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Drug Charges Dropped Against Duke Student

Posted April 13, 2007

— Drug charges have been dropped against a Duke University student who had been accused of having 17 pounds of marijuana delivered to his dormitory room.

Ryan Packer, 20, a member of the Duke swim team, had been charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of marijuana. Authorities dismissed the charges, saying they had insufficient evidence to prosecute.

Investigators said they used a drug dog to sniff out the package shipped from Arizona. The package was addressed to Packer and delivered to his on-campus residence, police said.


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  • yukonjohn3 Apr 15, 2007

    Interesting...I am a huge advocate of legalization, but in this case, it makes one wonder. In some cases it is like Richard Pryor said..."If you are looking for justice, come down to the courthouse, thats what you will find, just us"

  • farrell nightrider Apr 14, 2007

    Duke student + white + money + the best lawyers = Charges Dropped.

  • mike in houston Apr 14, 2007

    I'll bet it was one of those crafty Group of 88, you know there is at least on aging hippy among them.

  • E-Diva Apr 14, 2007

    I'm sure he had it sent to himslef, BUT you can't prove that he sent it to himself. What if someone else sent it to him just to get him in trouble? This is a case of knowing someone is guilty but not being able to PROVE your case.

  • avocadopit Apr 14, 2007

    No Dope, No Peace!

  • superman Apr 14, 2007

    How did they dismiss the charges-- 17 pounds? I hope he got to keep it!

  • My Screen name Apr 14, 2007

    Sounds to me Mike Nifong used the wrong address plus the wrong team too. But what can you expect from a idiot.

  • cbhopper122859 Apr 14, 2007

    .45 3 of the Duke students you are talking about got railroaded.
    This case I cannot explain.

  • seankelly15 Apr 14, 2007

    mdawson289 - I don't think so! What would stop someone from mailing drugs to someone that they disliked. Using your example if the person whose name was on the package opens it, then it would be a 'slam dunk' case? Again, I don't think so!

  • sobercuban Apr 14, 2007

    You have to be kidding me! Not that I think marijuana is at all dangerous ... but 17 pounds? Through the mail?

    To bad stupidity isn't a crime . . .