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Duke's Lacrosse Team Marks Case Dismissal With Big Win

Posted April 14, 2007
Updated April 15, 2007

— It’s a special weekend for the Duke lacrosse team, who beat the defending national champions days after three former players were exonerated of sexual assault charges.

It’s also Duke alumni weekend, which meant fans poured in to watch the match, with the Duke team winning in overtime 7-6 against Virginia.

Students and administrators said they're not only celebrating one victory but two, as the team is no longer on the defensive.

“I hope it's a burden off of their shoulders and the cloud has been lifted and we can all move on,” said Duke athletic director Joe Alleva.

The desire to move into the future is something that most people on campus seemed to be ready to do.

“People have been waiting for this,” said student Adam Rothschild. “I think most people thought they were innocent, so it’s just kind of feeling good.”

The Duke lacrosse team has been in the national spotlight for more than a year, ever since former players Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligman, and David Evans were initially accused of raping exotic dancer Crystal Mangum at an off-campus party.

Rape charges were dismissed in December, and on Wednesday, state Attorney General Roy Cooper dropped remaining charges against the three men, saying they were innocent of the accusations.

Although students said they're happy the case is over, many are still wearing blue wristbands with the jersey numbers of Finnerty, Seligman and Evans. They said the former students and the team still need their support.

“Even though it's done, those kids will really never be the same, I think,” said student Natalie Linsalata.

“The program was kind of in question after what happened last year,” said student Ben Franks.

Last season was cut short, and the players were cut out any chances at a national championship.

“Hopefully they'll have a great season to compensate a little bit,” Linsalata said.

The stadium was packed with fans Saturday afternoon. However, there was no sign of Finnerty, Evans or Seligmann.


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  • deastwood1 Apr 16, 2007

    I think these Duke lacrosse family members bought the result they were wanting!

  • PhlamingoPhairy Apr 16, 2007

    Before we complete the path to sainthood for the Duke lacrosse team, keep in mind some uncontroverted facts regarding the party involving many team members last year:
    There was underage drinking going on.
    Two strippers were hired to "entertain" team members.
    Racial ephithets were directed toward the black women hired to dance and strip.
    The next day, a team member e-mailed others, including team members, his fantasy of hiring another stripper and skinning her.
    Regardless of anything else that may or may not have happened that night, the above was ample reason for the severity of the sanctions leveled against the team, and the necessity of regaining control of the lacrosse program.

  • Medic7436 Apr 15, 2007

    What a weekend for news!! The National Championship hopes of an entire team were dashed. Fourteen college students path took an off road detour. Three young men are put through the wringer. One procaster loses his job, and possibly his career. And three very vocal activists are not to be heard except in the Imus mess which lead to his ousting. Where is the apology to the Duke team? Imus gave a very heart felt apology to Sharpton and Rutgers, and still lost his job. What is the total cost of ruining all these people.

  • Tired of it2 Apr 15, 2007

    Congradulations to the Duke Team, maybe this year they can get the National Championship that they were picked to get last year. As for putting this behind us and moving on, we have to, but we need to remember it so we don't repeat it again. I'm so tired of everything turning into a race double standard. There is only one race and it's the HUMAN race. People like Al Sharpton love to create controversy, yet they offer no help. Maybe one day we'll have a society that is not based on greed, but based on family, friends and time spent together, helping one another. This is my dream.

  • Tired Of Excuses Apr 15, 2007

    Congratulations to the Duke Lacrosse team on their win over Virginia. How fitting that it happened on Alumi Weekend and after charges were dismissed.

  • waste-of-time Apr 15, 2007

    this comment isn't a real thought, but nice try. healing doesn't happen when talking heads continue to try to use these boys to make a political point. let life go on, no more 'civil rights' 'leaders' using this terrible expirience to make a point.

  • BLA BLA BLA Apr 15, 2007

    you wont hear a dang thing from them b/c they feel like fools for believing her and paying for her tuition. I just hope that this doesnt happen again,

  • farrell nightrider Apr 14, 2007

    Duke student + white + money + the best lawyers = Charges Dropped.

  • rdunham1 Apr 14, 2007

    I think the so called african american black female should do some jail time. From the begining she lied as the same with an african black female in my job. What do they gain - when there is true misjudgement against someone of color we the people black white green beige etc., will be take them serious. This witch should be taken and tried and do time for destroying these three guys life and using my tax dollars to do it.

  • yukonjohn3 Apr 14, 2007

    So, there was no sign of the three young men that were falsely accused? I am curious that now race has been brought so close to the front of everything, ie, Don Imus, The Duke men, the woes of Sidney Lowe, I have a question. Where are all the civil rights leaders? They should be standing up with these three men shouting from the hilltop how they have been wronged, but no, all we hear is their silence. I would like to take credit for this thought, but actually I heard it being discussed on Glen Beck Show. How long will they remain silent? They are losing enormous amounts of credibility by their silence.