to do community service picking up garbage along roads, bridges, and waterway banks. As far as picking it up once in a while, how about not throwing trash out onto the ground at all. The outdoors is NOT John Q. Public's landfill!

  • lizard Apr 15, 2007

    Much ado about nothing. Garbage has always collected downstream. Need to pick it up once in a while is all.

  • djofraleigh Apr 15, 2007

    They'd have to drain the river to get as much or more again.
    Outta sight, outta mind, they say.
    The used motor oil being poured out is outta sight too, but there.

  • Cyn Apr 15, 2007

    My kids tease me about how I hate litter so much! When they were small, if they threw something out the window of the car we turned around and I made them pick it and other trash around there up. Now, as I ride with my grown children down the road, I hear "That trash looks terrible. Why do people litter?" Teach them young!!
    I like the idea below about making people who litter pick it up as punishment. Beats a fine every time!!

  • lsshewolf888 Apr 15, 2007

    Too bad there isn't a HARSH program to put dumpers and litter-bugs, where they pick up trash from dawn to dusk piece by piece for a month. Maybe then people wouldnt be so likely to "not think about it" when they walk by a piece of trash on the ground instead of picking it up, or tossing that bottle or bag of wrappers from fast food places out their window, or dumping that trash or washers out in the woods by the bagfull. If the punishment was multiplied by a month each time they get caught littering, maybe some at least would start thinking " I dont want to have to do this again " and start being a more aware citizen like those that volunteer to go help clean up behind these pigs that dessicate their world, cities and woodlands, cutting down a huge amount on the sprawl trash around and make this world a cleaner and better place to live, work and play. just an opinion from a 1980 POLLUTION PATROL volunteer that still tries to make a difference. Thank you to those who make the effort.

  • beargun Apr 14, 2007

    The river gets a whole lot more pollution from urban sprawl garbage, and over fertilizing than the hog farmers cause. I am so tired of hearing how the farmers are to blame even though it isn't mentioned i this article.